Crew Cut: Gearing Up for the Future and Paying Tribute to the Past - Plus an Emblem Auteur and More

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We haven't detailed the features of Grand Theft Auto V's online mode as yet (stay tuned for first info soon), but there's already a whole slew of Crews rallying, preparing and raring to go - with some creating some pretty impressive emblems along the way inspired by the artwork and information we've revealed about the game thus far. In today's edition of the Crew Cut, we take a look at early field of GTAV Crews out there preparing for West Coast domination later this year.

Established nearly a year ago when we first rolled out the Crews system, The GTA V FIVE Crew (GTAV) are one of the longest-running and also the highest-achieving with the most wins we've seen out the V Crews carrying 327 total and a win percentage of 60% throughout all their bouts playing Max Payne 3. needyday31468 is the star of this PS3 Crew with 3,955,250 XP, livelyweek95346 is in second with 3,893,778 and lumpy80011 has 2,475,585 XP. Over the last month, they've had a tight Feud with The YRA Crew (featured in our last edition), winning three Feuds a-piece while just edging them out with 38 kills to 37. Just a one digit differential, but enough to tip the scales in GTA V FIVE Crew's favor.

Though they've been quiet since February perhaps waiting in ambush for what's to come, the Sons of GTA Crew (GTAV) have a winning legacy, earning a record of 98-90. Under the leadership of stumpy4770, these guys were busy across all three consoles but with just over 16.3 million XP had the most luck on PS3. In fact, last month they created the PS3-only Crew Sons of GTA crew2 (GTAV), with an emblem that takes its inspiration from Trevor’s all-terrain rampages (seen below far right).
Beyond these O.G. GTA Crews, we've seen a flurry of new jacks appearing on the scene of late, staking their claim amongst the V themed Crews and marking their territory with Emblems of varying awesomeness. We've noticed not one but two Crews so far dedicated to the teachings of KIFFLOM - the Epsilon Program Crew (EPSI) whose members are proud to say that they "all come from the same tree" (FACT) and The Epsilon Cult Crew rocking FACT on their tag - we think Cris Formage would be proud. The Los Santos Free Roam Crew (LSFR) founded by iLewisGTA are ready to bounce, rocking greennawesome's custom designed emblem that riffs on not only the classic LS but also on the Rockstar logo. In recent weeks, they've grown to over 160 members - getting strong, now.
A few examples of V-inspired emblems: greennawesome's art for LSFR, Ivanwebstudio's work for OCPC and stumpy4770's Trevor emblem 
for the Sons of GTA crew2.
Speaking of the handiwork of ivanwebstudio - as we took a closer look at this gentleman's body of work, we felt it meritous of a proper Crew Cut shout. This guy's really taking it to the next level as you can see here. Ivan’s excellent recreation of the Cash and Carry: By Sea artwork seen above middle for the legendary Consumer Products Crew has led them to abandon their usual Robocop motif (save for the OCP logo itself of course) in favor of some straight up GTAV action. The humor, unique style and attention to detail seen in each of his pieces places him firmly in the pantheon of true Social Club Emblem artistes, alongside the likes of ErnestoRock2, Bizerker21, SovietAgent, Noru112YourTaxesAtWork, and odd_one, to name a few. Ivanwebstudio has created his own Made In The City Crew (MITC) Crew which also serves to showcase his best emblems, much like YourTaxesAtWork’s Emblem Addicts Crew (MBLM). We don't expect MITC to be all style no substance though given their fair warning status: “Crew starts to exist in the first weeks of Grand Theft Auto V release!” and early indications from their brief battle history (2-0; 20:6 KDR). We’ve exhibited a few of Ivan & MITC's best emblems below (decorative framing our own), but feel free to have a visit their gallery to browse and critique more pieces.
Beyond building an impressive MITC portfolio, ivan's also been a gun-for-hire lending his talents to some of the most prolific Social Club Crews out there including The Beer Barons, Fear The Wrath, Razamanaz and the politically-minded (and yet all business with a 88% Feud Win PCT) Russia Without Putin.

Social Club Crews aren't just gearing up for the future, but have also keenly paid homage to Rockstar classics of the past - and with this week's release of Manhunt on PSN in its 10th anniversary year, Social Club member PitchforkPig of the Carcer City Police Crew (CCPD) did us a solid and reminded us of all the Crews that exist in tribute to the story of James Earl Cash. Some other notable Manhunt themed Crews worth a shout include the Valiant Video Inc Crew (XVVX), the War Dogs Crew (WDOG)The Church of Piggsy Crew (PIGS) and last but certainly not least the Project Manhunt Crew (HNTR) which represents the long-running Project Manhunt fansite and was founded by PM's Pogo_PM. Check out a line up of these fan-created Crews below. Thanks as well to all fans of the title who've signed up to join our own Rockstar official Manhunt fan Crew, the Manhunt Executioners, who are now 19,783 deviants strong and topped by hellraiser733 on Xbox LIVE, psycho_slasher_6 on PSN, and EvilRincewind on PC.
After our last Cut featured Crews that were successfully Feuding against the same handful of rival squads in March, we had a couple of others contact us, boasting of their own prowess that rightly deserves some shine. The Ange de la Mort Crew (XADM) has an astounding 3,055 wins and 90% win percentage overall. Over the last month they've been dominating the general pimpin Crew (PIMP) and the Smurfies Stooges Crew (SMRF). They've been particularly solid against that first Crew, getting 52 wins to their paltry 2 and banging out 520 total kills to their 184. Even more impressive, they've almost completely shut out the usually fearsome xVx-TheAgency-xVx (AGNT) 18-1. Not bad.
The Ineffable Arts (RED7) Crew also contacted us and, while their total tally of war stories (743-143) is a little lower, they do have a similarly impressive 90% win percentage. Most important, they've been dominant in every one of their top three Crew Feuds over the last month. Against the CAP PILLAS Crew (BANG), they've won 36 out of 41 matchups and have 345 kills compared to 223. In their month of Feuds with the PS3THC Crew (THC1), they have a nearly perfect winning percentage of 98% and a not-too-shabby 82% against the GOLD LIONS Crew (LION).
WE WANT YOU... take it to the stage, sucka. Got a rivalry brewing with another Crew? We see plenty of it here in Crew Cut comments - why not put up or shut up? 
Or maybe you're an aspiring squad just trying to get a rep and have your sights on a top class Crew like Clubber Lang eyeing up the champ.
Either or, what better way to find out who has the better chops than doing so in a live stream via the official Rockstar Twitch page. While we are no longer accepting Crew vs, Rockstar challenges and are now hosting Crew vs Crew grudge matches, each Crew will get one of our skilled R* players on their side for the duration of the stream in order to facilitate the live stream and to keep things fair. We're already finalizing some battle details with a couple Crews out there - including the mighty FAHQ is ready to take their ever-flaring Feud with AGNT to the ol' free-per-view broadcast - we're just waiting to hear back from the latter (that's a nudge in your direction, Agency). GeNeSis x (IPRO) has also let us know that they want to throw the gauntlet to the Murders Death Kill Crew (MMDK) so, MMDK, you've been challenged. Hit us up at and we'll let you settle things on the battlefield.
Finally, Gold Aces Crew (ACES) leader Zorpio submitted this clip of Crew members getting together in Hoboken to absolutely mangle a bunch of randoms - hard to think of a better endorsement for teamwork. Zorpio, we couldn't help but notice your squad has been Feuding as of late with our old friends the MURDA SQUAD GANG Crew (MSK1) - if you want to take that beef to a larger stage, give us a shout.


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                    @Grimm7980 Is it primarily for PS3/4 or Xbox 360/one. Kind of bike required?
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