Rockstar Game Tips: Get Good, Real Good, at The Warriors

Posted on June 17 2013, 11:53am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

A real live bunch they may be, but getting The Warriors back to Coney is no cakewalk, not with 60,000 Flashed-up street soldiers baying for retribution. Here are our tips to surviving the night - and remember that The Warriors is now available to download from PlayStation Store as part of the PS2 Classics collection.

  • Stay tuned, Boppers: Pay close attention to the tutorial at the start of the game, as this will teach you the combat basics that will get you through the tougher stages later on. If you do forget anything, head to Controls > Tutorial from the Start menu.
  • The Chicks are packed: Many of the objects littering the streets - bottles, trashcans, wrenches etc. - can be used as weapons. Generally, these weapons inflict more damage than a single hit, but you do lose the ability to string together combos and to defend yourself from the rear and side. In the frenzy of a mass brawl, you may find it better to rely on the weapons you were born with.
  • Hit everything in sight: Rage Mode can be the difference between a pretty face and a smashed one. Attacks are more powerful with Rage and you are immune to damage for its duration. All basic attacks fill your Rage meter somewhat, but some do more than others. Check the Style Points table below to see which actions really get the blood boiling.
  • Real tough: Some boss enemies have powerful melee attacks. In a one-on-one, keep your distance and throw any weapons you find at them. Not only will this wear them down, it will fill your Rage meter. When it's full, get up close and wreck their punk ass.
  • Who are The Warriors?: Know your allies - each member has different physical attributes and skills, and playing these to your advantage may be the edge you need to beat a difficult mission.
  • I want them all: Whichever character you're controlling, the rest of The Warriors have your back, so use the Commands to your advantage. If a rival gang has one particularly strong soldier (maybe they're carrying a weapon), then lock onto them and issue the 'Wreck 'Em All' Command to have them battered before you've even thrown a punch. If you're short on time and cash, shout 'Mayhem' in a store to have it emptied quicker than a Flash dealer's overcoat.
  • Come out to play: Coney Bonus Missions are timed challenges that are gradually unlocked as you play through the game's Story Mode. To find them, exit the Warriors Hangout and look for the purple mission icons on your radar. Complete these as soon as they become available, as the rewards will help you in the more difficult later stages.
  • Can you count, suckas?: There are many unlockables to discover throughout the game, some of which require you to beat the high score set for each level. To do this, you'll want to master Style Points: bonuses granted for specific actions during gameplay. Here's the breakdown of which actions yield the most Style Points:


Action Style Points
Smash small item (box, garbage can, bus bench etc.) 5
Smash car part (window, door, hood, trunk, fender) 10
Pick a lock 10
Handcuff an opponent 30
Smash storefront or phone booth window 50
Toss an enemy into a wall 60 (also builds Rage)
Smash counter 75 (also builds Rage)
Smash a bottle over an opponent 75 (also builds Rage)
Tandem attack 100 (also builds Rage)
Smash in-store display case 100
Steal car radio 100
Toss an enemy through a window 100
Stealth kill 100 (also builds Rage)
Toss an enemy from a rooftop 150
Toss an enemy into a car 150
Smash an ememy's face into a wall 150 (also builds Rage)
Steal a hat from a rival gang 150
Steal a hat from a cop 200
Complete a tag without having to restart 1000
Pick a lock without setting off the alarm 1000


  • I'm sick of runnin': If you or one of your numbers commits a crime, don't expect the police to let it slide. If they're on your tail, then you have three options: fight (and good luck against the armed officers), run away or hide in the shadows. If you decide to flee, cut corners and take to the rooftops whenever possible. Cops can climb, but they're not agile as The Warriors, so use this to your advantage.
  • Lookin' good, Warriors: Inside the Warriors Hangout you'll find an exercise area. Complete workouts at all four stations to boost your equipped Warrior's fitness level by one. Levels five and 10 each give a helpful boost in Stamina, allowing you to sprint for longer and pull off power moves and combos with ease.
  • You see what you get?:  Throw a buck to those in need once in a while. You never know who might have your back later on, or point you in the right direction...


Abide by these streetwise pearls and you should be back in Coney safe and sound. If you need help with a specific mission, hit us up in the comments or via Mouthoff.

  • StreetGeeon April 18 2016, 11:19amReplyFlag
    • rlr149on May 4 2015, 1:15pmReplyFlag
      I'd really like a mission in GTA online a bit like this.
      a cross between a gang attack and survival, you(+friends/crew) have to get home on foot through the city. maybe 10 locations you HAVE to go to(capture a flag in each one, but any order) each location like a bigger gang attack and weapons upgrade after each completed one, so the last will be like a L10 survival wave(guys with miniguns etc)
      • doxi-doxon January 10 2015, 8:05pmReplyFlag
        I Absolutely agree Mate, I know like 1000s of people who would love to play NEW WARRIORS GAME. i Been told by all my GamePlaying friends that, The Warriors are really The best Fighting game they ever played and would like a new one, Same as me and i believe another milions people around the world. The Warriors Game for us was like original underground kind of game, not some Comercial buls**t of any of you know how and what i mean by that. BUT ANYWAY ROCKSTAR MAKES THE BEST GAMES. HONEST TO GOD, THE BEST GAMES EVER, I ENJOYED EVERY GAME THEY MADE, OR ACTUALY NOT ALL, THERE WAS ONE GAME WE LAUGHED ABOUT AND THAT WAS THE TENIS :D.... BUT PLEASE ROCKSTAR KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU DO, AND KEEP ON PUTTING THAT KIND OF ENJOBLE EPIC ATMOSPHERE TO YOUR GAMES, BECAUSE NO ONE CAN DO IT LIKE YOU DO, DO GO TOO Comercial and too NEWSCHOOL like everyone... WE ALL WANT ROCKSTAR TO BE THE SAME THE REAL OLDSCHOOL FEEL TO IT....thanks
        • ALIFORNIAon September 23 2014, 12:38amReplyFlag
          • Brand0gameson July 1 2014, 4:31pmReplyFlag
            I hope this will get put on pc some time soon like gta 3, vc and sa
            • RaDemon313on December 27 2013, 8:31pmReplyFlag
              LOLs!! I still have my first release copy for PS2 I play on my backwards compatible PS3... wooot!! Cool as hell game! I enjoyed how the game filled in the "missing pieces" in the movie, awesome concept, "CAN YOU DIG IT?!?!"
              • Leovonpoozleon October 26 2013, 9:14amReplyFlag
                Is this for the Xbox 360 because I loved this game when it first came out.
                • Rgs2033on July 10 2013, 9:29amReplyFlag
                  Hello, my name is Raphael, I'm from BRAZIL.

                  First, I would like to congratulate the R * by Great work.

                  Producing quality games always, always thinking of the satisfaction of all of us.

                  How would life without the R *? my life would be like without GTA? I prefer not to think. LOVE GTA, grew up playing this game since the Playstation 1, Playstation 2 passing for now the x360, it is amazing to see how the game has evolved and now Seeing GTA V, I'm Sure you will overcome. Congratulations again for the great work, and not wait to be able to play this game!!
                  • K8r1993on July 9 2013, 4:00pmReplyFlag
                    Hi, just out of curiosity will there ever be a release in HD of The Warriors or a similar game where its just gangs no guns. Please message back to me asap please. much love. P.S The Warriors is the BEST GAME EVER to be released on ps2 and now ps3. Thanks guys, keep up the GREAT work. (please get back in touch with me)
                    • fenucotchon July 9 2013, 7:44amReplyFlag
                      troppo figo sto gioco...
                      • Jimmy-Joneson July 8 2013, 8:06pmReplyFlag
                        Hi Rockstar, what are the chances of you guys doing a remake or making a similar game to the warriors on current or next gen consoles? I would personally love to see that and so would a lot of people.
                        • K8r1993on July 7 2013, 8:44pmReplyFlag
                          Hi, just out of curiosity will there ever be a release in HD of The Warriors or a similar game where its just gangs no guns. Please message back to me asap please. much love. P.S The Warriors is the BEST GAME EVER to be released on ps2 and now ps3. Thanks guys, keep up the GREAT work. (please get back in touch with me)
                          • oj0919on July 6 2013, 2:09amReplyFlag
                            The Game "The Warriors"

                            This Game Should Be Remade.

                            But with bigger stages, more characters, longer story,
                            more game modes, more things, like start your own gang, own gang colors, maybe own character.

                            choices you make affect the gang, recruiting your own soldiers affect also, like getting someone in who doesn't cut it, or is not to be trusted, or the trusted , got to rank your gang up, get bigger and take over the cities,

                            rumbles over cities.

                            something way bigger and different.
                            • IWIKongZillaon July 7 2013, 4:50amReplyFlag

                              Imagination is the key!!
                            • Abstractikon October 31 2013, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                              @oj0919 I agree customization would be insane, they have to keep the commands, with the "Lets go" command the gangs didn't fight and me and my friend made a lot of scenarios prior to getting into a fight ex: my crew comes into Tremont which his crew owns, made the game endless.
                          • Otto_Ramoneon July 2 2013, 10:34amReplyFlag
                            Hey Rockstar, do you know if there is any chance of getting a (used) PS2 copy of that game somewhere in New York? I go there next week and since I can't buy it from the german PSN store I was hoping to find it somewhere over there.
                            • R* Yon July 3 2013, 11:07amReplyFlag
                              @Otto_Ramone Yes, there may be some stores that have some copies in their shops, though you'll want to be sure the disc is compatible with your region. Hit us up at so we can help.
                          • OverKill1017on June 29 2013, 5:32pmReplyFlag
                            Amazing game. Brings back so many memories. I can play The Warriors forever. A spiritual successor to this game needs to be developed soon.
                            • deepdarkbasementon June 29 2013, 2:14pmReplyFlag
                              This is by far my favorite R* game of all time man! Why, well the beat-em up genre is my absolute favorite game genre of course. And this feels not only like a great tribute to the film (which i really should watch by the way... damn TV not showing good movies lol), but it feels soooooo much like a tribute to old school beat-em ups, hell the unlockable mini-game Armies of the Night IS a tribute to arcade beat-em ups. Well I have one more thing to say... R* PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER BEAT-UP GAME!!! It doesn't have to be another movie based game, but still PLEASE make one, it could be a mini-game in GTA V or a downloadable game, just please make one!
                              • Walisson-_-Gameon June 28 2013, 5:44pmReplyFlag
                                But the warriors dont have a trophies and gta san andreas.i love trophies.
                                • PuTTiZon June 28 2013, 1:32pmReplyFlag
                                  This is my #1 game to play through again after my bro gives me my ps2 back :(
                                  • R* Yon June 28 2013, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                                    @PuTTiZ Cool, hope you can get the PS2 back soon!
                                • IWIKongZillaon June 26 2013, 11:01pmReplyFlag
                                  DID I MENTION THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER??? Dang my thumbs are RAW!!!! More More more!!!!! <3
                                • TailaFTWon June 26 2013, 5:16amReplyFlag
                                  I hope they bring this to PC, I remember making a query about it but R* never replied :/
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