Found on YouTube: L.A. Noire C64, Breakdancing Niko & More...

Posted on July 5 2013, 3:21pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games
A couple of the most reliable and creative members of the YouTube and machinima scene, Majami Hiroz and Yeardley Diamond, have struck again with this pair of very entertaining and well-made creations.

Above, the 80s-obsessed Majami Hiroz Show, whom you may remember from their Commodore 64 interpretation of Vice City's final mission as well as their sweet cover version of the Vice City theme, have apparently discovered another golden era rarity with this purported original 1986 C64 version of L.A. Noire shown via a let's-play video of the "Silk Stocking" Homicide Desk case (* fair warning spoiler alert for those out there who haven't yet cracked that particular case). With a MIDI-esque take on the L.A. Noire “Main Theme” by Andrew Hale and a spot-on 80s adventure computer games style, this one's certainly worth a watch.

Below, the prolific Yeardley Diamond always seems quick to jump on GTA parodies of the latest pop music video memes (catch the Gangnam, Rick Astley and Harlem Shake GTA vids if you've never seen them) but skewers 'em with amazing animations and hilarious sequences. This latest clip posted earlier this week finds Niko (and Johnny and Luis and Roman..) again taking on the latest cheese-pop hit from Psy: "Gentleman". Things really get interesting about 1:40 in as Niko kicks his best game to Yeardley Diamond on a date and then busts out some epic breaking with Johnny and Luis from the lobby of the Majestic Hotel to the dancefloor of Maisonette 9. As an added bizarre meta treat, check out fan personifications of Luis Lopez and Carl Johnson beefing with one another over who's the better dancer in the clip's YouTube comments.
Very honorable mention as well to these cool GTA and Rockstar fan creations we've also come across that are worth a look:


  • DiE_OR_FiGHTon June 10 2014, 11:21amReplyFlag
    Love this video so cool!!
    • BumpyRogueon April 25 2014, 11:18amReplyFlag
      ha, nice!
      • firstsnail123on August 19 2013, 8:49pmReplyFlag
        GREAT JOB ROCKSTAR!!!!! and i have a quick question, If a car you purchase on GTA online gets blown up by another player, will i have to buy the car and customize it again or will it just be in my garage automatically?
        • ThaMonkehon November 18 2013, 10:49pmReplyFlag
          @firstsnail123 To get it back you must have Insurance, which any car can get from LS Customs, or a car purchased on has. If you have it you can call Mors Mutual and get the car back (for a small fee) with all upgrades still there. If you're already driving a personal vehicle when you call them it will appear in your garage, but if you do not have a personal vehicle out of your garage when you call them you will have to pick it up at the Vapid dealership near the Pillbox Hill AmmuNation.
        • ThaMonkehon November 18 2013, 10:50pmReplyFlag
          @firstsnail123 Wow, i never even read the date this was posted. xD
      • mrsmarston16on August 7 2013, 8:35amReplyFlag
        Nearly at release date so probably a bit late with this idea, but with all the bad pc mods for gta4 it would have been nice of R* to show how its done & release a good 1. for consoles as dlc.
        I feel you owe us a good mod after tlotd dlc which was a bit s**t in comparison to the other 2.
        It would have filled in the gap as i waited for gta 5.Even a simple zombie mod like in rdr would have kicked ass & as you dont seem to do crossovers you could have killed off the old characters...or just johnny.
        In fact you could probably knock a descent mod together in an afternoon & release it for a couple of quid & give me something to do in liberty city while i wait for gta5.
        One end of the map to the other with madness in your way.
        I am quite high right now so on reflection this idea may seem s**t.
        • SCBFJayCarrron August 3 2013, 11:23amReplyFlag

          • Skullegacyon July 23 2013, 7:12pmReplyFlag
            Can we fuel cars?
            • OneBleachTailon July 22 2013, 10:52pmReplyFlag
              Hey R*, does the activities presented in the gameplay requires you to play as a specific character, or can either character participate in activities such as hunting, cycling, and parachuting?
            • GtaMan67on July 22 2013, 9:14amReplyFlag
              Will there be a demo
              • the_losson July 20 2013, 11:44pmReplyFlag
                Hey Guys I'm a GTA fan and I like it a lot as a lot of people and bla bla bla.... all of that, well I wanted to share with you an idea that came to me like many and is great way to make the game more famous, hope you have the time to revise it.
                I'm sure there is a lot of people who is fascinated with the music, the radio of the game every station is amazing specialy the crazy ones the comercials the spiritualism all are unique and original, I was thinking maybe you guys can program in game built a way to only listen the radio and interact with it like a radio-mode-only where you can start it and leave the tv, surround system on and listen the music, the stations, jam with the mixes, with options, (of course that can change according to fit you best interest) : ej
                1) Where you can listen one station only.
                2) A different station after 30 min
                3) Random songs
                4) All songs.
                Well that is my idea I know i can get the character hit on a taxi and go all the way to the farthest point of the city but the problem is that, that affect the statistics on the time played and people start calling you for challenges and staff and after you don't play for certain time the game goes to a pause mode.

                Congrats for your time keep going with the hard work make us enjoy the time in a safe way
                • mrsmarston16on August 7 2013, 8:19amReplyFlag
                  @the_loss Pause the game go to audio you can now flick through the stations & listen to the music .in crisp hd without sound effects
                  If you have a seperate sound system you can leave this on & turn your tv off,
              • levintrashon July 20 2013, 4:58amReplyFlag
                In regards to the three in-game protagonists, will the money be individual or collective in relation to the gamer?
              • iTsTheVoLtAgEon July 19 2013, 7:12pmReplyFlag
                Hey Rockstar! you said in the gameplay video of GTA V about "Grand Theft Auto online" and that you were going to show u properly soon. i was wondering when you might be showing us something more of the multiplayer? :D
                Thanks much!,
                • YaminRoxxon July 19 2013, 9:53amReplyFlag
                  If anyone is interested in becoming a stealthy snake and wants to enjoy Los Santos to its full extent, join our crew Modern Assassins now! And show everyone that playing with your brain is more useful! Come and explore Los Santos with us on 17.09.2013! Come and see the real beauty of Los Santos! For PS3 only, Please Join Modern Assassins Crew now:

                  • Lukas_remondion July 18 2013, 12:54pmReplyFlag
                    Olá R*, Grand Theft Auto V chega somente dia 19 para o Brasil por causa das legendas? Aguardo resposta! Obrigado!!
                    • louis1993on July 17 2013, 10:48pmReplyFlag
                      the new 1 from yeardly diamond is very catchy!
                      take a look:
                    • xmycakon July 14 2013, 2:48amReplyFlag
                      I'm subscribing MajamiHiroz long time... L.A. Noire C64 is really great!!
                      • joker_outlawon July 11 2013, 7:46pmReplyFlag
                        the l.a noir one is so cool...that niko video is exatcly why rockstar shoulnt release gta 5 on pc they start doing ridiculous things to it that was just just awful hahaha
                        • Jose_3554on July 10 2013, 4:22pmReplyFlag
                          As a HUGE fan of L.A NOIRE I was wondering if you guys sell L.A NOIRE gear like shirts and all that good stuff?
                        • blackblueandyouon July 10 2013, 12:46amReplyFlag
                          Great video work!! In the Niko Gentleman video, at the moment Niko says "Niko Bellic, Roman's cousin", who else would be the slightest bit embarrassed to be Romans cousin at that moment?
                          • Cartman28279on July 10 2013, 12:08amReplyFlag
                            Thanks for sharing videos like these Rockstar! You guys are the best, because not many companies go out and notice people for creations and videos like this. An especially, I'm glad you putt css172 in this. Not only does he deserve it, but because as a fellow stunter like css172, it means a lot to me that you guys notice what stunting is and how important it is to all of us stunters. It is one of the many and main reasons why I love GTA and why it's my favorite series out of any game or series out there by far. And this may be a little off topic since it regards to GTA V, but I need to put this out there.. I really, really, hope stunting is possible on GTA V, and if it is, the whole community and I will actually see the greatest game ever to be created by human hands for centuries to come.. lol no but really, it will make so many people happy and proud that it will be possible. :)

                            Thank you so much for all the memories you've given us with your games so far, and we can't wait to make many, many more! \m/
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