Rockstar Warehouse GTAV Gear Update: Los Santos Tees, LS Sheriff’s Cap & Official Poster

Posted on July 17 2013, 11:44am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games
The Rockstar Warehouse - your official online retail destination for Rockstar games, fine apparel and collectibles - has just been updated with brand new arrivals from the Grand Theft Auto V Collection.
Check out all of the newest gear below and keep an eye on the Newswire for much more from the GTAV Collection coming throughout this summer to the Rockstar Warehouse.
Grand Theft Auto V Official Cover Art Poster
A 22”x28” poster featuring the official cover art of Grand Theft Auto V.
Los Santos County Sheriff's Trucker Cap
"Obey and Survive" - rock this classic mesh adjustable snapback trucker hat and make 'em respect your authority.
Available in both black and white, you can now rep your LS pride in this soft 100% cotton tee emblazoned with the olde english "Los Santos" logo on its front, a GTAV logo tag at the waist and a small Rockstar logo just below the neck line on the back.

  • R* Aon July 17 2013, 1:36pmFlag
    For everyone with specific shipping questions about your particular region or any other Warehouse ordering questions, please contact and they can help. Expect more new GTAV gear to be added to the Warehouse later this summer as well - stay tuned!
  • lokotron84on March 1 2014, 6:30pmReplyFlag
    tha baseball hat of sheriff gtav its available when???
    • Spandellaon January 22 2014, 3:48pmReplyFlag
      I would totally buy the YETI shirt from the game. Franklin's t-shirt with the sasquatch on it? Please make some of the in-game apparel available in the real world. THANKS!
      • mark-the-shark09on December 31 2013, 8:09pmReplyFlag
        GTA MAFIA SHARKS------Calling all ~MAFIA, HITMEN, AND SNIPERS WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF POSITIONS WITH GREAT PAY!!! join my crew, you must be skilled, at least have a degree in killing while driving, sharp shooting from 3 miles away and bank managment degree. IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES JOIN OUR CREW, YOU WILL GET A GOOD WAGE AND OPPORTUNITY TO RANK UP TO BE THE BEST :)

        • Bucha_o_Terroron October 30 2013, 4:30pmReplyFlag
          Galera, Manifesto Criminal recrutando membros com disposição pra vencer!

          Manifesto Criminal
          Parceria e coletividade sempre!
          • atomant89on October 23 2013, 9:11amReplyFlag
            Hey Rockstar you guys need to make a black ifruit hat like the one in the game. I think a lot of people would be really happy to get their hands on one, well at least I would! Please respond so I know when I could or if I could get one
            • GeorgeTheGreek78on October 21 2013, 11:22amReplyFlag
              Will you guys ever sell the black Snapback from the collectors edition? I bought the limited hard cover guide and the Xbox collectors edition. I wanted to buy 3more hats for family. Christmas gifts? I hope you release the hat in a few of the gangs colors like purple for the ballers or Grovestreet green that would be so epic.
              • FreddyYakion September 28 2013, 7:00pmReplyFlag
                Have a Xbox??
                Wanting to be in a CREW??
                JOIN The Real Assassins NOW!!!
                We are waiting!! we will start playing after the launch of GTA Online!!
                GO NOW!! =D do it for power!
                • DAC15xon September 12 2013, 2:30amReplyFlag
                  EVERY ONE CAN JOIN
                  • assclap614on September 11 2013, 1:13pmReplyFlag
                    Grapeseed Gorillaz (GRPE) recruiting for PS3 only.. trying to get a small group of 10-15 to get down to business by making money, wasting fools, and destroying s#!t. Hit me up if you're interested.
                    • GeekTMNTon August 19 2013, 11:58pmReplyFlag
                      Hey fellow fans,of a great franchise I pre ordered the "Los Santos" T-shirt but I have yet to receive it I was wondering if anyone has gotten there's
                      • LIGITAVATARH3on August 19 2013, 9:57amReplyFlag
               join this clan and we family on gta5 its us Vs the rest we going to war so come check us out if ya wanna be wit us go on that site friend me and ill send you a recruite and you you in with us we going be one we gong rob banks everything so come join and im the mafia boss
                        • LIGITAVATARH3on August 19 2013, 9:49amReplyFlag
                          if yall got an xbox360 come joing my mafia its ass whole by nature im with the grove street family and no ganja or ballas are welcome so come check it out
                          • simsdanielon August 11 2013, 7:23pmReplyFlag
                            Has anyone received their hat yet?
                            • 400Scorpionon August 9 2013, 4:54amReplyFlag
                              Hell yeah! My Pre- order for the "Los Santos" Tee is being processed! Can't wait to get it shipped and receive it at home! Hope Rockstar include some GTA V stickers with this order!
                              • SCBFJayCarrron August 3 2013, 11:19amReplyFlag
                                • GroveStreetOGSon August 2 2013, 2:51pmReplyFlag
                                  Hope there's gonna be like jackets and stuff like that.
                                  • CrhisRedfieldon August 2 2013, 1:36pmReplyFlag
                                    grand theft auto 5 collector's edition será lançado no brasil?
                                    • 400Scorpionon August 2 2013, 12:39amReplyFlag
                                      can't wait to have my new "Los Santos" tee!! It should be shipping next week! Thanks Rockstar Games!
                                      • levintrashon July 31 2013, 6:01pmReplyFlag
                                        GTA 5 wins by a country mile this time.
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