Stage Two of the Red Hook Criterium Cycling Series at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Posted on June 4 2013, 10:23am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

Before heading overseas for a pair of stops in Barcelona and Milan this summer/fall, the Red Hook Crit cycling series will hit the Brooklyn Navy Yard this Saturday night. The first stage back in March at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal featured an intense, nail-biting finish (check the video above) and stage two is shaping up to be another exciting, action-packed event.
For this Saturday's race, we're pleased to announce the availability of grandstand tickets for the first time. While attending the race is free for the general public, these tickets offer spectators exclusive views of the racing action, plus all grandstand ticket holders will receive a limited-edition Rockstar Games x Red Hook Crit t-shirt. Only 100 of these tickets are available, and all profits raised from ticket sales go directly towards the Athlete Support program. To purchase tickets, visit
6:00PM: Qualifying Heats
9:00PM: Red Hook Crit 5K
9:45PM: Red Hook Criterium 
Any New Yorkers who'd like to volunteer to assist with course setup, marshaling or next day clean up can visit All volunteers will receive a complimentary food ticket redeemable at any of the RHC food vendors along with a Race Crew t-shirt.
For more details, visit, the official page on Facebook or download the free Red Hook Crit App - available for iOS and coming to Android later this week.

  • OlyaBKLon June 10 2013, 2:35pmReplyFlag
    I was at the Red Hook Crit this Sat - amazing pace, such a rough track around the Navy Yard!!! Luckily I live right next door :)
    I'm a Brooklyn artis myself, never thought i'd get thrilled by car, bike or any other kind of racing. After the Red Hook Crit in March, I got inspired and wrote a song about racing. Would love to share it with everybody here!

    • jaar04on June 10 2013, 7:02pmReplyFlag
      @OlyaBKL That was really good.
    • OlyaBKLon June 11 2013, 10:46amReplyFlag
      @jaar04 the race or the song? I will assume both )))
    • dimasssson June 11 2013, 11:54amReplyFlag
      @OlyaBKL Nice song, I liked it. :) Can I listen to more of your music somewhere?
    • R* Yon June 11 2013, 8:49pmReplyFlag
      @OlyaBKL Nice. Cycling is a major passion for a lot of the Rockstar staff in New York, and it's awesome to see an artist such as yourself be inspired to by the Red Hook Crit to write a song.
    • OlyaBKLon June 12 2013, 10:54pmReplyFlag
      @dimassss Thank you, glad you liked! Here are some more of my new tunes:
    • OlyaBKLon June 12 2013, 11:02pmReplyFlag
      @ Thank you, guys! Great to see your support of these events - cycling is a huge part of New York culture. Yup, you never know where you can find your inspiration - it was a very pleasant surprise for me, so I'm a big fan ever since...

      If you would like to use this song for any of your cycling compilation videos, please feel free. It would be my pleasure!!!
  • Sprunk1995on June 10 2013, 1:23amReplyFlag
    So how was it rockstar ? hope you had a great time this saturday :)
    Didn't find any new recorded videos of the event on youtube but i saw this one that @dimassss shared, the guy wearing white helmet should have been more careful or slowed down a little bit he saw his mate crashed but it's been an accident hope everyone is okay
    • dimasssson June 9 2013, 11:13amReplyFlag
      Ouch, nasty crash at Red Hook, hope everyone's okay:
      • LILnutsackon June 9 2013, 4:18pmReplyFlag
        @dimassss crazy crash!! xD
        i remember one kid complaining about the missing action in this sport xD
    • WaNt3d6145on June 8 2013, 10:30pmReplyFlag
      Good race R*
      • ITONYSOPRANOIon June 8 2013, 7:23pmReplyFlag
        @R* Me and my girl attended the 145th Belmont Stakes from Belmont Park over here in Elmont, NY ( Queens ) and it was a great time. Next stop is to shoot on over to BK to watch this race. We might even volunteer for the clean up as well and try to score two Race Crew t-shirts. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Will try to snap some pics!

        ( I ended up losing $125 during the horse race. ) :/ Should've picked 'Palace Malice'.
        • tadejpetricon June 8 2013, 1:23pmReplyFlag
          I wish there would be something like that in Slovenia :)
          I guess were too small for anyone to notice us : /
          • LILnutsackon June 8 2013, 8:57amReplyFlag
            @R* you know what? those people look like NYC bike messengers to me xD
            • LILnutsackon June 8 2013, 9:04amReplyFlag
              @LILnutsack hahaa he feels like batman or spiderman xD

              watch this!

            • R* Lon June 8 2013, 11:27amReplyFlag
              @LILnutsack Cool vid. A lot of top, pro cyclists compete in the Crit. We do know of at least one messenger who is competing - he placed 26th out of 100 riders in the last round and if you're interested, there's a good interview with him here:
            • LILnutsackon June 8 2013, 12:26pmReplyFlag
              @ thank you, i enjoyed reading it!
          • 400Scorpionon June 7 2013, 7:22pmReplyFlag
            awesome! Hope tomorrow is a great day for the race guys and can't wait to see the highlights! Best of luck to everyone competing, and that the weather may be great!
            • MadCityyon June 7 2013, 5:39pmReplyFlag
              LMAO out of all the sports you guys could choose from, you make a cycling team?! lol come on guys really? this better be some community service you got forced to do. why not something cool like rally truck racing or a drift team?
              • R* Qon June 7 2013, 6:36pmReplyFlag
                @MadCityy Sorry if the sport of cycling isn't your particular cup of tea, but many of us here at Rockstar happen to be great fans of the sport and we're very proud to support the Red Hook Crit. If you're a fan of competitive racing you should check out the video above if you haven't already - there's quite a bit of intense, fast-paced action in these short course races.
              • m-one_hundredon June 7 2013, 6:42pmReplyFlag
                @ Hey R* you should add this race to GTAV so we can all experience this race. :)
              • MadCityyon June 7 2013, 7:05pmReplyFlag
                @ intence meaning? broken bones? brawls? devistating pile ups? if thats the case ill watch.
              • 400Scorpionon June 7 2013, 7:25pmReplyFlag
                @m-one_hundred There will be triathlon they stated, and guess what is a part of a triathlon? Bike race! Like that early screen remember? That cyclist with the Del Perro pier in the background!
              • AnthonyPrincesson June 8 2013, 1:29amReplyFlag
                maybe because he can't do it better? lol
                So he thinks that sport MUST have something to do with pain |D
              • tadejpetricon June 8 2013, 1:19pmReplyFlag
                @ I likw it and I like cycling too. Tour de France was better but still great race!
            • iLewisGTAon June 7 2013, 5:22pmReplyFlag
              Just posted this on the GTAV Article, but good luck for tomorrow, R*, and enjoy your weekend! Hopefully the weather is as beautiful as it is here in the UK! :)
              • EyAzpenon June 6 2013, 12:53pmReplyFlag
                Too many cheaters in this sport.
                • scareface1970on June 5 2013, 10:08amReplyFlag
                  The cycling sport is always good to look at, but do you also car racing, I mean supporting a team in the car racing or something that would be crazy. I also love racing and sports cars.
                  Hah, maybe something in the future the name from Rockstargames or a huge R* logo on a race car :)

                  Games and Sports with ***Rockstar*** Is Always Good :D :D :D

                • CHMOOMon June 4 2013, 11:06pmReplyFlag
                  hi. i love is my r*
                  • gulovreon June 4 2013, 7:43pmReplyFlag
                    • Rod266on June 4 2013, 5:36pmReplyFlag
                      So R* sponsors the Signature Cycles team? I didn't know that!

                      This is why we read about the RHC!
                    • LILnutsackon June 4 2013, 4:01pmReplyFlag
                      dear R*,
                      what about a Red Hook Crit Los Santos in a future multiplayer event?!?
                      • Sprunk1995on June 4 2013, 3:24pmReplyFlag
                        "When racing every other thing in your life just falls away, the only thing you care about is winning the race and/or staying in the race"

                        Hats off, he knows his stuff.
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