Rockstar Multiplayer Memorial Day Weekend with 3XP

Posted on May 21 2013, 10:29am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: Triple XP is live for Red Dead and Max Payne 3 until Tuesday morning. And thanks to everyone that joined in Saturday for the six hour playsession, including those chatting, watching and entering the sweepstakes on the event page, and those that were playing in-game.

Get ready for a mighty weekend of multiplayer action coming up including Triple XP activated all weekend (Friday through Monday) for Red Dead and Max Payne 3 as well as an epic Social Club community live-streaming play session happening this Saturday May 25th when you'll be able to face your friends – and us – in your favorite Rockstar titles. Feel like taking speed runs in Midnight Club: Los Angeles' Ordered Race? Check. Want to light up someone in a rival Crew? We'll be in full attack mode with Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. We're also featuring Table Tennis, Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City, all from 12-6pm EDT / 4-10pm GMT.

If you were feeling the expansive format of our previous multiplayer Saturday, we'll be at it again but to up the ante we're playing in all six games during all six hours. We're also featuring one solid video stream all afternoon so you can follow the action without fumbling between two channels. We'll also have some exclusive limited edition Grand Theft Auto IV Prize Packs to give away.

Three Grand Prize winners will receive a full size GTAIV dart board, pool cue with case and chalk, Swingers foam finger, Tw@ Internet C@fe mouse pad, a Statue of Happiness figurine, a pin set, license plate, coasters and stickers. If you don't win a Grand Prize, entering still puts you in for the second random drawing for one of twenty runner-up prize packs, each containing a Rockstar t-shirt, GTAIV coasters, a Tw@ Internet C@fe mouse pad and stickers. Enter on Social Club on Saturday May 25th, and good luck to all.

Again, we'll be playing all six games during all six hours. The schedule below only reflects what you'll be able to watch on the video stream that'll appear on our Social Club and Twitch pages during the afternoon.

  • GTAIV, 12-1pm EDT / 4-5pm GMT (Streaming on PS3)
  • EFLC, 1-2pm EDT / 5-6pm GMT (Streaming on Xbox)
  • Max Payne 3, 2-3pm EDT / 6-7pm GMT (Streaming on PS3)
  • Table Tennis, 3-4pm EDT / 7-8pm GMT (Streaming on Xbox 360)
  • Red Dead Redemption, 4-5pm EDT / 8-9pm GMT (Streaming on PS3)
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles, 5-6pm EDT / 9-10pm GMT (Streaming on Xbox 360)

Gamertags and IDs to look out for during the afternoon:

  • PlayRockstar (PS3 / Xbox 360 / Max Payne 3 on PC)
  • PlayRockstar2 (PS3 / Xbox 360)
  • PlayRockstarPC (GTAIV on PC)


  • Maciek-79on January 7 2015, 8:41pmReplyFlag
    avatar test test
    • arkhamguard007on September 22 2013, 8:26amReplyFlag
      Hey everyone I don't know if you heard of my crew. But, its called translation. Its not as big as you would think. But, its getting there because I just recruited 10 people in 3 days. I'm going to get to the point. I need you help in making this crew as big as it can get. So join now. P.S this is a more casual group than competitive. We do have fun.
      Update: I'm the leader, and last night we had 10 members, now we are up to 14. So join now, this may be one of the big crews soon.
      • MojaveMilkmanon September 19 2013, 8:31amReplyFlag
        If anyone's looking to join a crew, Dai Zaibatsu is openly recruiting! We don't take things too seriously, and just wanna have fun. If you're interested, go ahead and sign up!
        • lawless504on September 16 2013, 11:48pmReplyFlag
          Sup ppl come join the OUTER CITY KINGZ on GTA5 we have it all money power respect we will be the best an we will run the gta nation so come Join us a we will run the city together link me if ur interested
          • 23basketballon September 16 2013, 2:39amReplyFlag
            YO people. Join my crew CHAINGANG7785. My crew is a family. Nobody fuc*s with us!
            • Hiisenbergon September 16 2013, 1:49amReplyFlag
              MINDLESS JERKS, a new crew looking to have a good damn time in GTA V! You can join up to 5 different crews, hope Mindless Jerks will be one you choose to help build!

              • Silver-Agon September 15 2013, 6:20amReplyFlag
                Blaine County Police Department, Open crew will mainly revolve around lots of online play, It's a Ps3 thing but Xbox can still join if you so wish, invite your friends and lets get some numbers in.
                Strong Drivers Welcome, I want to explore and chat with cool people so Ps3 owners with Mic chat preferred.

                Link Below.
                • trillpapion September 10 2013, 6:53pmReplyFlag
                  Join my gang/crew black mafiaa family need muscle and a right hand Man or woman
                  • MackDiezon September 9 2013, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                    Why go with a random named crew, when you know Los Santos Vagos will dominate GTA, look up memoReg and see if your cut out to join..........Vagos For Life

                    Currently 36 Members strong and rapidly expanding
                    • Fraudstaon September 9 2013, 4:41amReplyFlag
                      Looking for a chilled out adult crew? Join MatureGamersPS3
                      • ChrisDiGiovannion September 8 2013, 7:59pmReplyFlag
                        Join the TheCharlotteHs now for some good spots in the hierarchy.
                        • luffy667on September 7 2013, 11:13pmReplyFlag
                          get money gang for life join the network my messaging for a invite
                          • Mr.Edwinemhon September 6 2013, 4:17pmReplyFlag
                            why dont you create an Social Club app for iphone? or for all phones
                            • oxxswaggxxoon September 5 2013, 3:42pmReplyFlag
                              ummmmmm this is epic but rilly y so far away
                              • Gamers_Boxon September 3 2013, 3:43pmReplyFlag
                                • NZRAWFURYon September 3 2013, 4:44amReplyFlag
                                  SOUTH PACIFIC MAFIA

                                  Creating a SUPER-POOL of NZ & AU talent for Missions, Reribution & Mayhem!

                                  COME OCTOBER 1ST YOU'LL HAVE A WHOLE PLATOON OF BACK UP

                                  CHECK US OUT

                                  • jjohnson1022646on September 1 2013, 5:02amReplyFlag
                                    The Get Money Gang is always looking for new comers.
                                    we need drivers for heists,assassins everything we are in a rival
                                    with GTA5THUGS & the black disciples when GTA5 online comes thats when everything goes dwn so bring your
                                    shot guns ,machine guns,explosives, and fists if u wanna destroy some crews.
                                    • CrazzyGuy22on August 31 2013, 6:27pmReplyFlag
                                      Hey there jion ReagulatedAnarchy if you want to have some fun we are ps3 only just take a look its worth your time trust me
                                      • jackass12309on August 31 2013, 2:28amReplyFlag
                                        my first crew i realy loove rockstar
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