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Posted on May 3 2013, 3:48pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

All of the screenshots released yesterday as part of the worldwide round of Grand Theft Auto V previews have now been added to Scuba diving, explosive heists, cycling action, cruising through the streets of Los Santos, scenic vistas over the mountains and lakes of Blaine County, good old fashioned grand theft auto - and much more await in high resolution...

  • Anime-NoireChanon November 29 2013, 1:36amReplyFlag
    Hello Rockstar, i'm new at Community and just want to say, i also a biggest fan of Grand Theft Auto. What i mean is that this game is great, can't stop playing this ambitious and anticipated game, Congrats Rockstar Games!
    • Dyounzon August 22 2013, 12:32pmReplyFlag
      Starting a Clan for those who purchased the Collectors edition for GTA V - LSE - LOS SANTOS ELITE- ADD ME ON XBOX 360 - ASTRAL Q - i have a youtube video out and more message me.
      • AbasAlaeion July 28 2013, 7:24amReplyFlag
        Please answer the following

        Can buy a car or motorcycle?
        • austee12on July 13 2013, 2:19amReplyFlag
          So R* will we be able to go into more buildings like police stations and law firms and stuff like that?
          • oneal_yakoon June 6 2013, 3:39pmReplyFlag
            You cannot just say you want to be partner with R* Games. And second, GTA V will be put in history for the world's greatest games for sure, no doubt!
            • oneal_yakoon June 6 2013, 3:38pmReplyFlag
              • shadowman2374on June 6 2013, 3:09pmReplyFlag
                Hey RockStar I've Been a Grand Theft Auto Gamer since the very first game came out I was a little kid when I started playing & I love the series I'm looking forward to playing the newest one I want to Pre-Order the $149.99. But first I need to buy a new ps3 because I had my 80GB since 2007 & It died in April now I am planning on Buying the White with the 500GB HD. I need to start Practicing on GTA IV so I will be Ready. I have so much ideas for a Grand Theft Auto Game that I know everybody will love if I had a chance to work with ya on Grand Theft Auto 6 I would help make this game something that will never be forgotten & will be put in History as the Worlds Greatest Grand Theft Auto ever.
                • R* Yon June 6 2013, 7:03pmReplyFlag
                  @shadowman2374 So great to hear from such a big fan! If you want to become a part of our company, we recommend checking out for career opportunities at our worldwide studios. Please hit up if you have any questions, and good luck.
              • samurajek2468on June 3 2013, 6:14pmReplyFlag

                Please do this in the GTA V.

                Police missions like in GTA 3
                or Somethink like add to GTA 4
                LCPD First Response - Version .95 Beta 1
                True Crime: New York City
                True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

                View from insdie car like:
                - somethink like this
                • R* Yon June 6 2013, 7:02pmReplyFlag
                  @samurajek2468 Hey there, please contact us at if you want to give us your thoughts. The comments section here on our website is meant more of a place for you to talk to other fans. Cheers.
              • Harshpurion June 3 2013, 3:36pmReplyFlag
                Hey R*, does gta v have tanks
                • oneal_yakoon June 3 2013, 11:36amReplyFlag
                  No the release date will be exactly September 17 2013
                  • illegalGTADRIVERon June 2 2013, 10:56amReplyFlag
                    Hey R*, is there any chance of an early release of Grand Theft Auto Five
                    • SteelCityGrimmon May 31 2013, 7:23pmReplyFlag
                      This game is definitely going to make history. Can't wait for this amazing game to come out, only 4 months and 18 days to go!
                      • ROCKFANMANon May 31 2013, 4:02amReplyFlag
                        RockstarGames PRESENTS

                        A RockstarNorth Production

                        Leslie Bensies

                        Written By
                        Dan Houser & Sam Houser

                        AUTO V

                        Damn I can almost imagine the intro
                        • duglooon May 30 2013, 8:11pmReplyFlag
                          rockstar plzzz confirm is gta 5 coming for pc also or not!!
                          • oneal_yakoon June 3 2013, 11:35amReplyFlag
                            @dugloo No there has been no confirmation, but it has been confirmed that it will come for PS4 and Xbox One in the near future. Not for PC.
                        • oneal_yakoon May 29 2013, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                          I cannot wait for the game any longer... It looks too good to be true! R* please just take my stupid money and give me the game ;)
                          • oneal_yakoon May 26 2013, 9:51pmReplyFlag
                            R* can you buy property in GTA V? please answer!
                            • GTAV_NO_ONE_FANon May 28 2013, 12:13pmReplyFlag
                              @oneal_yako You can buy businesses. Not sure about property though
                     <<< Check this link out though. It might show it.
                          • onealyakoon May 26 2013, 4:01pmReplyFlag
                            R*, Will you be able to buy property in GTA V? Thanks and please let me know
                            • xinoszon May 26 2013, 3:10pmReplyFlag
                              In my opinion, if the damage modell will be perfect, then the GTA V will be the greatest game ever!
                              • onealyakoon May 25 2013, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                                Hey, R* quick question, will you be able to buy property in GTA V? As well can we buy any house we want? Or is it certain houses? Thanks, please let me know ASAP... CANT WAIT :)
                                • raymonoon May 24 2013, 9:42amReplyFlag
                                  R* will i be able to visit grove street in gta 5?
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