July 4th Multiplayer Weekend: Four Days of 3XP in Red Dead and Max Payne 3 Plus Sunday Live-Stream Play Session

Posted on July 3 2013, 10:35am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games
Update: Triple XP and Sunday's multiplayer event have ended. Thanks to everyone that joined in, whether in-game, to watch the stream and chat or just dropping by to enter the sweepstakes!
Four days of bonus XP begins our Independence Day multiplayer Social Club weekend starting at midnight on Wednesday evening Eastern Time July 3rd in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. Then on Sunday the 7th from 12-4pm Eastern, we'll be live-streaming and playing Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City, Max Payne 3, Table Tennis, Midnight Club Los Angeles and Red Dead Redemption with a Rockstar-hosted chat for four hours both on Social Club and at our Rockstar Twitch page - and giving away 20 Grand Theft Auto V prize packs of tees and stickers.
The times below show our live-streaming schedule, and you can expect us to also hop into some Table Tennis matches and Midnight Club races throughout the afternoon. Gather your Crew mates as Max Payne 3 leaderboards will be live with the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist.
Live Streaming Schedule
  • 12-1pm Red Dead Redemption
  • 1-2pm Grand Theft Auto IV
  • 2-3pm Max Payne 3
  • 3-4pm Episodes from Liberty City
20 GTAV Prize Packs — Enter Thursday- Sunday!
If you're interested in winning a GTAV t-shirt and stickers, this weekend is your opportunity as 20 prize packs will be up for grabs. Enter anytime Thursday through Sunday for the opportunity to receive a GTAV Logo Tee, plus some GTAV stickers and a package of various Rockstar logo stickers. To enter, visit the Social Club multiplayer events page and fill in your details under the "Sweepstakes Entry" tab. Be sure to click "Confirm". Winners will be randomly selected and contacted on Monday.
Gamertags and IDs to look out for during the afternoon:
  • PlayRockstar (PS3 / Xbox 360 / Max Payne 3 on PC and Mac)
  • PlayRockstar2 (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • PlayRockstarPC (GTAIV on PC)


  • R* Mon July 11 2013, 4:26pmFlag
    The leaderboards are now available at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/multiplayer-events/#leaderboards.

    Head over to check out how your Crew did, or to see if your name is up on the individual leaderboards.
  • Abdoswowon July 20 2014, 9:33amReplyFlag
    i'm new to Gta eflc and i would like to play online but i cant find player
    what should i do?
    • darkrider97on March 4 2014, 9:29amReplyFlag
      sink02010 im playing on ps3 and when I get in it just keep loading and when it goes in I play a match when it ends back to loading again and wont load :P ????
      • darkrider97on March 2 2014, 5:37amReplyFlag
        rock star please fix red dead redemption multiplayer session it wont load I really want to play multiplayer so please fix the online
        • SINKO2010on March 2 2014, 9:58amReplyFlag
          @darkrider97 darkrider97 red dead online still works me and my friend have been playing it for days we actually got bored of gta5 and went back to the older games. were waiting on the new dlc for gta5 before we play it again also what console are you on because ps3 servers still running
      • Renny123.on October 7 2013, 7:40pmReplyFlag
        Demonic Brotherhood is new and looking for a crew
        • BG33400on October 7 2013, 12:15pmReplyFlag
          where is my avatar on gtaonline ? IT IS THE THIRD THAT ERASES.level27 level 13 and level 9 very very very thanks.
          What is the reward for your error ??????????????????????????????????????????????
          • DylanS1on September 30 2013, 6:24pmReplyFlag

            Join if you want to have a kick-ass time tomorrow (:
            Xbox 360 <3
            • trille077on September 16 2013, 4:07amReplyFlag
              Looking for 2 good pilots that can hold their own in the air. whoever owns the sky own the lobby. come do it with La Familia Cartel high rank spots available for skilled wheel/gunmen
              contact tickinWARhead01 xbox live player HAVE MIC PLEASE
              • Hiisenbergon September 16 2013, 1:46amReplyFlag
                MINDLESS JERKS, a new crew looking to have a good damn time in GTA V! You can join up to 5 different crews, hope Mindless Jerks will be one you choose to help build!

                • Santi432on September 15 2013, 9:58pmReplyFlag
                  I'm looking to join a crew for gta v for Xbox only doesn't have to be big and I will do what I can to climb to the top of the ladder get at me
                  • trille077on September 16 2013, 4:04amReplyFlag
                    @Santi432 lookin to build from the ground up i dont want an overly big crew as i want the money management and loyalty to go hand in hand add tickinWARhead01 xbox gt or message me on here if you decide to get down
                • ixcreatorxi92on September 14 2013, 6:07pmReplyFlag
                  hi me and my mate have just started a crew looking for people to join if you would like to join look us up crew name is sonz of liberty anyone is welcome to join in good reason and has to have a mic for play gta v this crew is for xbox 360 and thanx for your time
                  • JWK_97on September 14 2013, 5:12pmReplyFlag
                    Join our crew, just started up and looking for some new recruits. We play on PS3 and with mics, anyone can join since everyone will be an asset to the team. Crew name is: Elite Enemies. Hope to see you soon as one of the members of our crew.
                    • ASSASSINERIon September 14 2013, 5:08pmReplyFlag
                      Are YOU looking to join a crew in Grand Theft Auto 5? Because we are RECRUITING. Be an ULTIMATE WARRIOR by joining the Ultimate Warriorz today! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ultimate_warriorz

                      We will be playing online on the PS3 very intensively once GTA Online makes its debut. We are PASSIONATE gamers, looking for crew members who know how to have fun.

                      We will communicate constantly, via PS3 mic's, Skype etc. Los Santos is ours for the taking, Warriorz. We will be constantly expanding our crew. The first FIVE members who join shall be made COMMISSIONERS, meaning you will be making a huge contribution to the crew and its growth.

                      Represent the red & black. Join the Ultimate Warriorz GTA V crew today! Please add the founders on PSN - SikhSoldier84 and ASSASSINERI

                      See you in Los Santos.
                      • ThaaBeston September 5 2013, 7:04pmReplyFlag
                        Can You Rape In Grand Theft Auto 5? Lmaooo xD
                        • jjohnson1022646on September 1 2013, 4:43amReplyFlag
                          If you guys are looking for a crew that will have lots of power soon and have not so many people as the 300 person crews on the first page you should join our family "The Get Money Gang"

                          for info about this msg me or

                          • H.Y.P.Ron August 14 2013, 5:32pmReplyFlag
                            rockstar is there any way for me to create another crew. i already own one. i have seen people who own 2 crews but i dont get the option to create new ??
                            • hernan1557on August 14 2013, 1:57pmReplyFlag
                              ROCKSTAR cuando es el proximo dia de triple experiencia en max payne 3 yo soy hernan1557
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