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The Goals and the Pledge of Epsilon will continue to be revealed in due time.

Install the Epsilon Program screensaver.

The Epsilon Program does not exist in just one time or place. We invite you to visit one of our enlightenment centers.
Directions will be provided in one week's time.

The Pledge has been updated. And will continue to be revealed.

    • Artem_3052on September 7 2015, 3:35pmReplyFlag
      • KotTHECaton June 8 2015, 8:17amReplyFlag
        • Charlie33Bon May 11 2015, 9:00pmReplyFlag
          CrismyAss Kifflom Cris
          • HEAD_BUSSINon February 16 2015, 1:27pmReplyFlag
            how do i make one become two?
          • CopWatcheron January 29 2015, 10:53amReplyFlag
            Are there 5 more Tracts that have to be found?
            • nicolax64on September 4 2014, 4:57pmReplyFlag
              KIFFLOM brother-brother
              • ThatJackalon July 11 2014, 3:48amReplyFlag
                Kraff be praised! Kifflom brother brother!
                • GTAHashshashinon April 5 2014, 1:06pmReplyFlag
                  Take me to to my father-father, brother-uncle. Kifflom!
                  • IoronroteMontouron March 24 2014, 9:24pmReplyFlag
                    • cocogenon February 2 2014, 5:09pmReplyFlag
                      Praise Kraff! For our path is lit with the Blue Light of Whole Truth! Quell your antithesis and become one with the teachings of Cris! Kifflom!
                      • CULT.STOPPERon December 15 2013, 6:35pmReplyFlag
                        See this s**t? Lets put an end to it. JOIN THE CULT STOPPERS CREW TODAY!!!
                        • xxMathildaxxon November 13 2013, 7:07amReplyFlag
                          • Kifflom232543465on October 24 2013, 3:07amReplyFlag
                            Also got the blank screen issue on WIN7 how do I fix?
                            • Hevdlesson October 14 2013, 5:00pmReplyFlag
                              Join now the one and only EPSILON PROGRAM brotherhood.
                              No matter your country, there is only one Epsilon.


                              We are waiting for YOU.
                            • Emperor-Kraffon September 29 2013, 8:56amReplyFlag
                              why wont this work on my win7 64 bit all i get is a black screen wtf anyone else
                              • GeorgeTheGreek78on September 26 2013, 12:02pmReplyFlag
                                I can't wait till I get to the part in the game where these guys are.
                                • Emperor-Kraffon September 22 2013, 8:55amReplyFlag
                                  tried to install the the Epsilon Program screensaver. on win 7
                                  just got a black screen
                                  • STARGATER1on September 16 2013, 8:20pmReplyFlag
                                    This is cool and creepy part of i fruit and GTAV, i am waiting impatiently for the postman with my copy of GTAV by playing the mini games and reading up on blain county on the new i fruit app on ipad3
                                    • yaksoxon September 9 2013, 9:15pmReplyFlag
                                      Also how about an Epsilon tshirt with the patch-eye dude on the front? The normal kifflom one is a bit plain and not worth the moeny.
                                    • yaksoxon September 9 2013, 9:10pmReplyFlag
                                      bang, bang, bang.

                                      Man that's what I call a long screen saver loop.

                                      walk like a cowboy.
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