Rockstar Warehouse: GTA Kubricks Update and Sale

Posted on April 5 2013, 6:00am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Rockstar

The full collection of GTA Trilogy Kubrick Collectibles is now in stock at the Rockstar Warehouse - including the rare San Andreas set for the first time available for sale at the Warehouse, and a special new Anniversary reissuing of the Vice City set.

Super rare and highly sought-after amongst both GTA fans and Kubricks collectors, you can now score the San Andreas Kubrick Box Set directly from Rockstar Warehouse. Featuring Carl “CJ” Johnson, Officer Tenpenny, Big Smoke, Ryder, and straight from “The Mothership,” The Truth.
Having sold out long ago, the Vice City Kubrick Box Set is now back in stock in a special reissue celebrating the game's recent 10th anniversary. In special Anniversary themed packaging as seen above, the set includes Tommy Vercetti, Candy Suxxx, Lance Vance, Ricardo Diaz, and that bonkers ambulance chaser, Ken Rosenberg.


You can also pick up the previously released Grand Theft Auto 3 Kubrick Box Set featuring 8-Ball, Claude, Donald Love, Misty and Salvatore Leone. Only 3,000 units were ever released worldwide and we're down to less than 200 pieces currently remaining available at the Warehouse so get 'em while you can.
To celebrate this GTA Trilogy Kubricks update at the Warehouse, we're offering a special sale for a limited time only: get 15% off your entire order at the Warehouse (sale does not include GTAV pre-orders) when you purchase any Kubrick Box Set - plus we'll throw in a bonus Rockstar keychain to boot while supplies last.

This sale is running right now through Friday, April 12th, 2013 - so act quick and stay tuned to the Newswire for future sales and product updates from the Rockstar Warehouse.

  • R* Kon April 5 2013, 7:33amFlag
    Hey guys, hope you're liking the new Kubrick sets. For those asking about international availability and shipping, please feel free to contact the Warehouse support team:

    Or alternatively, drop them an email at
  • Serial_Beaston March 28 2016, 2:57pmReplyFlag
    When are you going to release something like this again? Awesome!!!
    • FreeGuanon November 18 2014, 8:14amReplyFlag
      i wanna buy it
      • richardoselvoon May 10 2014, 5:40amReplyFlag
        He y can u put gta 4 for android if u cant then can u creat a game where i can play in libert city pleasssss
        • Splatulatedon March 2 2014, 5:52amReplyFlag
          is this still available ?
          • ChengizVlad09on April 16 2013, 7:32pmReplyFlag
            It would be fantastic and I hope something is feasible. I'm glad You care! Stay the best.
            • Jeff42294on April 15 2013, 2:28pmReplyFlag
              If anyone is considering buying these box sets, I would highly recommend it. I just got all three in the mail today and they're really nice. I like to keep my collectibles unopened in the box, and with these, they're packaged so you can lift the front cover and display them without breaking the seal. Thanks Rockstar for such an awesome set of collectibles!
            • Dark_Sorrowon April 15 2013, 3:45amReplyFlag
              wow 0.o never thought that it would be complete sold out O:
              • Rafiosoon April 12 2013, 6:00pmReplyFlag
                Hey Rockstar Games,

                is the Grand Theft Auto 3 Kubrick Box Set sold out? I just tried to add them to the cart, but no chance - only the boxes of SA & VC.

                • R* Yon April 16 2013, 11:23amReplyFlag
                  @Rafioso Send a message to and they'll be able to provide details about stock.
              • Dark_Sorrowon April 12 2013, 3:26pmReplyFlag
                yeah it did worked for me. i could order the vice city and san andreas box, i did pay for the gta3 box months ago 43â
              • ChengizVlad09on April 12 2013, 2:18pmReplyFlag
                @ R* I ain't going to talk how cool your products are or how much I admire your work in general, not just the Grand Theft Auto, really in entire entertaining system Rockstar is something like Leonardo da Vinci,way ahead of this time, but guys please, can You tell me is there any chance in arranging shipping methods for worldwide costumers ? I know You want only the best possible way to transport your products and the best service, but with shipping prices going multiple times than products I can see why so many of them are still being unsold.
                Is there anyway to make shipping prices more affordable worldwide?
                • R* Yon April 16 2013, 11:20amReplyFlag
                  @ChengizVlad09 Yes, we're also frustrated with the cost of shipping, so we regularly look for ways to lower shipping rates on the Warehouse. About a year ago we were able to drop costs about 20%, and we'll continue to see if it's possible to reduce rates with our shipping partners in the future. If you have more questions, please address them to
                • Owen-GPon July 24 2013, 7:18amReplyFlag
                  @ why don't you guys just change the shipping method to someone else
              • YungDroon April 12 2013, 10:44amReplyFlag
                When will they be back in stock?!!?!?!?
                • R* Yon April 16 2013, 11:15amReplyFlag
                  @YungDro Please contact so they can help answer your question.
              • Sheldon-73on April 10 2013, 6:14pmReplyFlag
                Hello dear Rockstar. I'm french. I would buy the kubricks on rockstar warehouse but all the links are dead on warehouse. The website says: DEAD LINK Sorry the Url request was not found. Thanks you for your answer
              • Dark_Sorrowon April 10 2013, 2:40pmReplyFlag
                r* i want to order it. i trie it 7 times it always says: sorry we where unable something like this.. why? :(
                • R* Xon April 11 2013, 11:25amReplyFlag
                  @Dark_Sorrow Sorry to hear you are having issues with your order. Please reach out to with your problem and be sure to tell them where you are located.
                • Dark_Sorrowon April 11 2013, 1:08pmReplyFlag
                  @ hi r* it did worked now but i made two orders, does this mean i get now 2 keychains? :D
              • Dark_Sorrowon April 10 2013, 12:48pmReplyFlag
                omg omg omg omffffffggg *____*

                in one hour i have my credit card. this is a must have for evry gta fan. thanks so much r* for adding them again into the r warehouse. i really really love you for this*_* <3
                • jaar04on April 9 2013, 4:11pmReplyFlag
                  R* I also want to recommend some gta 4 kubricks. I would definitely buy them
                  • ViceCityPDon April 9 2013, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                    Nice! Might just pick up the Vice City set. Bring on GTA IV and V sets!
                    • jaar04on April 9 2013, 2:21amReplyFlag
                      These are bigger than I thought , two inches .Nice, definitely worth the money.
                      • jaar04on April 9 2013, 2:10amReplyFlag
                        I don't always buy toys , but when I do I prefer gta kubricks.
                        • SSG_WARRIORon April 9 2013, 1:19amReplyFlag
                          They are awesome!
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