Crew Cut: The Feuds Edition

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As we approach the one year anniversary of Max Payne 3's release, the competitive landscape of multiplayer continues to be a breeding ground for battles between Social Club Crews. In addition to scheduled matches, one of the ways rival factions can settle their differences is via Feuds, which are automatically triggered during skirmishes and give bonus XP to the first Crew to notch kills on their opponents.

Our latest edition of the Crew Cut pays tribute to those Crews who’ve not only Feuded plenty as of late, but have also been beefing consistently with some of the same squads. To evaluate these kings of conflict, we looked for the Crews that Feuded the most but also had the best win percentages.

Going by total Feuds in March, the beefiest of the beefers on Xbox LIVE were the Consumer Products (OCPC) CrewOut of 2,559 total Feuds OCPC has 1,412 wins (55%). Over the last month, they’ve Feuded the most with the Eu Soul Brasil e VC (ESBV) CrewGoing all the way back to August, OCPC just can't seem to dominate ESBV though, racking up 135 wins against 217 losses. Their rivalry with KILLER SMOKING ACES (XKSA)which also dates back to last August, is going better with 191 total wins and 78 losses. Speaking of Eau Sou Brasil e VC, this squad ranks second with 2,001 total Feuds, winning 1,238 of them (62%). In addition to their tussles with Consumer Products, ESBV have also been Feuding a lot with the OneEightSeven (X187) Crewtrailing 79-105 over the month of March. In third last month was the LXG Crew (LXGC), winning 840 out 1,773 total Feuds (47%).
While not as voluminous as the aforementioned trio, credit must be given to the Fear The Wrath (FAHQ) Crew – who had an astonishing 94%, and The-Agency-xVx (AGNT) Crew – who came in at 63%.   What they lacked in overall volume (FAHQ Feuded just 612 times) they more than made up for in the epicness of their ugly, ugly beef against each other. Over the last month, FAHQ have dominated AGNT 90-14 but their rivalry goes waaay back, as evidenced in this compilation video from February. We love the intensity and passion guys, but your cardiologists might recommend you dial it back just a tad.
On PSN, the UnitedSickAssassins (USA1) Crew  had a large lead in terms of March winning percentage with a solid 70%. One of their biggest beefs was with the THE FIRST 48 (48HR) Crew, who actually had the most total Feuds (1,996) for the month and a respectable 55% win percentage. Led by Johnboy305, 48HR trumped the H-Town Goon Squad Crew (GOON) 125-57, and kept their PIMP hand strong against Paper In My Pocketgoing 94-34. The second highest winning percentage out of the high volume Crews for the month was the ROTA-Forca Especial (ROTA) Crew squad with 53%. Out of 1,647 total Feuds, they won 870. In third was S-13Brasil (13BR) Crewwho had 513 wins out of 1046 total Feuds (49%).
On top of the PC Leaderboards for March is The Beer Barons (BEER) Crew - who we had the pleasure of battling back in January - winning 68% of their 1,288 Feuds. They claim to not be a serious Crew and yet their 881 wins tell a different story. One of their biggest rivalries over the last month has been the second place peacekeepers (PEER) Crew (53%), besting them 239-129. With their 909 total Feuds, The Illuminatti Crew - who got the best of us in the match highlighted below - came in third.
Have you and your Crew been racking up the Feuds with a particular opponent as of late and want to settle it once and for all on the Rockstar Games TwitchTV Stream? If so, have Crew leaders from both sides get in touch with us so that we can set a time to play. To facilitate the live stream and make things fair we'll also add a single Rockstar Dev to each team and stream the match live at Hit us up at to get things going - and stay tuned for info about those matches both here at the Crew Cut and by following us on Twitter and Facebook.
Speaking of live streaming, since our last Cut the Dev team had the privilege of battling a handful of Social Club Crews on Twitch, going all the way back to the Tennents Special Crew on January 25th. Falling on Burns Night, a Scottish holiday honoring the late poet Robert Burns, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate.   
The battle started off a tight one as we faced off with some Gang Wars in Nova Esperança. Bremmer72 got things going for Tennents Special by blasting MaxPayneDev2 with the M10. With two minutes left in the first chapter and Tennents Special up 12-10, their guys stepped it up with likes of TanMan1977 abusing MaxPayneDev9 and finally, RenoX47 blasting MaxPayneDev2 with the 608 Bull. It was close but Tennents Special eked out the 25-24 Chapter One win. After that, our Devs seemed to wake up and not only won every remaining chapter but then roasted them 85-58 in a Team Deathmatch to win Round Two. Round Three’s Gang Wars in the Hoboken Alleys had some good back and forth, particularly with some great work from TanMan1977 – he stuffed a few of our Devs with bullets from his IA2 like they were haggis.  Still, with a particularly strong showing from Dev2, we were able to pull ahead and win the day 3-0.
In the January 29th faceoff with the Team 4Sace Crew things didn’t go quite as smoothly for our group. Once again starting out with some Gang Wars in Nova, vX Demize Xv (XBL ID) immediately gave Dev2 a taste of defeat by owning them 6-1 with their PT92. With Rezurrectionz surviving the most vendettas and having the highest kill streak and xinsaneiakx having the most kills, Team4Sace whipped us 5-0. In a round of Gang Wars at the São Paulo Bus Depot, Rezurrectionz picked right back up where they left off with a 3-0 onslaught on Dev2. Despite MaxPayneDev3 and MaxPayneDev1 stepping up their games considerably, Team4Sace still wound up with a 3-0 shutout. Props also are in order to SHADOWISKANE, who had a particularly strong outing, and all the members of Team 4Sace.
We tried to pick up the pieces on February 1st when we faced off with The Illuminatti Crew.  Despite a quick double team on -Romulus- by Devs 1 and 4 at the start of Gang Wars, we were no match for their New World Order and lost 50-28. A Round Two Team Deathmatch over at the Bus Depot went even worse – swallick, _Vagg_ and -Romulus- dispatched Dev1 to hell and back a total of 16 times and they just brutalized us 165-111. In Round Three’s Gang Wars at Tietê River Docks, we just were still outmatched by the killer trio of _Vagg_, -Romulus- and Docteur.Stup – but we did manage to win one round before ultimately losing once again 0-3. Was it all a conspiracy? We’ll never know.
Our Devs started February 2nd’s matchup with The YRA Crew back in Hoboken for some Gang Wars action. Just seconds in, toNy--StArK92 snuck up on Dev1 like a ghost, obliterating them with the sawn off. Throughout the round poor Dev1 got it again and again from the likes of Richocat, yabadaduuuu and Leader BobbyGonda. Eventually, they started teaming up with Dev14 and turned it around, giving us the win in the initial round. Thanks to KingKoshan’s plethora of grenade attacks and handy work by Richocat, their Crew took Round Two's Team Deathmatch 123-94. All tied up at one, Round Three’s make or break Gang Wars contest featured a little more back and forth, but outstanding games by KingKoshan and punkrokmik were just too much for us to handle and the YRA Crew took the overall match 2-1. 
Over the last couple of months we've also seen some great videos from the Social Club Crew community. First up, we have this Team Deathmatch featuring Red-Electronica nd Mister Norway of the previously mentioned Consumer Products Crew. Spend over 11 minutes with these Crew mates on the Canal de Panamá as they display their natural chemistry, taking on members of the Golden Scorpions and FireRep Crews.

In another nod to our Feud theme, el_serpe of the T Good T Bad T Ugly Crew (TRIO) put together the montage below of some of their guys take on members of the Penguin Protectors Crew (BLIP). Spoiler alert: TRIO performs very well.

Lastly, we have a video from our old friends in the Ganja Outlaws Crew. Check out some classic ShootDodging and other stunting in this remix clip.

A big hearty shout out goes out to all the Crews who battled us over the last few months, as well as those Crews who Feuded with such abundance. We couldn't think of a better forum for settling beef.



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  • The_illmaticon November 17 2014, 7:34pmReplyFlag
    can you guys at R* update the feuds i know what ya'll are trying to do. you guys dont update the feuds so people will get fed up and switch to GTA5 we put the time and effort into mp3 now give us whats ours
    • LSMafiaRoadKillon March 12 2014, 1:53pmReplyFlag
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      • PGC137on November 25 2013, 8:25amReplyFlag
        No stupid rules or requirements here. Just don't kill your crew members and we're good.
        • jeremyhoyton November 24 2013, 3:47pmReplyFlag
          this is the leader of the infamous crew INSANE IMMORTALS we have declared war on every person who have messed with us for 2 weeks in a row makeing ppl leave the lobby over and over in our race for featured crew and our ultimate goal of top of the leader boards picking up new recrutes like mad we are on ps3 playing gta5 and we are looking to grow our numbers if you would like to join THE winning crew holla at ya boy but you have to be prepaired for war we have killed 37 opposing tanks countless enemy hellicopters and thousands of other players in just the lobbies ive been in either your with us or a target jeremyhoyt2012 signing out
          • GodkingMooseon November 21 2013, 6:37pmReplyFlag
            Looking for players that love to race to make fast cash an get quick rp points, also need a good crew thats loyal and respect each other, my social club account is open for people to check my stats out, and to add me on your friends list just looking for cool people to play online with. PS3 is the console I play on.
            • highasakitenjon November 16 2013, 2:02pmReplyFlag
              Stick n stab need s member s building from the top down
              • urban-warrioron November 15 2013, 2:20pmReplyFlag
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                  • NightRydahon November 11 2013, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                    Got a crew that needs 10 more good guys join within
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                            • Warsow44on November 3 2013, 8:21pmReplyFlag
                              Getting tired of this advertisements just play the game you worthless people.
                              • GAKOJ_Xon November 3 2013, 2:22pmReplyFlag
                                "Ganton Disciples" Crew looking for active players only we are on PS3 & XBox360 ....
                                • RussTpipon November 1 2013, 11:03pmReplyFlag
                                  Looking for an open crew to join based in the UK with UK members?

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                                      playstation network.. need a crew to join?? enjoy just ruining other gamers day? but are also about making that $$$ .. then i have the crew for you. the "brook city bandits" are open to the public.. just send me an invite. Must be at least 18 yrs old. Adult content.. survival mode guaranteed to survive and make 20 gs 9 out of 10 times. trying to get our numbers up so we can take over this gta online world. .first ppl to send requests will be assigned higher ranks.. check out our page..
                                      • Alpha_Aztecon October 29 2013, 8:16pmReplyFlag
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