Grand Theft Auto V Official Cover Art

Posted on April 2 2013, 8:59am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Presenting the official cover art for Grand Theft Auto V featuring Franklin, Michael and Trevor.
You can grab the cover art as a wallpaper or background at now.

UPDATE: Check out a few pics of the NYC mural painting at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Greenwich Avenue in our gallery below.

  • 6stringsdownon April 14 2016, 9:00amReplyFlag
    I own alot of games from rockstar . we had a flood lost everthing and computer .now I am trying to download the games i own .does anyone know how to access the owned game down load page ????
    • AndrewAndTiffanyon January 13 2015, 11:05amReplyFlag
      Awsome! good memories Rockstar rocks!
      • ambulance41on November 6 2013, 10:09amReplyFlag
        Hi I have a police clan on gta5 on ps3 I need more people. And R* pleas make it easier for my and others police role-play clan or crew like make it more realistic for us let us pole people over get called on runs keep cop cars get police uniforms I'm just asking make it so our police clans can be more realistic pleas do this for us R*.
        my police clan is called LSPD or LSPD's Finest if you want to join my psn name is NCIS_FISH96 send me an invite and a message if you want to join thanks guy.
        • marypoppinpillson August 13 2013, 4:59pmReplyFlag
          • Rorydinoon June 30 2013, 7:40pmReplyFlag
            This, may be the only page on the internet were people don't constantly correct grammar or have console wars... <3 R* The legendary company making the legendary GTA V <3 all you guys :D not long now though <3
            • DylanforGTAon May 5 2013, 11:37pmReplyFlag
              Hello again, Rockstar Social Club. If you haven't read my first 2 comments, please do so. I would like to add slight things that I would LOVE to see in GTA 5. These are all relating to my previous comments and on the same subject as the propositions from those previous comments. 1. Involving the police... i am REALLY happy to say I feel confidant that my thoughts about the different police departments ar hopefully true. Now im not saying its CERTAIN... but it is a big possibility. Seeing the new screenshots that have been released and the 3 new AMAZING trailers that came out. I have noticed a huge variety of police vehicles but also police paint schemes... And police names... like police... or Sheriff. an other thing. The police helicopter, judging from the screenshots, can shine a spotlight down to the ground... This would be an AMAZING feature if you could actually use that spotlight in both single player, and multiplayer. Yet an other thing to do with police... I want them to be able to do a "Pit" on you if they are in a pursuit with you. I think that would throw a lot of people in a loop and test their driving skills in a never before seen way in the gaming world. last thing "i hope" is that you can be driving around and, kind of like in my first comments, just see police/EMT pulled over, lights on, as if they are at a crime scene or just any emergency scene. this would go perfectly with the city life what we would find in California and would make a really cool aspect in this game. I thank whoever read through this whole comment and I really thank whoever read through ALL 3 of my big comments and to rockstar... as always... ROCK ON ROCKSTAR :D
              • Spook-O-Meteron April 29 2013, 4:23pmReplyFlag
                Does anyone want to join my Rockstar Crew, we play Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and good music and need good players on Xbox to join.

                • rxcpbsjpon April 26 2013, 2:19amReplyFlag
                  • Spook-O-Meteron April 23 2013, 5:33pmReplyFlag
                    36: Buffalo Soldier â
                    • Spook-O-Meteron April 23 2013, 5:31pmReplyFlag
                      23: Zero - GTA SA
                      24: Big Smoke (Melvin Harris) - GTA SA
                      25: Frank Tenpenny - GTA SA
                      26: Salvatore Leone - GTA III
                      27: Ricardo Diaz - GTA VC
                      28: Max Payne - Max Payne
                      29: Claude - GTA III
                      30: Uncle - RDR
                      31: Dutch van der Linde - RDR
                      32: Catalina - GTA III
                      33: Marshal Leigh Johnson - RDR
                      34: Drew MacFarlane - RDR
                      35: Finbarr â
                      • Spook-O-Meteron April 23 2013, 5:29pmReplyFlag
                        I'm going to get so much hate for this but these are my 50 favorite Rockstar games characters.

                        1: The Truth - GTA SA
                        2: Red Harlow - Red Dead Revolver
                        3: Carl Johnson - GTA SA
                        4: John Marston - RDR
                        5: Cole Phelps - L.A. Noire
                        6: Lance Vance - GTA VC
                        7: Ken Rosenberg - GTA VC
                        8: Jack Swift - Red Dead Revolver
                        9: Tommy Vercetti - GTA VC
                        10: Lazlow Jones - Every GTA since GTA III
                        11: Kent Paul - GTA VC
                        12: Maccer - GTA SA
                        13: Landon Ricketts - RDR
                        14: Victor Vance - GTA VC
                        15: Mercedes - GTA VC
                        16: Cesar Vialpando - GTA SA
                        17: James Donnelly - L.A. Noire
                        18: Mary-Beth Maybell - GTA SA
                        19: Wu Zi Mu - GTA SA
                        20: Jack Kelso - L.A. Noire
                        21: Sweet (Sean Johnson) - GTA SA
                        22: Antonio â
                        • Pesnatoron April 22 2013, 5:56pmReplyFlag
                          R* will we be able to perform rollerskating in GTA V ?
                          • CzechGTAVplayeron April 21 2013, 11:29amReplyFlag
                            • DylanforGTAon April 21 2013, 12:31amReplyFlag
                              READ MY FIRST COMMENT BEFORE READING THIS ONE!

                              Wow... Can you believe that with me typing all that, that I still forgot to mention stuff. In gta5 multiplayer... even in just free mode (if there will be one, which I'm hoping there will be) allow people to have police officer skins (male or female) and... GTA4 multiplayer had the game cops vs crooks... but not in GTA4 episodes from Liberty City. I was so mad when I noticed that because it was a really fun game mode. and it doesn't necessarily need to be a full on brawl between cops and crooks. but an actual patrol through the streets of Los Santos and civilians, being other members. In this gamemode, the "cops" could choose what ever police vehicle they want from the gta5 emergency vehicles fleet. and maybe even more, like how in gta4 episodes from Liberty City multiplayer, you could find the stinger and the buffalo marked police cruiser. Bringing me to MY last topic on my list, Customization. I have heard a little bit of talk about customizing weapons in gta5 but not enough to be able to call it a possibility. I would absolutely love to be able to have what ever customizations are available to your vehicle to really make it, yours. same in multiplayer. Being multiplayer, we should have a little bit more possibilities with this like, being able to make an unmarked police cruiser or, turn a normal car and put a light bar on top. put some sirens on the car. even just removing the light bar from the police cruiser but still having a marked police cruiser. And even better for singleplayer... HAVING unmarked police cruisers, HAVING those police cruisers with no light bars... just different variations of the police vehicles. bringing me to my one and only question. Looking through all the screenshots that Rockstar has released, with any type of police vehicle, I've noticed something... some have slight variations to them, like blue light bars and others blue AND red light bars... to the different types of police vehicles, like the SUV or the standard sedan. but something bigger for me, but maybe not even anything to others... Some police vehicles are white, and some are black and white. Now, is this just for variation... Or does this actually mean that there are DIFFERENT police departments like Los Santos police department then somewhere else in the map Vinewood Police Department... I made a YouTube discussing that exact topic so let me know what you guys think... As I said before... ROCK ON, ROCKSTAR!
                            • DylanforGTAon April 20 2013, 11:50pmReplyFlag
                              I would Love to see RockStar make really realistic stuff for GTA 5. I have no other way of getting this message to them so I really hope they see this. I, and I believe a lot more people, want realistic crash effects. I saw this fake video on YouTube that claimed to be the crash effects for GTA5. Now despite this being fake I would LOVE to see the crash effects BEING what it was in that video. Also, more CPU activity, like maybe an other civilian in a police pursuit... Brining me to my next topic. POLICE: I have heard all this amazing stuff about the police using tasers, riot shields and more, but I still feel like there could be more. Now I know that Rockstar isn't telling us EVERYTHING, but... if this isn't already a part of GTA5, PLEASE make it so. 1: police are less aggressive... I mean come on... two stars (gta4) and they are shooting u, none stop (even after u die). 2: LCPDFR was a huge mod for gta4 PC... now despite me not having this version of gta4, being a console gamer myself, I know for a fact that their are TONES of police clans on gta4 multiplayer for Xbox, ps3, AND pc... so to give all of us police clans a nice touch, we want other stuff for police... being TRAFFIC STOPS: please. Rockstar. Try to make this work. Where, in singleplayer, And multiplayer, a police officer can pull u over (or at least try) after any infractions that you have done on the road. Now I'm not saying that if you shoot a machine gun, that a cop will just pull u over and give you a ticket. but that if you speed or run a red light... and a cop is actually THERE, he (or she... judging from one of the GTA5 art) will issue a traffic stop. Also (being a part of both, police and cpu activity) I would love to see, while I'm driving in my nice convertible, some random cop, light up his sirens and lights, and pull someone over or start a police pursuit... even like the cop tarring the streets to "respond to a 911 call" same goes for EMS and Fire Department. I think this would give more realism to the game and maybe even just more possibilities in singleplayer to keep us busy in the vast map that is, GTA5. One last thing I want to mention... also being for police/EMS/Fire/anything with lights and sirens, Try making it, despite the lack of buttons on console remotes, able to either turn on emergency lights only, or sirens only, or both emergency lights and sirens for any emergency vehicle... because i know for a fact, being one of them myself, that we really would like it if you don't have to be out of your police car (or any other emergency vehicle) to have the sirens turn off. Now I'm not saying to take that feature out, as that is a good feature... but just to implement those features to consoles despite the lack of buttons... like instead of the arrows being radio stations (which aren't even in the emergency vehicles) use those to turn on different light settings for the light bar... and keep the analog stick as the horn/siren. Please, anyone, comment on this if you actually read through the whole thing. Tell me if you like the thoughts, tell me if you hate the thoughts, I don't care. Just let me know what you guys think... and for RockStar... keep making GTA5 as good as you guys can because it seems like its going to be the game of the year from all the speculation its getting... ROCK ON, ROCKSTAR!
                            • Spook-O-Meteron April 20 2013, 4:46pmReplyFlag
                              Hi my names Arch and I was wondering if you wanted to join my Rockstar Crew, we play RDR, MP 3, GTA and need good players on Xbox to join.
                              • xXCRAZYGAMEXxon April 20 2013, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                                R*Y I see that there are 3 characters in the game. right? then wanted to know if the game will be divided into 3 stories or just a story with the 3 characters? I want to conclude ... if going to be like GTA IV. 3 stories? 3 discs? or disk?
                                • DonTommy9099on April 20 2013, 3:03amReplyFlag
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                                    • KDST96on April 19 2013, 7:22amReplyFlag
                                      KISS - Strutter The best song in San Andreas. I hope we can put our songs in game :D
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