Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Trailer Coming this Thursday

Posted on August 27 2013, 12:57pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The Official Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will debut here at the Rockstar Newswire and on the GTAV site this Thursday, August 29th at 11AM Eastern.

  • R* Qon August 28 2013, 4:10pmFlag
    The Official Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will debut here at the Rockstar Newswire and on the GTAV site this Thursday, August 29th at 11AM Eastern. Also look for it to debut on TV this Sunday night during Breaking Bad.
  • sada16on April 4 2014, 7:56amReplyFlag
    i wand to gta v for ios please
    • sada16on April 4 2014, 7:54amReplyFlag
      best in the world
      • Straca88on September 23 2013, 9:09pmReplyFlag
        Hey R* any key to the city rewards this time around?? Will you post stats on first to 100% completion?
        • AJALHANon September 23 2013, 8:10amReplyFlag
          The best game ever ever made in history so if you cant wait till online is live then join my crew called "interbellum" so what your all waiting for join now.
          • chriscas38on September 22 2013, 7:53amReplyFlag
            GTA V what a game
            • agus_nqn9789on September 13 2013, 9:51amReplyFlag
              Sisi, yo lo reserve en Spartan y me dijieron que llega aproximadamente el 18 de Septiembre
              • SweatedYapper55on September 11 2013, 9:51pmReplyFlag
                Trillionaires recruiting all positions and preparing to run the streets of GTAV. If you wana be a higher up or be in the crew contact me. Xbox live SweatedYapper55
                • uso_JTooSmooTh94on September 11 2013, 2:52pmReplyFlag
                  Yeah, I'mma tell y'all like this... you know how it was for me
                  Been regarded as the hardest since I hit the set
                  Young nicca with a rep, kept that gangsta step
                  Black crocka sacs or black cordirouy house shoes on
                  Flossin' for the hoodrats, gettin' my groove on
                  Hangin' in the park 'til all hours of dark
                  Tryin' to catch a mark slippin' with this thang that bark
                  Cry Baby on the swamp got the exit locked
                  And ain't no doubt comin' out he gon' wreck ya not
                  Pass me the satin loc so I can wet my throat
                  While I sag the grey khakis with the RAIDER coat
                  All the hoes really want is gangstaz just like us
                  Rough and don't give a fukc, ain't that right cuhz (that's right)
                  Stay bangin' on these niccas on a regular basis
                  Big paper chases, facin' felony cases
                  Made it to be famous, livin' hard and dangerous
                  Steppin' on these bustas with my black Chuck Taylor's

                  "187 RAIDXR GANG" or don't bang. Raider walk homie.

                • assclap614on September 11 2013, 10:06amReplyFlag
                  Grapeseed Gorillaz (GRPE) recruiting for PS3. Looking for a tight click of fools to make money and tear s#!t up. Hit me up.
                  • XMangosaftXon September 11 2013, 9:03amReplyFlag
                    Hey Rockstar i just wanted to know when is GTA V will be released in Saudi Arabia? I know that gta v will release at November 17 in Europe and America, but when will it release in Egypt or KSA (Saudi Arabia)? Please answer me as fast as you can, cuz i was waiting for this game about a 1 year ago. Heard some rumors that it will release at November 9 in saudi arabia or in arabs country bascially. Is this is true? Just please tell me? Cuz i dont want to walk around the city and search for it at gaming store and eventually know that it didnt release. Sorry for my bad Eng, i hope you will understand what am i saying :)
                    • Zooker_Guettaon September 9 2013, 9:52pmReplyFlag
                      • xIReVeNGeRz_von September 9 2013, 10:52amReplyFlag
                        Awesome game, cant wait!!
                        • happysnowman12on September 9 2013, 10:00amReplyFlag
                          Hey guys and girls Join us today! we are a new crew called Murderous Misfits.( PS3 ONLY )
                          We are a thrill seeking crew! we create mayhem and destruction! and kill innocent people!!! on GTA 5
                          we will be hunting down other crews as we grow >:)
                          • teflonvon313on September 6 2013, 5:56pmReplyFlag
                            if u are looking to join a crew on the xbox hit me up on the social club @ the new ruffryders/teflonvon313
                            • OG-ViNEW00DGANGon September 4 2013, 3:20pmReplyFlag
                              Join us VINEWOOD HITTASQUAD in crews we already on iv MARKIESTIGGS youtube & VINEWOOD GBE WATCH and Subscribe our channels and join account should be like this (VINEWOOD_) PLAYSTATION 3 CLAN we more of a fam fulla hittas #GTAV #CREW #CLAN #NEW VIDEO SOON awh yea NORTHWOODK they aint loyal them northwoods is fruity & sweet dont trust them...
                              • Kriiis24on September 2 2013, 6:51pmReplyFlag
                                GTA Looks amazing can't wait to start playing.
                                Anyone Looking For a Crew On PS3 Join mine
                                . Well help each other out and have crew events See you all in the game (:
                                • Theyloveme16on September 2 2013, 12:27pmReplyFlag
                                  Just started a new crew called Clik Full Of Shootas(CFOS) We need more members to join. Its an open joinable crew so please come join. Really look forward to run around Los Santos with you guys who join so we can rob banks, liquor stores, put big numbers on the deathmatch boards and just free roam around.
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