Original GTAV Artwork: Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

Posted on May 13 2013, 11:46am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The illustrations first revealed alongside the Michael, Franklin and Trevor trailers are now available in our wide range of desktop, background and avatar sizes as part of the official Grand Theft Auto V Artwork Collection at the Rockstar Downloads page - including the three-shot lineup as well as widescreen art of each of the game's playable protagonists individually.
Expect to see more GTAV digital artwork released as widescreen desktops in the weeks ahead, including official version illustrations of some friends, family members and other known associates of our three main characters that you may have seen amidst the game's recent worldwide previews
Previously Released GTAV Original Artwork:

  • XconForNowon November 19 2013, 5:58amReplyFlag
    Will you be adding a function to own more than one property? How about one apartment and one garage as 10 cars isn't enough considering the amount of them in GTA V?
    • Abhiroop7on September 16 2013, 5:36amReplyFlag
      Hi @R* when u r gonna release for PC
      • Ciaran2287on August 11 2013, 8:36amReplyFlag
        Hey R*, Is the Going to be any new artworks soon?
        • Mayura15146on July 2 2013, 8:15amReplyFlag
          @Rockstar Games Hey R* when will the game shipped all across the world?
          I stay in India and eagerly waiting for the Most Anticipated Game.
          • spottyLegend123pon July 2 2013, 6:59amReplyFlag
            joy me something new
            • madman21on July 1 2013, 9:41amReplyFlag
              Wow, it's been a long time since the last artworks
              • R* Yon July 1 2013, 9:16pmReplyFlag
                @madman21 We'll have more soon.
              • Rod266on July 1 2013, 10:12pmReplyFlag
                @ Why do I think your definition of soon isn't exactly what the rest of the world knows it as?
              • SanViceCityon July 2 2013, 7:26amReplyFlag
                @Rod266 Rockstar's terminology of soon is 1 month +.
              • madman21on July 4 2013, 12:20pmReplyFlag
                @ ...And right you where :)

                Thanks for ALL the artworks, Rockstar Games, from other games as well. Especially the RDR Bonnie McFarlene one. I have that one as background for my PS3 since it came out. But too bad that GTA IV doesn't have Full HD Artworks. Maybe when GTAIV have it's 10th anniversary, you re-release 'em in HD? If not, that's cool too.

                Keep 'm coming, Rockstar!

            • 24636438on June 15 2013, 1:52amReplyFlag
              i agree with msever
              • Jake_7on June 14 2013, 7:58pmReplyFlag
                @ RockstarGames will there be any more longer trailers like the first 2 released which featured all 3 protagonists between now and September 17th?
                • FranklinGTA5on June 10 2013, 2:07pmReplyFlag
                  R* will the Journey be making an appearance in the game and if so will yaw have a screen of it?
                  • jonathanleon3656on June 9 2013, 12:21pmReplyFlag
                    @ RockStarGames who does the art work?
                    • TheAgent070on June 8 2013, 2:20pmReplyFlag
                      Hey guys, sorry for asking, but please check out my Gta IV video!!


                      • MR.LINCOLNon June 8 2013, 11:09amReplyFlag
                        Hi R*! I would like to ask about a in-game picture of someone in a cool explosion. And if you like WITHOUT the HUD screen.

                        P.S. Pre-ordered Collectors Edition and can't wait to play it.

                        If my request won't be done, I just want to say, I understand and love the work you guys are doing.
                        • mseveron June 8 2013, 10:07amReplyFlag
                          Hey guys. We need PC version soon! We don't want to watch videos from console-guys just like morons.
                          • GTA4lifefoolon June 7 2013, 2:39pmReplyFlag
                            • MaXiMuS2oo8on June 7 2013, 1:08amReplyFlag
                              Rockstar don't need E3!!!!
                              • huskyRonskiewalkon June 6 2013, 9:59pmReplyFlag
                                Am I late to the party?!
                                • huskyRonskiewalkon June 6 2013, 9:57pmReplyFlag
                                  am I late to the party?
                                  • Spiffyguy99on June 5 2013, 10:38pmReplyFlag
                                    Dear Rockstar,

                                    Can we please see a picture of an ATV!!!
                                  • Manopedroalves4on June 2 2013, 1:25amReplyFlag
                                    @ RockstarGames, GTA V will be at E3 2013?
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