The Warriors Coming Next Week to PSN

Posted on May 22 2013, 3:01pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Let's get down to it...

Starting Tuesday, May 28th in North America and Wednesday, May 29th in Europe, our latest PS2 Classics release on PlayStation Network lets you navigate the treacherous path home for that real live bunch from Coney, as The Warriors will be available to plaaaa-ay on PS3. Grab it from the PlayStation Store next week for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99.
As an extra treat for those of you in the NYC area - what better way to celebrate the game's PSN arrival than watching the movie that started it all - which will be playing at the Landmark Sunshine Theatre all weekend as part of their longstanding Midnight screening series.


PS2 Classics Available on PSN:

  • m-one_hundredon June 1 2013, 12:27pmReplyFlag
    Hey R* how about bringing GTA SA to mobile now. The complete set of Gta 3, Vice city, & SA will be very nice on my I pad. :)
    • mattykenon May 29 2013, 12:08pmReplyFlag
      I have a copy on psp (UMD Disk) gonna trade it in with a few games and get some money on psn so I can get the PS2 Classic. It is so much better on PS2
      • Rare_Killumination May 29 2013, 4:51pmReplyFlag
        @mattyken I have a UMD disk too for The Warriors, but i don't play it because it sucks on PSP any chance if i can trade it?? But what can i get back..
    • mattykenon May 29 2013, 11:24amReplyFlag
      Traiding in my PSP version :D defo getting this version. Rockstar you are the absolute best no other game developers can make gang based games better than you. Fact.
    • ThFcMaSoN93on May 29 2013, 10:05amReplyFlag
      Downloading the warriors now :) thanks rockstar can't wait till v
      • R* Kon May 29 2013, 10:00amReplyFlag
        Hey all, just letting you know that The Warriors is now available to download as a PS2 Classic on the US and EU PlayStation Stores. Just a small word of warning: the PSP version of The Warriors is also on PS Store, so do be sure to check the version you select is the one you would like to purchase before confirming.

        Good luck getting back to Coney!
        • joa_nycon May 29 2013, 11:27amReplyFlag
          @ I <3 NYC AND NYC'S ROCKSTARS GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • DutchStoneron May 29 2013, 8:25amReplyFlag
        Goodstuff! One of my favorites!
        • Rollawon May 29 2013, 6:08amReplyFlag
          Definitely will get this game today. Thank you Rockstar Games
          • HoodRomeoon May 29 2013, 3:10amReplyFlag
            Man I've been waiting for them to put the warriors in the PS store for years now I'm so happy I get to bop my way back to the big CI again...Warriors Come Out To Plaaaa-ay!!!
            • Rare_Killumination May 28 2013, 7:23pmReplyFlag
              Hey Rockstar i noticed something funny about the Rumble mode whilst playing on my PSP, one of the fight options gave a 6 man all out gang war but it gives you 5 men when i choose my gang, was this a mistake?
              • Rare_Killumination May 28 2013, 7:19pmReplyFlag
                Not fair the fact that America gets to play it first, its past 12am here in the UK so why isn't it appearing, hate being patient...........
                • grod826on May 28 2013, 7:09pmReplyFlag
                  WARRIORS COME OUT TO PLAAAAA-AAY!!!!!!
                  • Hawk-amazingon May 28 2013, 7:02pmReplyFlag
                    how do I find it?
                  • johnny8318on May 28 2013, 6:55pmReplyFlag
                    93% complete
                  • ThrasherKuyleron May 28 2013, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                    Downloading it now as well! Only at 7% though. It's going to be a blast to play this game again!
                    • Forty--Thieveson May 28 2013, 6:51pmReplyFlag
                      It's live and not delayed : D
                    • grod826on May 28 2013, 6:43pmReplyFlag
                      Im downloading it now!!!!!!!!
                    • grod826on May 28 2013, 6:42pmReplyFlag
                      • Hawk-amazingon May 28 2013, 6:34pmReplyFlag
                        Has anyone else been able to find it for PS3? i'm still looking
                      • maxslackson May 28 2013, 6:20pmReplyFlag
                        I just got hood winked. Purchased the warriors but for the psp vita :/ damn...correct version is available but not available
                        • Forty--Thieveson May 28 2013, 6:25pmReplyFlag
                          @maxslacks Mybe you should read before you buy things......CALL SONY!
                        • maxslackson May 28 2013, 8:17pmReplyFlag
                          @Forty--Thieves Very true on the while reading thing, but just mugged a couple of peoples'n'bashed'em down, so starting to feel a lil better about the mix up. This game is GOLD :) !!
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