This Saturday in Brooklyn NYC: First Stage of the 2013 Red Hook Criterium Cycling Series

Posted on March 28 2013, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

As avid fans of cycling, we're proud to sponsor this year's Red Hook Criterium - a race series consisting of world class road racers, track specialists, bike messengers and urban athletes, which kicks off this Saturday at Red Hook’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

The Red Hook Crit, as it’s known, is a fixed gear bike race through the night streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Previously held twice a year, with Rockstar’s help the RHC is now expanding into a four-part championship series with races in select urban locations across the world. After the first round this Saturday, riders will again take to the BK streets for a new event at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this June. The series then moves to mainland Europe for the next stop in Barcelona in August before crowning its first ever World Champion in Milan in October.
Saturday night’s race kicks off at 7:30 PM with men's and women's 5K runs before the main event at 9:00 PM. For all of our fans here in the NYC area, we hope to see you there. For everyone else, you can follow the action with real-time leaderboards and updates with the free official Red Hook Crit iOS app, available now on the App Store. 
For a bit of background on the history of the race, check out the video below. Narrated by RHC organizer David Trimble, this clip sheds light on the history of the race and what's in store for this year's event - along with background on Brooklyn's historic Red Hook neighborhood and its efforts to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
For more details on the race, visit or follow them on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.
UPDATE: Check out a bonus warm up video about the Red Hook Crit below...


  • peterfoxx111on March 31 2013, 2:19amReplyFlag
    They should really make a sports game. In fact, Rockstar should make every game in every genre xD Oh, and thanks for posting the link to football factory. Found the full movie on Youtube. Hope R* is not mad at me for watching it on Youtube? :)
  • ITONYSOPRANOIon March 30 2013, 12:55pmReplyFlag
    @R* Making the very, very short trip to Brooklyn a bit later on! You guys gonna have a stand or booth up? Might stop by and say hi. You can get a glimpse of my fiancé's 'V' tattoo in person if you'd like? Cheers!
  • gman33on March 29 2013, 8:58pmReplyFlag
    good to see rockstar reach out and help people and the community plus the san andreas cycle race was great and challange and glad its gonna be added to gta 5 because you guys make games that always have variety to them thanks again rockstar you guys rule
    • ALPHA_Ron March 29 2013, 12:01pmReplyFlag
      • VeryHushHushon March 29 2013, 9:58amReplyFlag
        Cool R* - are you into cycling in general?
        Tour de France & the Spring classics?

        And love the poster!
      • JohnDoe_86on March 29 2013, 9:44amReplyFlag
        Good to see you guys are back from the winter sleep. ;)
        Already missed the newswire.
        • ErnestoRockon March 29 2013, 5:13amReplyFlag
          hoping for a cycling tournament in GTA V. Or a triathlon even better!!
        • peterfoxx111on March 29 2013, 2:18amReplyFlag
          You should make a cycling game. Just like Midnight Club. But with Bikes. Tuning and all the stuff. Kidding, but you should make another Sports Game. Table Tennis is great (and f**king hard :/)
          • R* Yon March 29 2013, 6:29pmReplyFlag
            @peterfoxx111 Thanks for the suggestion. Aside from that, you're having trouble with Table Tennis? Hit us up at and we can try to help up your game.
          • VeryHushHushon March 29 2013, 11:18pmReplyFlag
            @ Not kidding - would love you to do a cycling game, don't see any decent ones. You could make one.

            And the same with football - kick EA's asses off their fake football throne, they can't program
            a decent game that works.
            You know stanley? - haha classic stuff!

            And while we're at sports games - R* make a decent boxing game!
        • Tommy_Spaghettion March 29 2013, 1:26amReplyFlag
          • MetalMofo-Billon March 28 2013, 11:59pmReplyFlag
            Not the first bike race Rockstar helped sponsor, I can't recall the details but my friend Mike of GTAChronicles pointed it out to me, since he was living in NYC for a number of years. Anywho, I wouldn't know anything about Red Hook had it not been for the segments as part of the Sandy Relief Benefit Concert of 12-12-12. When I heard about the lineup, I found out they had put on a more impromptu show before that date, but it was too small to get much attention and guest artists lined up for it. It's REALLY good to see Rockstar taking interest in their adopted home town, New York, New York, the town so nice, they named it twice!!
            • herons2on March 28 2013, 11:37pmReplyFlag
              Nice Rockstargames

              Video 2013 Red Hook Criterium Warmup
              Name background Music?
              • ChicagoEnigmaon March 28 2013, 10:44pmReplyFlag
                Nice.. I love casual biking!
                • Ebay925on March 28 2013, 9:17pmReplyFlag
                  LOL I think Rockstar kind of knew people who come here just for GTA V news would be pissed if this was the only news so they was like 'what the hell let's give em some awesome screenshots'
                  • lol232on March 28 2013, 9:13pmReplyFlag
                    I'm actually more hyped about this than GTA V Right now.
                    I mean, WOW, that is absolutely AMAZING seeing Rockstar taking interests in sports.
                    You just earned a lot of respect! This is what I wanna see on the newswire every day, not only R* games!
                    I wish I was there to watch and support you, Rockstar!
                    • Rod266on March 28 2013, 7:11pmReplyFlag
                      Wow this is amazing.

                      But I have always wondered why R* has sponsored this specific event, does the R* have a soft spot for cycling?

                      So, why does the R* team sponsor this event exclusively?
                      • gomomdorfon March 28 2013, 5:10pmReplyFlag
                        Barcelona! My city! =D
                        • jonhyosbourneon March 28 2013, 4:10pmReplyFlag
                          very cooll R* sponsors cycling :)
                          cheers R*
                          • Sprunk1995on March 28 2013, 3:31pmReplyFlag
                            I like the bonus warm-up video, looks like some intense s**t is gonna be happenin there too bad there will be no stream to watch like last year's Skyscraper event
                            • iLewisGTAon March 28 2013, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                              How about I grab my bike, and bike it to NYC? Now that would be a commitment...maybe I would do it for charity one day. Suffice to say, what you're doing R* is amazing!
                              • luckyshot666on March 28 2013, 2:25pmReplyFlag
                                I hope there is races like this in next gta based on liberty city.
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