New Grand Theft Auto V Screens: The Fast Life

Posted on July 29 2013, 11:10am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Here are some new screens featuring a taste of the fast life in Los Santos and Blaine County. You can find these and other screens that have been released in recent game previews in high-definition now over at Stay tuned for much more details and media from the game in August including the first proper unveiling of Grand Theft Auto Online.


  • Radus999on September 1 2013, 6:10pmReplyFlag
    Love Fist from GTA Vice City !
    • Breakingdoritozon September 1 2013, 5:40pmReplyFlag
      Hey guys I made a crew called naturalbornkillers15 if u want to join u must have an Xbox 360 message me on Xbox
      My gamer tag is BREAKINGDORITOZ
      • TheCannonatoron August 26 2013, 2:46pmReplyFlag
        Let me get this straight the Old characters don't exist in the HD era but Trevor is wearing a Love Fist T-shirt?
        • ROCKSTAR_THEBESTon August 26 2013, 9:32amReplyFlag
          • GHOST071on August 25 2013, 3:47pmReplyFlag
            I admire your work done from GTA London to GTA V, and shall be very glad to have GTA V made by professionals.
            I want to thank all the employees Rockstar for another masterpiece is made for 5 years, I wish the prosperity of the Corporation.
            You are the best!!!
            • texasboy45on August 25 2013, 11:17amReplyFlag
              26264 comments ok
              • PieterWassHereon August 24 2013, 9:50amReplyFlag
                I am creating a crew! Who's in?
                • GTARaceCrewon August 24 2013, 7:46amReplyFlag
                  Join here the best GTA Online Race Crew there is:
                  • Earth2036on August 23 2013, 7:20pmReplyFlag
                    by looking at Michael's screenshot, we can actually listen to music from the iFruit? like the in-game soundtrack? or is there no word on that? I would love to do what he's doing in the actual gameplay.
                    • LIGITAVATARH3on August 21 2013, 11:22pmReplyFlag
                      hey if you wanna join an awesome mafia that's with grove street an want to take over and earn money be rich an be like a buissness man then maybe you should join this mafia we going rob homes and take people online cars and robb banks so maybe if ya like to have fun join this we play around we rank up and stuff and when ya join you are apart of our family we got you you with money cars homes anything SO PLEASE TRY AND JOIN I BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT HERE MY SITE FOR ROCKSTAR
                      • DutchStoneron August 17 2013, 9:20pmReplyFlag
                        Ganja Outlaws, GTA ONLINE CREW PROMO.


                        • reb1001on August 19 2013, 1:59amReplyFlag
                          @DutchStoner will gta ever getting mudding? ive always wanted to take a truck into the mud or something on gta. kinda like 4x4 evo 2 for the original xbox. where you can customize your trust the way you want it with a winch. if gta had that it would make the game 110% better than it already is.
                        • R* Xon August 19 2013, 9:44pmReplyFlag
                          @DutchStoner We love the enthusiasm, but please don't spam the same comment in multiple threads.
                      • 81rebelon August 17 2013, 5:53pmReplyFlag
                        Join the TYRANTS MC
                        • 81rebelon August 17 2013, 5:51pmReplyFlag
                          When the soundtrack coming !!!?
                          • illyTheKidTMon August 17 2013, 4:59pmReplyFlag
                   My recreation of the first screen in MCLA
                            • flamethrower13-5on August 15 2013, 7:50pmReplyFlag
                              If your interested in a crew that is mics only, and dedicated to ranking up and having a good time, then you want to join DEVILS REJECTS, A large crew rising up, that is biker oriented, But if your thing isn't being on 2 wheels, thats ok, we also have love for anybody else that wants to be in our crew, We will do the GTA ONLINE heists, and missions, as well as races. Although, we do like to just hang out, and have a good time. JOIN "DEVILS REJECTS"
                            • A37801on August 12 2013, 5:31pmReplyFlag
                              Guys will rockstar confirmed about going into safe houses on mutiplayer
                              • ChaotikSpraya86on August 12 2013, 12:47pmReplyFlag
                                anybody know where we can find the official rockstar post saying about this mp reveal on thursday? i saw a website saying they confirmed this but no link to the actual original info.
                              • 2gooXDon August 12 2013, 12:41pmReplyFlag
                                Hi... theese are some prety nice screens...
                                but what i wana ask is: will there be tank in gta V ? anyone ?
                              • NCB1994on August 12 2013, 11:28amReplyFlag
                                who gets standard edition?
                                • FredrikMikkelsenon August 12 2013, 12:22pmReplyFlag
                                  @NCB1994 Me i think... i thought it was a bit weird when Rockstar gave us free guns and superfast cars right from the start. That is if you are buying the special edition or collection edition. I wanna built my self up! Not get a whole lot of free stuff from the start!
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