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Posted on August 15 2013, 9:59am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Watch the new Official Gameplay Video for Grand Theft Auto Online - which shows how we've taken the fundamental GTA concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and made them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world.
In Grand Theft Auto Online, you'll have the freedom to explore alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions, band together to participate in activities and ambient events, or compete in traditional game modes with the entire community, all with the personality and refined mechanics of Grand Theft Auto V.
Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.

  • R* Aon August 24 2013, 5:57pmFlag
    We’re pleased to confirm that Grand Theft Auto V has officially gone gold and we’re now preparing the game for release on September 17th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, as many of you may already know, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V through the PlayStation Store in Europe were able to access certain GTAV assets leading to leaked information and media from the game appearing online. You can read Sony’s statement on this here: As you can imagine, we are deeply disappointed by leaks and spoilers being spread in advance of the game's launch. GTAV represents years of hard work by many people across the world, and we all couldn't be more excited to finally share it with you properly this September 17th. Please stay tuned here at the Rockstar Newswire for all announcements about GTAV between now and game release as we definitely still have more to officially reveal.

    As a specific note to our Social Club community, please remember Rule #1 right above the Comment Box. Please do not proliferate such things here as we certainly don’t want any misinformation spread from things that are fake nor do we want spoilers spread regarding anything that might be true. Anyone engaging in such discussion here at the Rockstar Newswire before September 17th will have commenting privileges revoked until well after the game’s release. Thank you all for your understanding and your support.
  • PS4-GTA-Von February 1 2016, 5:31pmReplyFlag
    I Love GTA Online
    • cielaker1270on February 22 2014, 11:35pmReplyFlag
      Omg He you pached the wrong thing I lost all my friends and lost my live acont WILD_WINGS_MOFO that is my live acont stop pach now a won't my live acont now!!!!!
      • Rebel_Flag01-94on January 24 2014, 7:23pmReplyFlag
        I like to hit up the bank and the 20 car garge
        • CONFusionFuZyon November 2 2013, 1:33pmReplyFlag
          Hello rockstar wens stimulus
          • CONFusionFuZyon October 26 2013, 11:23amReplyFlag
            Hey Guys I'm looking for some people that are lvl 70+ to host A Mission Called Rooftop Rumble Please reply if Your LvL 70+ Thanks On Xbox Only my gamer tag on Xbox is CONFusion FuZy please reply with ur gamer tag Thanks , me and some one can earn up to 1 Millioin Dollers !!!!!!!

            Thanks CONFusion FuZy
            • Jakeola1on October 25 2013, 1:21pmReplyFlag
              Stimulus? Just would like to know what's up
              • Dlige99on October 24 2013, 11:28amReplyFlag
                You know what they should add? They should add a way to moe friends roommates so there friends can go into your apartement at any time. With some limitations of course maybe like they cant buy cars and send it to your garage and probably make them not even be able to store cars in your garage. Just a thought that I hope rockstar reads. Does anyone else think its a good idea?
              • Jeff91boneon October 22 2013, 11:17pmReplyFlag
                I wish they would let me put my crew emblem on my vest and no not the armor vest just my plain black vest it would be awesome rockstar and yeah where are the heist at the trailer said we would be able to plz reply don't ignor these requests
                • xBloodStylex30on October 20 2013, 10:30pmReplyFlag
                  1 of my Crew Members was placed on Bad Player Status... How do we get him out of there before his 2 days are up?
                • Ethanlg1on October 18 2013, 6:47pmReplyFlag
                  you said we would be able to do heists... BUT WHEN IS THE UPDATE COMING OUT?!?!?!
                  • traviRNon October 18 2013, 5:15pmReplyFlag
                    I have been playing GTA V online all month with no problems. with in the past few days, even after todays patch
                    All of a sudden while playing the game, it goes to a black screen, then restart, with error messsage ALERT the game was restarted due to a problem with the storage device where the game data was installed. Please replace the storage device and re-install the game data if issues continue to occur. What the hell does that mean? help anyone. xbox360.
                    • TheDdoubleOon October 16 2013, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                      If your a GTA5 gamer who is looking for a crew that makes money, takes money, Doesn't stop firing until every shell case hits the floor and everybody in the lobby rage quits. Also getting a % of jobs that every crew member completes.

                      If its a fun crew that you're looking for, come blaze up the trail with:

                      Swag Crew 420
                      • Thijskuhon October 12 2013, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                        my online still does not work, I can not save and my character and progress is getting lost
                        • XCellenteon October 12 2013, 9:40amReplyFlag
                          Its not letting me online anymore. Ive created my player and was able to level up to 4, but now everytime I try to log in it tells me it cant find a session for me....even when I try for a solo session? Anybody else having this issue?
                          • ScooterHiggoon October 11 2013, 7:00pmReplyFlag
                            Join Montclair Mafia

                            Suits and Tight Lips
                            Lets Make Money
                            Let Take Over
                            The World is Yours

                            Montclair Mafia is here to help you achieve your wildest dreams!
                            • Nate_Sway19on October 9 2013, 4:30pmReplyFlag
                              Rockstar, could you also possibly try to fix the Rockstar Social Club crew emblems, it not always showing as soon you upload the emblem for your crew. Mine took 2 days to finally upload and I made a new one and now it will take long too. Please and Thank you.
                              • CragsterEagleon October 8 2013, 10:25amReplyFlag
                                When will GTAONLINE be released for pc and GTA V? you do know we do have gaming pcs nowadays
                                • PrivatePiloton October 7 2013, 8:53amReplyFlag
                                  When can we do content creator and create our own levels? or am I just not looking in the right place?
                                  • Nate_Sway19on October 6 2013, 9:54pmReplyFlag
                                    Just letting Rockstar know, that my GTA V Online character isn't showing and I had him for about 4 days, all weekend and when I came online this morning, my character was gone, it sent me to "Create a Character" page and I already had a character. It been like this all day, but for my old brother, his character and online worked, mine wasn't working so well. Please take your time of fixing this problem, I'm pretty sure other people are having the same problems, so, if you are working on that progress, thank you very much. #Rockstar4Life. Good work!
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