Sunsets, Seas, Skies and So On...

Posted on March 27 2013, 9:00am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

  • R* Aon March 27 2013, 11:20amFlag
    To @icharyd and others who are asking, these screens are from the current generation of consoles.
  • westymaanon January 2 2014, 5:31pmReplyFlag
    nice :)
    • EthanH2on September 24 2013, 9:37pmReplyFlag
      This blog post will be remembered for ever
    • lortab1on May 30 2013, 3:47amReplyFlag
      I wish I could take the place of michael , I would ditch his family and live a better life still wealthy and miserable , but , at least there are no vultures around to make me that way ! maybe hook up with max payne and do some scuba diving and after that head over to hillybilly trevors and kick his arse , the possibilities are endless , just hang out and want something , but , not that !
      • StanMarstonon May 24 2013, 8:30amReplyFlag
        I will change my pre-order into the Collectorâ
        • StanMarstonon May 24 2013, 8:33amReplyFlag
          @StanMarston okay, the message faild.

          I say that I change my pre-order into the collectors edition.
          Course I must have the hotrod (Hotknife)!

          And I would thank you Rockstar, so thank you a lot!!! !)
        • StanMarstonon May 26 2013, 11:51amReplyFlag

          as one of the biggest fans of Rockstar (especially GTA) I am so glad
          and happy about the collectors edition, I can't find the right words for
          Why I think that Rockstar ist the best? They worked only with the best
          companies together, to make a game which is bigger and better than
          all games on free market. Rockstar make everything possible they can
          to make us happy and to show them self what is possible on console
          or PC's. GTA V will be so great, also without special or collectors edi,
          but with it, GTA will be so fu**ing awesome; it holds me breathless!)

          just 3 month left, and the most of us know that this game will be, no it is
          on the top of the (games)world! Do yourself a favor and don't watch any
          trailer or screenshots, be surprised about everything by playing the game.
          I try to forget what I already know about, just to be surprised about the
          things I know already^^

          to all who buy GTA V collectors edi:
          YAEH MAN! Awesome dudes! fu**ing awesome!!!^^

          !!!cheers R*!!!
          yours Stan Marston
      • thembones928on May 19 2013, 10:55pmReplyFlag
        Join the Los Santos Mob
        • lortab1on May 19 2013, 10:31pmReplyFlag
          I don't know if I will really enjoy the character switching , but , after all this waiting and even some more waiting I can't seem to find the words to express the feeling I have , so I will just keep quiet and hope for the best as R* claims this game will be ,
          I sure wish the hell R* would not say they'll have a game released and then change the date ! I know I should get over it , it's just that it pisses me off and if I could do something about it , I sure the hell would ! we have to put up with bulls**t everyday so I guess more is justified ? just means R* is not something special that's all ....
          • StanMarstonon May 20 2013, 9:04amReplyFlag
            @lortab1 but you don't have to switch, I will know every three storys
            about them, how it starts for them and I'll also play after that in a switch
            to all characters. I think it will be fun, it a little bit unaccustomed to all
            other games and thats also a little special which we will like in time ;)

            Think different ;)

            but let me help you understanding in the release "accident":
            Rockstar have make no exactly release date at first, just an
            estimation when they thought the game will be done, but they
            never told any date-release, just a "date" like spring 2013. Then
            they saw that GTA V will not be done so fast and calculated a "new"
            or more a real release date, course from now on they known how
            much time it will cost to finished (from 31.01.2013). So the release
            date: 17.09.2013 is the only one Rockstar really give, the other once
            was just a failed calculation ;)
          • ChileConCarnag3on May 23 2013, 8:57pmReplyFlag
            @lortab1 Holden Caulfield Ladies and Gentlemen!
        • Dragon12GTAon May 19 2013, 11:52amReplyFlag
          R* Just a quick one. Will we have access to a police uniform in GTA V, just like we did in GTA VC & SA?

          Thanks R*

          GTA V is going to be MIND BLOWING!!!!
          • samurajek2468on May 18 2013, 8:10amReplyFlag

            Please do this in the GTA V.

            Police missions like in GTA 3
            or Somethink like add to GTA 4
            LCPD First Response - Version .95 Beta 1
            True Crime: New York City
            True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

            View from insdie car like:
            - somethink like this


            AND the Fighting system, was like in SLEEPING DOGS
            iS THE BEST SYSTEM fighting to this game.
            • StanMarstonon May 18 2013, 1:43pmReplyFlag
              @samurajek2468 we will see what will be in GTA V, but the programming is done!
              Rockstar can't rewrite it, what they do just now is to fix bugs and stuff.

          • LordSakron May 17 2013, 5:07pmReplyFlag
            Sorry for bothering you with suck comments , i know your so busy but please don not forget the second player in campaign !

            Thank You
            • AhmedNo3manon May 17 2013, 4:22pmReplyFlag
              Hey R*

              is there going to be a place to place our money and hide cars or not ?

              Is there is going to be drug dealing in Trevor character ?

              and is there is any hope to be released earlier than 17.9.2013
              • Leebbukon May 17 2013, 1:43pmReplyFlag
                are there any plans to let us explore the CORRECT side of the law? i.e get in as a cop like the mod LCPD:FR
                • DonTommy9099on May 16 2013, 2:53amReplyFlag
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                  Black window crew

                  Gang fights Drive By`s air combat team death match free roam terror we are all in

                  we grow fast join for 300 members in september

                  only black windows black cars

                  Are you OG ? join us

                • VETERANOS997on May 15 2013, 2:56amReplyFlag
                  I think that GTA V will be released on PC after some months like they always do!
                  • StanMarstonon May 15 2013, 9:03amReplyFlag
                    @VETERANOS997 I think so too. Rockstar knows that there are many peoples who
                    are waiting for a PC-Version of GTAV. And not everyone has got
                    a console, the most GTA-Fans are on PC. But Rockstar ain't dump,
                    they know about the potential of the PC-market. Well, I also have
                    a console, but I will have it also for PC to play wit friends of mine,
                    who doesn't have a console. But I also got friends with PS3 or
                    xBox360, it isn't easy to play with all all the time, but GTA V I must
                    have for every platforms I've got^^
                • WarlleyPaulistaon May 12 2013, 9:04amReplyFlag

                  Rockstar Games, we Brazilians are disclosing our blogs in the official channel "Rockstar Games Brazil" on youtube who post videos of games with Portuguese subtitles, you have no idea how much we are grateful for the initiative! our country was once forgotten now you give us a reason but for the smile! our thanks!

                  Rockstar Games, nós brasileiros estamos divulgando em nossos blogs o canal oficial "Rockstar Games Brazil" no youtube que posta vídeos dos jogos com legendas em português, vocês não fazem idéia de o quanto estamos gratos pela iniciativa! nosso país antes era esquecido agora vocês nos dão um motivo a mas para sorrir! o nosso muito obrigado!
                  • xinoszon May 10 2013, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                    Please make the crashes and damage more realisctic, PLEASE!
                    • joyxsunon May 12 2013, 5:44pmReplyFlag
                      @xinosz horrible idea! do you really want the police chasing you for accidently hitting the bumper of their car????
                    • xinoszon May 17 2013, 8:38amReplyFlag
                      @joyxsun I mean to make more realistic the graphics and details of crashes and damage!
                  • Gizawaron May 9 2013, 10:12amReplyFlag
                    Will this game available on PS4?
                    • StanMarstonon May 10 2013, 12:17pmReplyFlag
                      @Gizawar I don't know, but what I think that it will be possible.
                      It's almost so when a new gen. console comes out the previous
                      console games will be playable on the new ones. But not in reverse ;)
                  • JMillThePillon May 4 2013, 5:46pmReplyFlag
                    Yea man, see i knew someone would also see my vision. But i understand about what you said the program package. WHen i get this game i wanna go straight home, get my bag of Cheetos, My soda with a comfortable seat and enjoy the game till my eyes burn or it gets too late without having to have a problem putting in the disk because my console doesnt read this disk. I love your karma idea that would make the game the best man. i hope rockstar is looking at this convo and at least is taking this into consideration.
                    • StanMarstonon May 5 2013, 12:16pmReplyFlag
                      @JMillThePill your words in gods ears ;)

                      oh how I will love it to work for or with Rockstar,
                      give 'em some ideas and helping to perfect
                      games a little bit. But I do it also for free, our
                      ideas maybe someone hearing/reading that
                      and share it with someone who is in charge
                      of it^^

                      I don't say that Rockstar needs help by anything!
                      I only want that every good idea will be shared,
                      and maybe 1 of 1000 ideas will be possible,
                      that would be success for me :)
                  • Wtfboommanon May 4 2013, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                    Will you guys ever release gameplay footage? Like, even a little bit, as in one of the main characters walking around, seeing the area, or robbing a store? please let me know.
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