Rockstar Game Tips: Going for Guts and Glory in Manhunt

Posted on May 27 2013, 11:02am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Now that Manhunt is available to download from the PS2 Classic collection at the PlayStation Store on its 10th anniversary since release, it's time to step back into this dark tale of James Earl Cash and try to survive the hordes of bloodthirsty killers in Carcer City. This is a brutal blood sport and it's not going to be easy, so here are our tips for prevailing in this most dangerous game:

Heart of Darkness: Surrounded by danger and depravity, the shadows are your sanctuary. Move into the darkness and the figure of Cash on the bottom right of the screen will turn blue to indicate that you cannot be seen in plain sight. Don't get too comfortable though - if you're in an enemy's path and he walks into you, he'll attack.

Sick sense: The radar at the bottom-right of the screen shows the location of nearby enemies and the direction in which they are facing, as well as key locations such as objective points. It uses a color system to indicate each enemy's state: yellow means they are blissfully unaware that you're about to sneak up and butcher them; orange shows that they have heard something and are heading over to investigate; and red indicates that they can see you and are coming to kill you. Use this information to plan when to stalk and when to run, but don't get too dependent - in Hardcore difficulty, there's no radar.

Silence is crimson: Noise can be your friend or your foe, so keep an eye on the red circle on your radar to know how discreet you're being (or not being) at any given time. When the time is right, hit walls or kick barrels to lure your enemy to their sticky fate.

Ear to the ground: Keep one eye on the ground at all times, as some floor surfaces will make a sound when you walk on them. Don't make the amateur mistake of stepping onto a metal grate and giving yourself away while lining up an execution.

Divide and conquer: The odds of surviving are already stacked against you, so don't be tempted to take on the world. Isolate enemies and take them out one-by-one. If you find two or more of them sticking together, use noise to lure one of them away.

Cash and carry: If you execute an enemy out in the open, press Triangle to pick up their corpse, and then hide it in the shadows or somewhere you might want to lure a curious guard.

Cash out: If you are spotted, then almost always the best course of action is to run. Make as many smooth turns as you can and try to get walls and other objects between you and your enemies' lines of sight. When their radar icons turn orange, dart into the shadows and wait for the right time to strike again.

Trouble and strafe: The L2 and R2 buttons allow you to strafe left and right respectively. Get into the habit of using them all the time, as not only do they give you finer control over Cash's movement, you can use them to make subtle adjustments to the camera.

Several moments in the game require you to take out security cameras, so have your weapon at the ready.

On a sixpence: Push the L2 and R2 buttons together at any point to make Cash turn 180° - very useful later on if you're being chased and want to greet them with a quick shotgun blast.

Beer goggles: You can throw bottles to distract and lure enemies, but they can also be useful in a pinch. If you've been spotted and find yourself cornered, throw one into your enemy's face to temporarily stun them, then make your escape or finish them off.

It's bullet time: Guns may not be subtle, and they're not going to get you many Style Points, but in face-to-face combat they can be decisive.

Pick your poison: There are two levels of difficulty in the game: Fetish and Hardcore. The main differences are that, in Hardcore, enemy attacks will deal more damage and you don't have radar to indicate their positions. Our best advice is to play through on Fetish first to get a feel for each scene and then take on Hardcore to unlock the Bonus Features.

Unlockables:  At the end of each scene, your performance is graded out of five stars. You're given 1-3 stars based on Style and to earn all three, you'll want to perform as many gruesome executions as you can through the scene. There is a star available for beating the scene within a certain time and a final star awarded for beating the scene on Hardcore difficulty. Go to Bonus Features on the main menu to see the artworks, cheats and bonus games you've unlocked so far.


Let us know in the comments if you have your own stealthy strategies, and shout out if you need help with any scene in particular.



  • QuickMickEireon January 14 2016, 8:59amReplyFlag
    I would love a remake of manhunt but i think the game is to violent for Rockstar to turn a good profit on it. i love manhunt but with the next gen graphics the game would look to good and the killings and violence would attract to much unwanted attention affecting sales and possibly even banning the game in certain countries. I would love a remake of the warriors and i think many others would also. Rockstar make to much money from the GTA franchise and to be honest that s**ts getting old like the story modes are ruined they start you off to successful you have a house, car and access to all high end weapons to soon go back to San Andreas you start off with nothing and have to work your way up to the top in GTA 5 your more or less at the top already i got that bored with it i never even completed it. The online in GTA 5 is good though it reminded me of San Andreas a little and i play online but i don't intend on finishing the story any time soon.
    • TheKasumiLoveron December 14 2015, 7:04amReplyFlag
      Please make a Manhunt 3 for your fans. They will love it.
      • QuickMickEireon January 14 2016, 8:48amReplyFlag
        @TheKasumiLover i would love a remake of manhunt but i don't think it'll happen because for the time manhunt was really violent which we loved but the trouble came with the game all the complaints and people saying "this game is to violent". next gen consoles the graphics would be amazing and the kills would look so good for manhunt and that's why i think they wont make the game although i would love to see this game remade it was one of my favorites. I would like to see a remake of the warriors also the graphic update in that game would be amazing along with online multiplayer.
    • nuclearwerewolfon July 3 2015, 8:22pmReplyFlag
      That I believe that manhunt 3 deserves to be made right now because that people who played manhunt and manhunt 2 would be waiting for a third instalment and people who are not able to Play any of these games because it was banned in their country due to of a incident like that muder of the child who the witness blamed the game or it was refused for a classification like in Australia. And also for the Australian gamers manhunt and manhunt 2 deserves a re-release on all platforms and on pc since Australia has a R18+ rating now so please make this happen rockstar please
      • Netoawsomeon February 2 2015, 2:39amReplyFlag
        Dear Rockstar,

        I have been very impressed with your mobile games on the app store there all great , I would really love to see grand theft auto liberty city stories and grand theft auto vice city stories along with the original manhunt,manhunt 2 and especially bully many of your fans have been wanting these games on the mobile phones even me it what also help you earn extra money.

        Your friend Ernesto.
        P.S hope you ansewer

      • VaFaenon December 2 2014, 5:45pmReplyFlag
        All Manhunt-fans demand a third installment! Please, make it happen, for the fans that are still playing the first Manhunt like the release of the game was yesterday!
        • YasirsInsanityon September 18 2014, 4:10pmReplyFlag
          Rockstar please Make Manhunt 3. I just finished Manhunt 2 today again . I just cant stop playing it. I can do stuff in the game that i cant do in real life and i wouldn't follow the game in real life anyway haha. Please make Manhunt 3. Also it would be great to see Multiplayer in it and maybe open world and the players are allowed to do anything. It would be awesome.
          • GTA_IV_Von June 29 2014, 4:40amReplyFlag
            Make a 3rd one please for the PS3
            • Budvar_Kilmisteron April 8 2014, 4:32pmReplyFlag
              Please make another Manhunt! It's my favorite Rockstar serie after GTA!
              • TME383on February 27 2014, 7:51amReplyFlag
                Manhunt is one of my all time favourite games. I would love to return to Carcer City, especially on 'next-gen' hardware.
                • Newbestshot11on February 8 2014, 12:04amReplyFlag
                  make a number 3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  • iTTZzReuBZon December 21 2013, 8:22pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar, please reply.
                    All of your fans have been waiting for a response about manhunt 3 being released. Please tell us why you wouldn't or are not in the making of the game because this series's would smash the GTA series by far. Thank you.
                    • FlashBelieveron November 19 2013, 3:04amReplyFlag
                      Iv'e already accepted that ManHunt just isn't coming back. Imagine the s**t that would go down? With modern day graphics? It was hard enough for them to get the first two out back in 2003 ten years ago. They would get the absoloute tits sued of them now.
                      • Cerchioneon November 8 2013, 3:54amReplyFlag
                        Manhunt was the best game i've ever played...the thrill of not being discovered while you are ready to hit with a baseball bat made of that game a very emotional and involving title... and like a lot of people out there i'm waiting the third chapter... please Rockstar! I beg you! (Like Starkweather: I beg you Cash!)
                        • J.E.C.on September 11 2013, 4:59pmReplyFlag
                          • manhuntremakeon August 25 2013, 7:06amReplyFlag
                            Manhunt 3 is a most definite, its sad they regulated when trying to release the real manhunt 2
                            but I believe its the story line and not really the "object of killing" that made it become so censored.
                            Go back to Carcer City or a scenario similar to where the story is really a matter of life or death, in cash's case.
                            Sadly they see it as a killing game when truly its a sneaking strategic game with the option of gore.
                            If they wont let you guys ever publish a third title, then a remake needs to be done, maybe even added levels, weapons, online mode, think of the potential that game really had
                            • KILLLUMINATI1986on August 27 2013, 1:46amReplyFlag
                              @manhuntremake Yeah Rockstar:))) Make manhunt 3.
                              And GTA 5. You have done it again Rockstar.. This will be the best you have made so far.Peace and love
                          • dab0neon August 3 2013, 7:31pmReplyFlag
                            I would love there to be an HD remake for 1 and 2. It would be super cool if said HD Remakes would make their way onto the Vita. No pressure fellas :)
                            • J.E.C.on July 17 2013, 6:55pmReplyFlag
                              WELL SAID!!! @breybone @Ishami
                              • breyboneon July 17 2013, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                                Rockstar I love majority of the games you guys have made. Looking so forward to GTA5, but my main concern is for you guys to try and start developing MANHUNT 3, through out my 7 years with my PS3 that was a game I always waited for MANHUNT 3 but no luck. Can you guys make a breakthrough for the PS4 and make the game of the year MANHUNT3. As a loyal manhunt fan I will be waiting...
                                • SmittyTipTopson July 13 2013, 2:32pmReplyFlag
                                  any chance of bringing manhunt 2 to the psn store, never got it for ps2 just psp :(
                                  • MrLESLOon June 26 2013, 11:42amReplyFlag
                                    Like most Rockstar games, Manhunt chewed up so many hours of my adolescence. One day after countless replays I got lucky enough to get around 50 kills on the basketball court mini-game. Good times. Being near a wall and getting the red execution with a baseball bat never gets old. This game is a classic.

                                    - A somewhat normal member of society.
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