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Posted on May 29 2013, 11:05am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Games

Can you dig it? The original PS2 version of The Warriors, our videogame adaptation of the cult film classic, is now officially available to download from the PlayStation Store for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99.

Experience a return to the arcade tradition of street brawler beat-em-ups as you fight your way from Coney Island all the way to the North Bronx and back - taking control of various members of the Warriors as they go up against some of NYC heaviest gangs including the Destroyers, the Turnbull AC's and the bat-wielding Baseball Furies.


Additional PS2 Classics Available on PSN:

  • This is not cool at all rockstar we are begging in 2015 for the Warriors to be released on ps4 as an updated version
    • Marke90on February 9 2015, 4:54amReplyFlag
      The Warriors has just been added to Netflix (UK) and of course this is the first place i came! My favorite game growing up, literally 100's of hours playing! Will it ever be available on PS4? 10th anniversary is coming up in october i think! You guys should totally make a sequel or revamped version. God i miss the game haha.
      • ThisIsSparta35on August 10 2014, 2:33amReplyFlag
        Will there ever be a warriors 2? It is my favorite game I have beaten it so many times. A game so great diserves a sequel
        • cmjg2000on April 11 2014, 5:18pmReplyFlag
          I know its been almost a year but Thank you rockstar for re releasing my favourite game based on my favourite movie on psn, ive finished the story multiple times on the psn version and am now going for 100% completion.
          • Tacticalmurder2on March 24 2014, 6:11pmReplyFlag
            Hey R* if you reply to any comment PLEASE reply to this one. I loved playing this game back in the day, and my cousin and I loved split screening this game and playing for hours. I know that if u purchase this game through PSN that split screen play is still an option. But I am curious of I will be able to co-op this game online, or if split screening is the only option?
            • tricksonafixedon March 11 2014, 12:58pmReplyFlag
              Hey R* I was wondering if this will be available on the PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Network? I heard that some things that were available for the PlayStation 3 wont be available for the PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Network! I play on 360 currently and am buying a PlayStation 4 in the summer, and this game and Crash Bandicoot are classics I wanna play and own again!
              • straightdiscofevon November 5 2013, 4:58pmReplyFlag
                Any chance you guys will work on The Warriors for the IOS Platform?
                • tfk6666on October 26 2013, 6:26pmReplyFlag
                  hey r* is there any chance off you being able to get this working on xbox in the near future????
                  • LeggoMyYayoon August 10 2013, 6:36pmReplyFlag
                    I might be asking for too much, but is multiplayer gameplay available for this?
                    • kingaxeldreamon July 27 2013, 8:44amReplyFlag
                      it would be great if Rockstar would make GTA a game with old school street gangs (year 70 and 80) for the older GTA fans, or a remake of the Warriors, could this be possible? i hope so
                      • Primo6on July 22 2013, 6:42pmReplyFlag
                        when will The Warriors come out for the 360? or xbox one?
                        • LLCoolJake1991on July 2 2013, 3:51amReplyFlag
                          Max Payne 2 on PSN???
                          • _S3R6i0_on June 28 2013, 2:02amReplyFlag
                            I have a question about this game? Is this a sandbox game like GTA or Red Dead or is it linear based? I downloaded the game recently but for some reason I can't get into it. Maybe it's because it's a little old. From the start of the game I'm playing as one guy and I'm getting jumped and from there I turn into a black guy and start giving people commands. The introduction is a little too complex for me. I was hoping this was a sandbox game about gangs, with an open map to explore. What's this game like and is it good?
                            • R* Yon June 28 2013, 3:31pmReplyFlag
                              @_S3R6i0_ Sure. Originally released in 2005, The Warriors is a gritty brawler set in 1970s New York based upon the 1979 movie of the same name. Gameplay is linear. Check out the original website for lots more details including screens, videos and more:
                          • scareface1970on June 9 2013, 9:39amReplyFlag
                            What gang next to The Warriors you also find good, Here the list of gangs in the Game/Movie The Warriors.

                            The Turnbull AC's
                            The Orphans
                            The Baseball Furies
                            The Lizzies
                            The Punks
                            The Rogues
                            The Riffs
                            The Hi-Hats
                            The Destroyers
                            The Hurricanes
                            The Boppers
                            The Electric Eliminators
                            The Savage Huns
                            The Moonrunners
                            The Saracens
                            The Satans Mothers
                            The Jones Street Boys
                            The Van Cortland Rangers
                            The Boyle Avenue Runners
                            The Gladiators
                            The Panzers

                            The movie and the game are fun to watch and play, Maybe it's fun to see in the future al the avatars from the gangs on the ScClub.

                            Again THNX for putting this game on the PSN ***Rockstar*** :D :D :D
                            • claudeismichael9on June 11 2013, 1:27amReplyFlag
                              @scareface1970 In the game, The Saracens are pretty awesome. They're a hard gang to not like, especially when they get The Warriors into Cyrus's meeting thanks to Cowboy and Cochise. I always thought in both the game and movie that the Turnbulls were f**king phycos hahaha. Baseball Furies, kickass. The Boppers (because of Big Moe) kickass too. And I really like The Moonrunners tag lol
                          • Walisson-_-Gameon June 8 2013, 12:45pmReplyFlag
                            • RekOfficialon June 8 2013, 10:47amReplyFlag
                              This isn't fair.. Why isn't there a download for xbox!?!?!? Do you have any idea how bad i want to play this game!!!!!!
                              • R* Kon June 9 2013, 11:14amReplyFlag
                                @RekOfficial We would love to make this and other classic Rockstar titles available to you, but sadly there are technical compatibility issues preventing us from doing so.
                              • elsevenboiion January 23 2015, 12:48amReplyFlag
                                @RekOfficial I agree with you. I love this would be awsome of R* just went and remade it for the newer consoles i would definitely purchase.
                            • Anchit17Warloardon June 8 2013, 3:56amReplyFlag
                              Is there a co-op in the psp version?
                              • cesar-ox666on June 6 2013, 5:08pmReplyFlag
                                you can play split screen? is a great game, and part of it was to play with a friend
                                • R* Yon June 6 2013, 6:27pmReplyFlag
                                  @cesar-ox666 Good question. Yep, split screen play is still in The Warriors on PSN, so if you have a friend with a second controller in the same room you can play together.
                                • cesar-ox666on June 12 2013, 12:48pmReplyFlag
                                  @ yeah!! thanks team Rockstar now to enjoy this great game!
                              • Killuazoldyckon June 6 2013, 11:16amReplyFlag
                                Wasn't there supposed to be a "spiritual" sequel to this game? Would have loved to see an expansion on this already kick ass combat system.
                              • MetalMofo-Billon June 6 2013, 2:39amReplyFlag
                                Rockstar, I assume you passed over my query because I was being TOO lazy? I did look it up on the IMDB, a godsend service at times, The Driver was 1978 and here's the link to it;
                                • R* Aon June 6 2013, 3:50pmReplyFlag
                                  @MetalMofo-Bill Heh, thanks for sharing - we didn't ignore your question but we also can't and don't reply to everything someone says in our direction here at Newswire comments. Per Rule #5 above the Comment Box, if you have something you want to share with us or ask us directly the best place is via Cheers for digging up that "The Driver" IMDB link though, definitely a largely forgotten bit of Walter Hill's pre-Warriors filmography.
                                • MetalMofo-Billon June 6 2013, 9:10pmReplyFlag
                                  @ After seeing Crossroads as mentioned, I was much more interested in Walter Hill's filmography, which covers the Aliens series, somehow I missed that and it was news to me! I did see Warriors long after it's debut thanks to the slow evolution of home video circa 1980, perhaps you recall?! When it gets slow, like this week for new GTA info, I just wonder if you guy got curious about the related ancillary material, as IMDB shows quotes and movie trivia as well...along with user reviews, it's a very nice site to have at ones' fingertips, no doubt you've seen some sleuthing as far as seeing who might get cast in a Rockstar game there as well! haha Thanks for taking some time to read my thoughts though
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