Vice City Now Available on PSN

Posted on January 30 2013, 10:17am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Today, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has officially joined the other two iconic chapters of the Grand Theft Auto trilogy in the PlayStation Store.

Available as part of the PS2 Classics collection ($9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99), Vice City is the story of Tommy Vercetti’s rise to the top of the criminal underworld that pushed the open world game series deeper into popular culture with its vibrant over-the-top take on Miami, stunning celebrity voice cast and loving, satirical look at the cultural excesses of the ‘80s.
Stay tuned for future announcements on additional Rockstar titles being added to the PS2 Classics collection very soon.


  • Freddy_Faenon September 26 2014, 8:38pmReplyFlag
    I just bought gta3 and liberty city stories on my ps3, but i can't find vc or vcs. What's up?
    • GrandTheftAut0on July 12 2014, 4:04pmReplyFlag
      I can't find GTA VC or LC stories for ps3 on playstation store, they're only for psp or ps vita :(
      • GTARichard95on June 16 2014, 7:54amReplyFlag
        Is Vice City available in the UK PSN store? I can't find it, but this post says it's available for £7.99 which implies it's in the UK store, right?
        • Kyscrethon May 2 2014, 11:54pmReplyFlag
          Is this available globally? I live in New Zealand and can not find Vice City on PSN Store.
          • TheAlex23on January 25 2014, 6:38amReplyFlag
            I can't find anywhere on PSN, the GTA Vice City game, is it because i live in Greece?
            • yazodinskon October 5 2013, 6:30pmReplyFlag
              now that gta 5 is released...could you port gta vice city (and possible) gta san andreas to the vita please? i would really appriciate it if you could! please rockstar
              • iTzDragonjackon August 4 2013, 2:01amReplyFlag
                Hey Rockstar Games, any chance to reduce the price of all released past Grand Theft Auto titles on the PlayStation store? Or possibly making it for free?

                An answer would be great, nonetheless. :)
                • marilyn_mansonon July 28 2013, 4:52pmReplyFlag
                  • marilyn_mansonon July 28 2013, 4:50pmReplyFlag
                    Will you get GTA SA on ios or ipad in the future ?
                    • AliTheSnakeon July 9 2013, 4:10pmReplyFlag
                      ROCKSTAR! Why not make a GTA HD Collection ? Remaster them with trophies support.
                      • DevlinFr3won June 29 2013, 2:39amReplyFlag
                        It would be nice if they released it for xbox 360 :)
                      • 10penny91on May 31 2013, 8:19amReplyFlag
                        Hey R*, any news about Vice City on PSN-Germany? would be cool to have the hole GTA-series of PS2 era on my PS3. only Vice City misses. are there any infos?
                        • vlasic7on May 1 2013, 4:46amReplyFlag
                          If i buy this on my PS3, is this the HD version?
                          (Like added fingers etc.)
                          • R* Yon May 1 2013, 11:34amReplyFlag
                            @vlasic7 This is the original version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's displayed in 4:3, so if you're playing on a widescreen high definition television you'll see black bars on the left and right. Let us know if you have any other questions.
                        • 10penny91on April 26 2013, 1:59amReplyFlag
                          ok, thanks for the update.
                          • 10penny91on April 23 2013, 7:57amReplyFlag
                            Hey R* I have a question: Is there any chance that Vice City will be available on PSN also in Germany?
                            • R* Yon April 25 2013, 11:33amReplyFlag
                              @10penny91 Yes, we are working on it but but we don’t have a firm date as of now. Should have more details in the future.
                          • TheSentinel007on April 17 2013, 1:23pmReplyFlag
                            I can't add vice city to my psn cart would you be able to fix this problem
                          • MANDO31694on April 6 2013, 11:41pmReplyFlag
                            Rockstar my only question is why don't you port the iOS versions of GTA3 and Vice City onto the PS Vita? It's perfect for the controls. Touch screen controls just don't work and get annoying. You can keep some features like the map icon like in Vice City so when you touch it on the Vita it'll bring up the map quicker. Please consider my suggestion. There can be more profit from Vita owners like myself.
                            • f_i_n_g_e_r_xDon April 13 2013, 11:38amReplyFlag
                              @MANDO31694 ure not the only one. i asked this myself very often... dont understand why. for konami its possible to port mgs 2 and mgs3 for psvita, but why r* cant port it? pls r* port it for the vita.
                            • R* Yon April 16 2013, 12:51pmReplyFlag
                              @MANDO31694 Thanks for suggesting, but we're busy developing GTAV and haven't announced plans to bring games to the Vita.
                          • Chupicabraon April 3 2013, 1:26pmReplyFlag
                            Is there any chance Vice City will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace?
                            • CC_Northon April 5 2013, 12:17pmReplyFlag
                              @Chupicabra Check out the latest Asked & Answered:


                              "Due to compatibility issues and other technical limitations, we do not have any plans to make Grand Theft Auto III or Vice City available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.
                          • Deathking0on March 30 2013, 7:55pmReplyFlag
                            This is awesome! i can't wait to buy it!
                            Also, how do i report a bug? because when it says to wait two minutes, it says please wait two minute between each post

                            Sure, it isn't that important, but, it's just something i noticed.
                            P.S. sorry for being off topic.
                            • vyruz22on March 26 2013, 4:54amReplyFlag
                              :3 vice city
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