Crew Cut: Bloody Best of 3’s

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Since our last edition of the Crew Cut, we mentioned a few Crews that were prepping to take their rivalries to the stage - hosted and live-streamed by Rockstar on our Twitch page. Soon enough, the floodgates opened and a range of Social Club Crews, from veterans to new jacks, reached out for the chance to settle their scores in public. Here's a proper war report of which Crews emerged victorious with their bragging rights intact and which are licking their wounds from the most recent round of Best-of-3 Crew vs Crew battles... 
It was the Ganja Outlaws Crew (WEED) who beat everyone to the punch when they challenged the Rulers of Hell Crew (DEVL) to bump heads and trade bullets on the live stream. While the Outlaws are obviously a well-established Crew, DEVL - recently founded on March 5th -  are not quite as known. In many ways, this was to be a matchup not far from the Clubber Lang vs Rocky Balboa title fight we were calling for - the underdog newcomers up against the seasoned vets.

The two Crews, eager to show off their marksmanship, tactics and teamwork, requested to play three rounds of Max Payne 3's signature Multiplayer mode, Gang Wars. Starting off in Nova Esperança, MaxPayneDev2 (remember that each Crew hosted a Rockstar player on their team in order to keep things fair and also to facilitate live-streaming) and the WEED Crew faced off with MaxPayneDev3 and DEVL. Although WEED edged the first chapter of All Out Warfare 31-27, DEVL took the second, third and fourth, securing an advantage in the fifth that WEED just could not overcome. Burning with anger in the São Paulo Bus Depot, the Outlawz were looking to make a statement. Rocking Dev3 right out of the gate, londonsfinestAJ2 certainly did just that. DEVL's elateduncle26924 just could not be stopped, racking up five kills almost immediately. Thankfully, THEBLUE3_D3VIL714 with 17 kills and sean_mallory with 15, stepped it up to capture the turf for WEED and some momentum. After losing in the second chapter, WEED went all out in the third, going on a 16-4 run straight away. DEVL came back with a vengeance and with 30 seconds left and a 49-48 WEED lead, the chapter became a punch for punch slugfest. With that, the Outlawz took it 65-50. They dominated even more so in the fourth and, in a very close fifth chapter, the Outlawz pulled through for the victory. At a 1-1 tie, this beef was to be settled in the final round.

Finishing things off in Hoboken, DEVL's cooljats led the way to a chapter one win, letting the folks in WEED know that they were not ready to get burned again. The second chapter saw DEVL destroying WEED yet again, 100-35. Despite strong efforts, the Outlawz just couldn't catch up and wound up losing Hoboken and thus the afternoon. Props to the victorious upstarts in DEVL for making WEED look blunted and burnt in the end - and to both sides for keeping everyone who watched the stream at the edge of their seats. You can watch the match in its entirety here.

When GladYouHateUS  Crew (HATE) leader LAgamer4life contacted us about a public battle against The YRA Crew (YRA7), we weren't quite sure what to make of it. Who were these guys who had only formed a few weeks prior? What sort of brass set did they have on them, newcomers challenging an established Crew such as YRA7? Regardless, BobbyGonda gladly accepted the challenge and we were looking forward to seeing what they were made of. When we started up the stream, we were pleasantly surprised to see established names such as og_murk, SpBloodred and more - apparently this wasn't a fledgling Crew, this was closer to a super group of ringers.
Beginning with Gang Wars in Nova Esperança, richocat got on the board first for YRA7 and was immediately followed by SpBloodred, who struck first for HATE. MaxPayneDev2, who was tagging along with THE YRA for the day, jumped over a wall and right into the sights of LAgamer4life - who shotgun blasted them right in the gut. From there, HATE never looked back, taking the first round 63-39, Chillwar82, og_murk and LAgamer4life all getting 11 kills each. When it came time to claim some baggage in Grab, Dev2 and SpBloodred made immediate pickups for their Crews. Just as Dev2 made a jump to drop off the stuff, og_murk took them out with the A to the K. Despite an early lead thanks to aggressive work from BobbyGonda and MikeScmidt249, YRA7 were past about a minute in when MaxPayneDev3 successfully made a drop off and HATE eventually took the chapter 104-48.In Short Fuse, the mates in HATE were like Fort Knox - THE YRA couldn't get a bomb anywhere near the targets. On to Total Turf and YRA7 winless, it should have been high time for them to take the piss out of GladYouHateUs and control of some territories. Things however didn't quite work out that way - YRA7 just couldn't hold onto turf and HATE were taking territories all day, leaving YRA7 teetering on the brink of complete annihilation. With HATE earning plenty of lives for Survivor, winning the last chapter wasn't looking that likely for The ol' YRA. MikeScmidt249 and punkrokmik held on as long as they could - but HATE needed just under three minutes to take the chapter, thus winning the round, 5-0. 
Looking to regroup in Round 2, BobbyGonda and company prepared for 10 minutes of hell in a Team Deathmatch in Hoboken, just wanting to get on the board. Despite sterling work from punkrokmikW.A.B.B. and tiredlamp34055HATE took round 2 with ease, 116-73. In Gang Wars in the commuter's nightmare that is the São Paulo Bus Depot, GladYouHateUs once again took all five chapters, thus completely shutting out THE YRA Crew and letting the community know that there was a new force in town, love or HATE it. Watch the match in its entirety here.
With a 65% win percentage since they began Feuding last July, Founder Crew the KILLER SMOKING ACES (XKSA) took on the fearsome-sounding Murderous WarDragons Crew (MWDS). Beginning with Gang Wars in Nova Esperança, DrawingBeatle26 and watersonehksa got to the killing first, offing mrgilly and sirtrevor10 with the G6 Commando and AK-47, respectively. A minute down and the game tied at seven, we were looking at a potential nail biter. A true teammate, DrawingBeatle26 also received some help from the dissuasive SavadorehKSA and LindsayLove. ColleenKSA took the lead on offing PuffPasteryCasey with the LMG 30 and, with a minute to go, XKSA was up 28-22. From there, things opened up and the Killer Smoking Aces took the opening chapter 41-29. Never looking back, XKSA won chapters two through four. In the final chapter, PuffPasteryCasey tried to kill the Aces' momentum by striking first. Even with 43 kills though, it just wasn't enough. The Killer Smoking Aces shut out MWDS to win the first round, leading their team were DrawingBeatle26 with 61 kills, ColleenKSA with 55 kills and PALADINXD_KSA with 51. 
Round 2 found the dueling Crews in the alleys of Hoboken for Team Deathmatch. XKSA mostly dominated with significant contributions from SavadorehKSA and BigJimehKSA, the latter racking up four kills in succession. They eventually won 133-94 with PALADINXD_KSA as top player with 27 kills. Returning to Gang Wars for the third and final round, the Crews took to São Paulo Bus Depot. In Total Turf, it was neck and neck to the end, but with nice gun work from the likes of PuffPasteryCasey, BigMac6f6 and ThisIsTy321, MWDS edged out to take the opening chapter. XKSA's OS Dimehead (XBL GT) and PALADINXD_KSA got crackin' early in Bag, determined to get a W. mrgilly, sirtrevor10 and the rest of the MWDS gang thought differently, keeping a tight lead throughout until the 1:30 mark when they blasted ahead - winning the second chapter 81-66. XKSA decided enough was enough in the third chapter, ultimately winning the war in the final chapter (a 53-52 buzzer beater in Siege) and the afternoon with a 3-0 shutout. Cheers to both Crews, it was indeed a lot closer than the final tally. You can watch the archived stream here, or watch the entire match from the eye-of-the-tiger perspective of the KILLER SMOKING ACES below...

Just last week, the Grim Reaper Banditz got in touch to let us know that they were up for an intimate 3v3 fight with Craze Crew. The Banditz have a 36-point advantage over Craze in terms of Feud win percentage, which meant that on paper this looked like it could get embarrassing. But the Craze Crew were out to prove that paper Crews win paper cups.... 

With a Rockstar player on each side, we began with a Team Deathmatch amidst the shanty town of Nova Esperança. This became a battle for territory, as both Crews sought to secure the brick and concrete balconies in the highest corner of the map. Although the Banditz spawned closer, Craze Crew moved as one up the left flank to take the vantage point. They were soon up 21-9 and looking comfortable. However, at this point, GrimmBandit, Dev2 and JaKeS BaNd1t made a power play for the crow's nest and were able to rain down fire on the scattered CRZE. With 3 minutes to go, the score was level at 49, but 3 quick kills with no response saw the Craze Crew jump ahead with the lead. Spread out along the ramparts, they were able to create a crossfire to defend against worthy attempts to outflank from JaKeS BaNd1t. Lacking grenades or rockets to oust the Craze Crew from their fox hole, Dev1 and company could only run blindly into the rain of hot lead coming from up on high and the Craze Crew closed out the match 75-59 - Black-Kevin taking the Top Player award.

Moving on to a Gang War in the Bus Depot, a round of Total Turk saw the Banditz go completely AWOL as the Craze Crew were able to hold onto to all three turfs for almost the entire game. Games of Grab and Takedown went much the same way, and so would Passage but for an exceptional defensive performance at the last in the house over the sewers. Overall it was a very close 25-23 in favor of Craze in the final round - a real pulse pounder towards the end. Being down 0-2 going into the last round didn't stop the Grim Reaper Banditz from putting on a solid display in the final Team Deathmatch showdown of the afternoon. At about the midpoint of the match, the Banditz took control for good on their way to a decisive 73-53 victory against the backdrop of the crumbling Hoboken streets and apartments - fueled by JaKeS BaNd1t's merciless 33-6 showing, wielding both the IA2 AR and Sawn-Off with impressive proficiency throughout the match, as Dev3 can certainly attest. Check out the full match here.


...and show us what you got. The requests to take Crew battles to our live-stream have been rolling in - keep 'em coming! Have a Crew that you think needs to be taught a lesson? Or just wanna show your ShootDodging skills to the world? Hit us up at for the chance to put your beef on the official Rockstar Twitch page. Be sure to let us know which Crew you want to face and coordinate with them and us for a time that would work for everyone to play. As mentioned above, we'll put a Rockstar player on each side to facilitate the stream and to keep things fair.
The Ice Cold Assassins Crew (ICED) reached out to let us know they've co-hosted with the Hot Clan Crew (HOTZ) another Max Payne 3 2 x2 free aim tournament on PS3, which began on June 14th. Check out this exquisite promo video they made for the occasion below, along with all the results so far at their YouTube page. Good luck to ineffable arts and GOLD LIONS as they square off in the finals tomorrow.


  • TheReturnOfBlue1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
    Hey can I join your crew?
    • Jrob9303 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
      700 billion dollars in gta money
      Cost $20
      Message me on psn at Jrob930
    • HOODKID21on January 3 2016, 8:02pmReplyFlag
      To all mc's look out 4 Nutellatron and justgamingps their a bunch of p***ys
      • YourCrappyAimon December 27 2015, 9:25pmReplyFlag
        I'm looking for a MOTORCYCLE CLUB ONLY! PS3 please
        • KINGKEITH7414on December 20 2015, 3:06pmReplyFlag
          GUTTaHOoDFeLLaS crew we ready for war 335 members strong and growing search the crew type in gutta but we online daily Xbox 360 if interested in joining or going to war against us then message me
        • TeE_DuBbZzon December 14 2015, 2:34pmReplyFlag
          Join Bkz Most Wanted
          • lewis1423on December 11 2015, 5:45pmReplyFlag
          • LibertyClipper91on November 9 2015, 8:20pmReplyFlag
            Open Invite for La Massa on ps3 we love cars and money by any means necessary. Join us if you do too
            • zNinjaDylon September 25 2015, 6:29amReplyFlag
              Sons of Sin, Daughters of Sin, join us now.
              • CLASSWARRon September 4 2015, 5:05amReplyFlag
                Cant stop laughing at these posts... if you want a normal elite crew message me. NDRANGH3TA recruiting now (no stupid requirements)
              • Tacticalizeon September 1 2015, 11:54pmReplyFlag
                If you are looking for a new Killing crew the Elite Tactical Mercs in all skills of Jets, Ground Free Aim or Auto Aim plus sniping hmu my crew Playstation 4 only & 1.0K/D's & Up. Plus we only want loyal members,Rules No Crew Hopping & No Crew Killing. Plus we have crew events such as car shows coming up & weekly tournaments. If your looking for a fun active killing crew hmu, Also my PSN = Tacticalizing. We may be the NKOTB, but we are still Feared in Run N Gun & Jets. Loyalty & being good at the game us required to be a Elite Tactical Merc.
              • Rugga_KMBon August 28 2015, 8:25amReplyFlag
                We are looking for members at least a level 60 0.70kd+ but the main thing we want loyal members we might not have uploaded videos right now but believe at the end we gonna be a powerhouse crew on gta
              • TwerkinPandas69on August 16 2015, 4:38pmReplyFlag
                So you want a crew ? GTA M33TS is the one for you! We stream fairly often and upload car meets roughly once a week. Also we are a crew that enjoy heists we will play with crew memebers and if you join you should be able to rely on our members to help (Unless you dont use heavy armor)
                We have some requirments:
                Lvl 75+
                1kd+ (we need to know you will hold your own if we do one of our "crew rampages"
                At least 1 pegasus vehicle or a karuma/insurgent
                Willing to rock the crew tag!
                Message me on PS4 ONLY @ PandasCanTwerk you must message me for an invite
                Also only English speakers!
                • Die-Hard_C1ickon August 12 2015, 7:03pmReplyFlag
                  Ps4 best of the best. U need a crew to join that speeds thru heist, drive the best cars and planes. Send a invite
                  • Die-Hard_C1ickon August 12 2015, 6:54pmReplyFlag
                    Anyone who needs a crew that get money and shoot guns, come rock with the crew...
                    • NnyNoiron August 10 2015, 1:10amReplyFlag
                      Tribal Blood Motorcycle Club is looking for Native Americans to join the ranks of great hunters. So-son-do-wah is watching, waiting for brave young warriors to ride together and feed the wolves inside so that they may not consume us. Contact me to join.. first 6 skip prospecting. Must have a microphone, be loyal, respectful, and mature, use free aim, ride harleys, and be at least 16 years of age.
                      • mikkestaon July 18 2015, 2:26pmReplyFlag
                        The Money Mafia (MMGR) is actively seeking members for our PS4 crew. We have a core group that plays regularly but we are seeking to expand that group. Number one rule is look out for your crew mates. If they need money do missions if they're getting killed in freemode go help. If you need a crew to help you improve come check us out. Also we are actively seeking someone with experience with posting on youtube and video editing .
                        • donlouchon July 26 2015, 12:38amReplyFlag
                          @mikkesta I have a crew right now but I would like to join your crew but you have to guarantee a higher rank for me and my cuz
                        • donlouchon July 26 2015, 12:40amReplyFlag
                          @mikkesta Or you can join my crew Up Town Mafia Inc
                      • kdr-killeron July 9 2015, 2:37pmReplyFlag
                        lookN for car club, crew PS4 i like 2 race with player that race clean,. do jobs, without killing me in a job,. { getN run-over ] would like 2 join a crew without kids hit me up with invite's if u have what im lookN for??
                        • SelassieTHE1ston July 5 2015, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                          Any one looking to join a fresh squad request an invite
                          • KEDOSMACkSon June 22 2015, 10:52amReplyFlag
                            how do you start a crew battle?
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