Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories Coming to PSN Next Week

Posted on March 29 2013, 10:53am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Next week, look for the collection of downloadable Rockstar classics on PSN to be expanded with Toni Cipriani's and Vic Vance's chapters in the Grand Theft Auto saga - Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. LCS and VCS now join other Rockstar titles from the PS2 era in the PlayStation 2 Classics series that can be downloaded and played on PS3s.
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
The streets of Liberty City are in turmoil. Warring mafiosi vie for control as the town begins to self-destruct under waves of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and union strikes. No one can be trusted as Toni tries to clean up the mess of the city's chaotic underworld. Deranged hit men, morally depraved tycoons, cynical politicians and his own mother stand in his way as Toni tries to bring the city under Leone control. 
Forced to fight for his life in an odyssey that will shake Liberty City to its foundations, Toni must use any means necessary to secure his place in the leadership of the Leone family in a town up for grabs.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Vice City, 1984. Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps, its growth fueled by the violent power struggle in a lucrative drugs trade. Construction is everywhere as a shining metropolis rises from foundations of crime and betrayal. 
As a soldier, Vic Vance has always protected his dysfunctional family, his country, himself. One bad decision later and that job is about to get much harder. Kicked out onto the streets of a city torn between glamour and gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice - build an empire or be crushed.
This pair of tales from Liberty City circa '98 and Vice City circa '84 respectively will be available for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99 each.
Also recently released and now available from the PlayStation Store are the first two entries in the open-world street racing series Midnight Club. One of the original PS2 launch titles, Midnight Club: Street Racing features open city racing across NYC and London, while Midnight Club II lets you compete across LA, Paris, and Tokyo. PS3 players can also get the latest entry in the Midnight Club series - Midnight Club: Los Angeles - as a full game digital download on PSN.
Stay tuned for word on more Rockstar titles coming soon to the PS2 Classics collection.

  • transeuntexbron August 6 2016, 8:50amReplyFlag
    Liberty City Stories is still LAG!
    • Sasuke32150on May 19 2013, 6:18pmReplyFlag
      GTA Vice City Stories is fine for me, but when I play Liberty City stories it lags.
      • tazpoochon May 9 2013, 4:22amReplyFlag
        is anyone else have issues with the controls in "vice city stories", mainly when driving? seems like quite often when i'm driving and i try to turn left or right the controls just wont respond causing me to crash into something.
        • Romulomatheuson April 17 2013, 1:01pmReplyFlag
          I still dream about these two games for pc, even though it will be difficult, there are possibilities of getting them to pc?
          • XeNoN356on April 11 2013, 1:42pmReplyFlag
            GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories lags like crazy. The game is unplayable with these lags.
            • Snuffinatoron April 10 2013, 9:54pmReplyFlag
              So is this coming out for the xbox 360?
              • SerBartoffelon April 4 2013, 3:28pmReplyFlag
                Yeah, I also have a bad frame rate with LCS. I haven't tried VCS yet. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of disappointed by this... I was really looking forward to playing LCS properly for the first time!
              • Yokhuuon April 4 2013, 3:11pmReplyFlag
                Yea. GTALCS lagging for aswell, I cant enjoy while I'am playing it :/
                • Raptomexon April 4 2013, 1:40amReplyFlag
                  Just bought and downloaded both. It's nice I don't have to hook up my PS2 anymore to play these.
                  • WolfbackGameson April 3 2013, 2:27pmReplyFlag
                    Just wondering, does LCS have multiplayer on the PS3 version? If I remember right, the PSP had it, but not the PS2 so I wouldn't think the PS3 will.
                    • yelloww931on April 3 2013, 1:54pmReplyFlag
                      Cheers Rochstar! just bought both, love you guys forever
                    • kkxx1000on April 3 2013, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                      Hey R* I just started playing LCS, but it's very laggy. Even if I turn off smoothing and upscaling. It really makes the game less enjoyable.
                      • R* Lon April 3 2013, 2:02pmReplyFlag
                        @kkxx1000 Sorry you're experiencing lagging - we recommend contacting Sony's PlayStation Support. Good luck
                    • ThFcMaSoN93on April 3 2013, 10:25amReplyFlag
                      nice fast download ?
                      • ThFcMaSoN93on April 3 2013, 10:13amReplyFlag
                        can't wait are yours nearly done buddy
                      • SuperMegaGtaon April 3 2013, 9:41amReplyFlag
                        Yes, Downloading LCS now and after that i will download VCS.
                      • XShady08Xon April 3 2013, 9:13amReplyFlag
                        come on rockstar games,why not for pc too :(( alot of people want to try the experience in both of the games...
                        • ThFcMaSoN93on April 3 2013, 8:57amReplyFlag
                          what a deal for both when i go to my cart got them both in there and it comes to £15.98 can't beat that and hope to see manhunt and manhunt 2 on there soon keep it up rockstar and love gta v box art
                          • R* Kon April 3 2013, 8:42amReplyFlag
                            Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are now available to download from PlayStation Store.
                            • 10penny91on April 3 2013, 4:09amReplyFlag
                              i have a funny story of myself:
                              when GTA Liberty City Stories was released, i buyed it. arriving at home i opened it and the wrong disc was inside! what was inside? San Andreas! I played SA a lot at a friend, but since there i never had it myself. So I keeped San Andreas and it became my favourite game ever.

                              BUT I never bought Liberty City Stories though, but now it's time for that!
                              • SuperMegaGtaon April 3 2013, 2:50amReplyFlag
                                Are they out in Holland now?
                                • R* Kon April 3 2013, 8:42amReplyFlag
                                  @SuperMegaGta Yes, the games are now available following the PS Store update in Europe earlier today. Enjoy!
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