Michael. Franklin. Trevor. Trailers April 30

Posted on April 25 2013, 9:00am | Author: R* A | Filed Under: Games

11 AM Eastern, today.

  • RemyB99on July 4 2013, 9:52amReplyFlag
    Well the lost is from the lost and dammed and Niko is returning for grand theft auto online...
    • redder1month3157on June 20 2013, 9:45pmReplyFlag
      can't wait
      • Agopian2on May 29 2013, 1:42amReplyFlag
        Will GTA V be on XBOXONE. Microsoft works with ROCKSTAR but why aren't they saying any thing about the XBOXONE and GTA V is one month away from battlefield 4 and bf4 is coming on XBOXONE but are they going to reveal GTA V. This is probaly the most important comment you get now please answer me by just saying yes or no and if its no i will be disappointed to ROCKSTAR that's all I would say.
        • JohnnyBroolyn23on May 28 2013, 5:00pmReplyFlag
          If you pre order gta v regular is the cars and stuff still in the game???
          • AeroMittenson May 25 2013, 9:23pmReplyFlag
            Its like the characters are in order of the good, the bad, and the ugly
            • AndreyD.on May 11 2013, 8:53amReplyFlag
              gta 5 вÑ
              • Tolvukallinnon May 9 2013, 9:30pmReplyFlag
                @R* or someone others who see this, please explain this http://gyazo.com/fcbcf0c0b455b64dab1d2bfc5f82d69c in Franklin Trailer on sec 7-8 and 10-12 its a lot difrends that has happen over those 2 secends, (sorry about my english)
                • RichiebuuuDon May 9 2013, 11:01amReplyFlag
                  I think it would be really cool if they added very faint music for cop chases, shootouts etc to add a kind of adrenaline boost to the player. The kind of music you'd hear in a thriller movie and action movies, but don't go overboard with it. In situations like this in the game I think a very slight continuous vibration would add a lot of intensity (like, your heart is beating so fast over your adrenaline going through the roof). I would also like to hear our characters breathing very heavy and muttering swear words while being chased, shot at etcetera.

                  Anyone else here think it would really add a lot to the game if Rockstar did this?
                  • GunSmith117on May 8 2013, 12:17amReplyFlag
                    Actually, I'm quite attractive.
                    • claudeismichael9on May 6 2013, 5:34pmReplyFlag
                      I know we have to prepare for our heists and get vehicles, clothing, etc. But do we actually get to plan out our heists and approach them anyway we want? Or does the mission tell you what to do and pretty much walk you through it?
                      • jaar04on May 7 2013, 12:32amReplyFlag
                        @claudeismichael9 I think you get to choose. They said you can either use stealth or come barging in the doors shooting everything in sight.
                    • Splicageon May 6 2013, 6:27amReplyFlag
                      If Tech N9ne isn't on the radio, I'm not buying :) If Lil Wayne IS on the radio, I'm also not buying.
                      • jaar04on May 7 2013, 12:34amReplyFlag
                        @Splicage Sure those rappers suck . But two rappers shouldn't keep you from playing this game that will be the game of the decade atleast. Just don't listen to that station.
                      • jaar04on May 7 2013, 12:35amReplyFlag
                        @Splicage But rockstar has great taste in music , so I don't think the will put those rappers.
                    • xDoughBoy95xon May 5 2013, 3:55pmReplyFlag
                      I think I'm going to love Trevor
                      • PedritoGBon May 5 2013, 3:51pmReplyFlag
                        Trevor looks like Luis Tosar!! XD

                        • Spook-O-Meteron May 3 2013, 10:39amReplyFlag
                          Does anyone want to join my Rockstar Crew, we play Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and good music and need good players on Xbox to join.

                          • killershani1on May 3 2013, 5:23amReplyFlag
                            Love <3 the customization of carrsss lov ya, R*
                          • machitoslyon May 2 2013, 11:24pmReplyFlag
                            where is WISTFULYUNGTY859 ?????? LOL. CAR CUSTOMIZATION IN THE GAME BABY. YESSSS!!!!
                            • Hakuboshion May 2 2013, 10:49pmReplyFlag
                              Do you really think that's the way to go?
                            • XXXSKELETORon May 2 2013, 8:41pmReplyFlag
                              • GamerGoneWildon May 2 2013, 9:33pmReplyFlag
                                @XXXSKELETOR Maybe Franklin was with Michael in that cut scene and Franklin was chasing that guy too and watched him jump off the balcony! :D Best theory i'd say
                              • Wizologyxxxon May 2 2013, 9:39pmReplyFlag
                                @XXXSKELETOR or maybe micheal went to go get franklin to go to his house and micheal tells franklin to wait downstairs and as micheal goes upstairs and walks in the room the guy jumps and franklin is like wtf and michael and franklin chase after him or maybe just franklin cause micheal is too old....
                              • XXXSKELETORon May 2 2013, 10:22pmReplyFlag
                                @Wizologyxxx very true but if hes in the scene why did rockstar try and hide it
                              • RayadBakshon June 26 2013, 11:41amReplyFlag
                                @XXXSKELETOR No it's the sun that reflects on his shirt didn't you see inside he was with a grey shirt and outside his shirt came a little lighter? it isn't white the grey just brightened in the sun.
                            • vinicius15121994on May 2 2013, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                              I do not understand the reason for not releasing for PC, other GTA's were not a success on the PC? Because retiralos PC?

                              Rockstar think about it!!

                              excuse us, but we really want the PC version.
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