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Since we first challenged Social Club Crews to step up and take on our Rockstar Dev Crew in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, the battles have been flowing fierce and fast, each one streamed live via the Rockstar Games Twitch TV page. Facing off against some of the most passionate and dedicated Crews out there has shown us both the thrills of victory as well as some agonizing defeat, as you can see from the box score results below. Read on for the full report from the battlefields over the past couple months..

Proving that the most skilled Free Aim PC player Crews are truly an elite and rarefied breed, our most recent game held on January 15th saw the Dev Crew on the wrong end of a 3 - 0 thrashing at the merciless hands of The Beer Barons Crew. The Beer Barons let slip the dogs of war over the course of three games, but were charitable enough to let our Devs win one round in each of the Gang Wars. Things looked grim off the bat in the São Paulo Bus Depot as Snuser offed MaxPayneDev1 for the first of many times, just as scoring began. Brandishing dual PT92s, xOpiate30x also had a big showing. The Team Deathmatch in the Nova Esperança was the real kicker as the Devs succumbed by a wide margin. Porosenok85, number two on the Crew’s leaderboards out of their total 69 members, flexed his BEER muscles throughout the game, as did Narbe974 and Qlw34k.
The two games prior to that however were a reversal of such misfortune, as the Rockstar Devs notched a 3-0 win against the Mp3 Killers Crew last Saturday the 12th. Things got off to a bloody start during the Gang Wars of the Nova Esperança when MaxPayneDevDev1 rocked LAgamer4life by way of the IA2. After a couple of minutes of one-sided brutality at the hands of the Devs, Chillwar82 decided his mates needed to wake up and did so by blasting Dev2 not once but twice, first with the AR and again with the 1911. From there, the round was a ping pong match that the Devs eked out 58-56. Later on, Dev1 received more abuse, first by Easy--B’s sawn off and then berries_odingle’s AK-47 and just like that, the Mp3 Killers were on the board.  The rest of the match saw the Devs dominating and, finishing with MaxPayneDev9’s devastating kill of SsWOODYsS, the Devs won the war. 
In the second match against KILL, the two Crews got rolling in the São Paulo Bus Depot. With an assist from Dev1, MaxPayneDev13 started the festivities with an M10 attack on Babba_Banshee. A little while later, after some back and forth between Dev1 and bigwho1313, the former had the last word and then Devs were up two rounds to none. Continuing to respond to pressure, the MP3 Killers worked hard to protect the target, Banshee_Babe. Despite some early aggression from MaxPayneDev11 on SpBloodRed, strong efforts from Chillwar82 with the AR and OG_Murk, the Mp3 Killers Crew held on and won chapters three and four. However, the Devs picked up the pace in the final chapter and found themselves up 2 - 0. Over at the Tietê River Docks in the final match of the day, Chillwar82 went on a rampage with two kills in a row on Dev1 and the Mp3 Killers found themselves in the lead. Murda_N_tha_1st followed suit and with bigwho1313 taking names with the AR, the Mp3 Killers rocked our Devs 125-75 in Chapter 1. Unfortunately, the Crew could not keep the magic going and the Devs wound up taking the afternoon with a 3-0 shutout. 

Our first game of the new year saw the Devs put Tha Bullys Crew firmly in detention with a 3-0 sweep. Beginning with a Team Deathmatch on the Rooftop of the Moderno, Dev1 took up a sniper position on the helipad. With open spaces covered, the Devs leapt into the lead, going up 23 - 15 within minutes. Tha Bullys became the bullied and the Devs played the game out for a comfortable victory. Next up, we went into a Gang War in the favelas, beginning with Warfare. It was a tight affair with no quarter given or asked, but Tha Bullys stole the lead in the final 15 seconds and perched out to take the round by just one kill. After a game of Short Fuse went the same way, the Devs knew there was no more room for error. After finding a Passage with ease, they entered a Turf Grab centering around the warehouse. With just four players per side, the teams were spread thin and had to play smart. Staying in pairs to hold two checkpoints at once proved a worthwhile tactic for the Devs, controlling at times all three of them and thus evening the score heading into the final round. Not underestimating their enemy, the Devs played it safe and took the high ground. RKO Bully, wearing the Social Club Human Skull, tried to flank but Dev1 was wise to the threat and noogied him and the rest of Tha Bullys into submission.

Seeking a redemptive victory, Tha Bullys took on the Devs in the Hoboken Alleys. Dev1 and Dev3 both took sniper rifles to battle, but opted for a short range wrap on HURTMLYNCH who, rocking the demonic skull mask and wielding dual sawn-offs, helped his team to a four-kill victory. Dev1 was the marked man in Takedown and Tha Bullys executed him swiftly, taking another two-round lead in the overall Gang War. In Passage, Dev1 filled the construction site with tear gas to stop Tha Bullys from advancing, following up with the IA2 to make sure. It looked bleak for our Devs for most of the following game of Grab but an impressive double play in the final minute turned the tables in our favor. Incredibly, it looked like another epic turnaround was in the cards. After the Devs took an early lead in the final round, Tha Bullys camped out on top of the garage. The Devs were forced to flank through the ruined building to get a clean shot, and the tactic paid off as a three-kill lead doubled to six with one minute left on the clock. Ultimately, the Devs were good for the whitewash, though the final tally doesn't do Tha Bullys justice as it was one of our most exciting games yet.


The United Sick Assassins Crew opened their game against our Devs on 18th Dec with a barrage of grenades to immediately reduce our squad from eight players to two, in a round of Last Man in the Hoboken Alleyways. Dev1's bomb suit survived the initial wave but with all 8 of the De Marcos still alive, he and his remaining compatriot didn't stand a chance. The United Sick Assassins were also able to take the subsequent round of Grab, with Shmonegan dropping a bag in the final minute to leap ahead of the Devs. The Devs got their revenge however during an intense game of Takedown as Dev9 took out Shmonegan with just three seconds to go. After taking a game of Short Fuse, we were all square heading into the final round, but ultimately United Sick Assassins took the War with a seven kill lead. Props to mr-23e44 for taking the awards for the most kills and the highest kill streak. Well played! Although the Rockstar Devs were able to take a Gang War for themselves, a final Team Deathmatch proved decisive, and the United Sick Assassins walked having won the day by 2 games to 1.

Check out Pro Killers Unleashed's performance against our Devs, which was uploaded to PKU Mime's YouTube channel

PKU Mime, Crew leader of Pro Killers Unleashed, was kind enough to upload his own recordings from our game against his Crew providing a great view of their perspective in the battle. He nominated a Gang Wars in Hoboken as his favorite game of the day, no doubt due to his own impressive performance. You can check out the other games from his perspective here and here. Spoiler alert - the Devs lost 2-1. To see the action from both sides, you can also watch the entire series of games from Dev1's stream


On December 4th, eight members of worldwide third-ranked private Xbox Crew Killer Smoking Aces showed up to challenge our Rockstar Devs. With Dev1 taking up a preferred spot in the walkways of the Bus Depot garage during a Team Deathmatch, the Devs were able to dominate Killer Smoking Aces by a tidy 17 kills. Riding a wave of confidence, the Devs easily took the first round of a Gang War in Nova Esperança and another win seemed to be inevitable. However, a dramatic turnaround by Killer Smoking Aces found the teams even going into the final Showdown. Despite great work from WatersonehKSA with the trusty AK-47 the Devs went all out to take the game to the Killer Smoking Aces and mow them down. Next, after an opening round of Grab decided by just one kill, a Gang War in the Docks turned into a landslide victory for Killer Smoking Aces Crew, losing just one round on the way to victory. Final score: 2 -1 to the Rockstar Devs.

At the end of November, a skirmish against Xvx-The-Agency-xVX Crew began with Team Deathmatch in the Bus Depot. The Xvx-The-Agency-xVX Crew employed the ol' ambush strategy from the start, laying in wait for us in the upper floor of the office. When Dev2 got frustrated and went on a solo run, he was quickly blasted away and the Devs succumbed to a five kill deficit from which they never recovered. Angered by being outfoxed, the Devs stuck close together in Hoboken Alleyways for the next Team Deathmatch, moving through the map as a unit, across rooftops and through the buildings and bars. Having dominated the first session, The Agency's ForceableMass met his immovable object in Dev1, and the Devs moved into a six kill lead, taking a Feud in the process. Dev1 dominated from the rooftops with his trusty G9 Commando by picking off targets across the alleyway, but went with the dual Auto 9mms whenever moving inside. With two minutes to go and the scores still tight, both teams went all out in a thrilling finale. It was close, but Xvx-The-Agency-xVX eventually tired and lost by a decisive six kills. 


Next up, Gang Wars. Our Devs took the first round of out and out Warfare comfortably 36-22. Although Xvx-The-Agency-xVX managed to escape with the bags in Grab and bomb the main bridge in Short Fuse, the Rockstar Dev Crew took the checkpoints in Passage which left the playing field even heading into the final Elimination. Xvx-The-Agency-xVX again took up strategic positions, this time in the high part of the Favelas, using cover and height to rain down death. Good work with the RPG from Dev2 helped take out some snipers but the fortress could not be breached. With just four Devs remaining, they ultimately retreated to their own vantage point, fighting fire with fire. However, Xvx-The-Agency-xVX's strategy helped ensure that time was on their side, and eventually the clock ran out on the Devs. Final score 2-1 to Xvx-The-Agency-xVX - huge commendations for the Machiavellian tactics leveraged with a degree of teamwork like we've rarely seen before.


We are wrapping up challenges to play the Rockstar Dev Crew, though we will still honor requests that we’ve already received, beginning with a game today at 5pm ET. In honour of Burn's Night we'll be playing against Scotland's finest Crew Tennent's Special, on whom the hopes of a nation rest. We are also now opening up the opportunity for Social Club Crews to declare war on each other and play against one another, hosted by Rockstar on our Twitch stream. If your Crew has a beef to settle and you'd like to do it on a big stage, have both Crew leaders get in touch with us so that we can set a time to play. We'll also put a single Rockstar Dev on each team - to facilitate live streaming and to keep things fair - and stream the match live on the Rockstar Games Twitch TV page. Hit us up at to get it set up - and stay tuned for info about those matches both here at the Crew Cut and by following us on Twitter and Facebook
Speaking of which, our very first Crew vs Crew grudge match battle came at the start of December as the Ganja Outlaws and Murda Squad Gang got in touch to let us know they had a score to settle and wanted the world to bear witness. After losing 2-1 to our Devs in November, Ganja Outlaws were out to prove their position at the top of the Social Club PS3 leaderboards was no fluke. With Dev1 on their side, Murda Squad Gang took the lead, winning every battle in the first Gang Wars in the Docks except for Short Fuse - a meeting that was nothing short of explosive. Dev2 and the Ganja Outlaws Crew weren't giving up that easy however, and the Favela proved to be a more amiable battlefield. Peawicko, Sean_Mallory, DutchStoner and the gang took hold of the warehouse, dominating Turf Wars and ultimately winning the war. With an even score and plenty of banter in the lobbies, it all came down to one last Gang Wars match in the Bus Depot (generously uploaded by the Ganja Outlaws to YouTube). Themagico316 led the Murda Squad Gang to secure the Turf in the opening round, but Dnutz90 took revenge for Ganja Outlaws in the second round, pinning down Murda_Squad_Love so that Dev2 could drop enough bags to tie the score in Grab. Murda_Squad_Rush and Murda_Squad_Tbag made sure no Ganja Outlaw could make it past the third checkpoint in Passage and the Ganja Outlaws protected their leader in a fierce game of Takedown in Chapter IV. With the score still tied, the final Showdown would decide the winner. While it was close throughout, the Ganja Outlaws stole an 11-point march on Murda Squad Gang in the final minute, winning 51-42. Thanks to both Crews for a really enjoyable game.
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  • Marcho80on August 9 2014, 2:54pmReplyFlag
    I want to do a crew battle my crew is the Dark and Furious ps3 so Let's do this
    • iiMD0PEon September 16 2013, 3:31pmReplyFlag
      DOPE BOYZ, looking for 1 or 2 more real commissioners that know how to run a crew..if that fits you HMU (xbox360)
      • RoyalOGKushon September 13 2013, 12:53amReplyFlag
        Hey everyone, looking for people to cause mayhem and do some funny s**t with when we get stoned :p lol. We can all meet up at the weed store and then go back to the crib and rip some gnarly bong tokes. Planning on growing some crops ;).
        Need crew leaders ASAP as I've just started so open spots are available, join me on Cannabis cultures.
        • aussieB3ASTon September 12 2013, 9:19pmReplyFlag
          Xbox 360 only crew "gran theft auto 5" mainly aussie/nz players:D feel free to join-note all loot/rewards fron missions will be split evenly between crew members participating!!!
          • bigwho1313on September 11 2013, 6:23pmReplyFlag
            DOING ONLY GANGSTER SHlt ......(.D.O.G.S crew) Lets get it poppin!!!Kill kill kill
            • KOKANE234on September 11 2013, 5:39pmReplyFlag
              • LastSaiyanon September 11 2013, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                Your Prayers has been Answerd..... Ps3 and Xb360
                Runnin the Streets of Los Santos Oct 1st
                Fear the Reaper
                • XenoSergeon September 11 2013, 11:25amReplyFlag
                  • ThaRatedR_Bullyon September 10 2013, 6:12amReplyFlag
                    • BezerkAnarchyon September 8 2013, 2:56amReplyFlag
                      If you want experience a different sort of crew with more of a biker feel then this is the crew for you, looking for commissioners and lieutenants mostly, first in first served, we need every sort of player for the ps3 join if interested first to join get the best positions.

                      • OneDerpyBirdon September 4 2013, 11:53pmReplyFlag
                        If you would like to experience the full GTA 5 online then join my crew. My crews name is “The Bad Dealers” and now we are accepting all applicants that want to get plenty money and cause much destruction. But you gotta be a loyal All Star. We need every type of GTA player on the Xbox 360. If you are interested check it out here or message me and I will hit you up. We are accepting many applicants.

                        • chickmagnetmizanon September 2 2013, 6:40pmReplyFlag
                          Read I'm Desperate... Broker Catz is a Crew From The Ghetto Broker Of Liberty City Where We Try To Earn Money The Only Way We Know How To...Kill A Whole Bunch Of People,Take A Whole Bunch Of Cars,Rob A Whole Bunch Of Banks...We Communicate By Headset On PS3 For Strategic Jobs.Is This What You Are Looking For?
                          • standardamericanon September 2 2013, 2:29amReplyFlag
                            Crewcut Vandals "action not words" join if you want some
                            • ScoutPlay97on September 1 2013, 8:30amReplyFlag
                              If you are a Brazilian player and you think you have some utility for your country in the gigantic video-game world, join "Brasil Rage" now and let's mark Los Santos with our enemies' blood!
                              Se vc for um jogador brasileiro e acha que tem alguma utilidade para com seu próprio país no gigante mundo dos video-games, una-se ao "Brasil Rage" e vamos marcar Los Santos com o sangue de nosso inimigo!
                              • John_Smiffon August 31 2013, 9:50pmReplyFlag
                                CALL OUT to ALL the PSYCHOS and PSYCHETTES !!! NERDZMANIA needs you

                                My crew is really small at this point, so all the high-level ranks of the Social Club hierarchy need to be assigned.
                                Wanna get a good position, even if you're not the best player?
                                In MY crew, Nerdzmania, we're looking for every kind of gamer and we're looking to expand, a LOT.
                                We need players on all the platforms, i'll be using a ps3.

                                En passant, on parle aussi le français dans mon équipe. (We also speak french, at least, I do)

                                Get the fudge over here !

                                Join my crew now and bring all your friends!!!

                                • Secret_Eliteson August 31 2013, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                                  Join my Crew- (Rebel Militia) Looking for players willing to take In Game Orders from their Superiors, We are always fair & Just looking to cause Havoc & Destruction in Free Roam
                                  • CrazzyGuy22on August 31 2013, 1:21pmReplyFlag
                                    Join RegulatedAnarchy if you like to have fun we are ps3 only its worth a look trust me.
                                    • FredoCorleoneon August 30 2013, 11:05pmReplyFlag
                                      If you're still looking for that special crew, look no more. Join our family The Santorno Crime Family. This family is for the xbox only as of now. We are 50+ men strong. This is our rebuilding process. We are looking for serious soldiers who will be loyal to this family.

                                      You have questions? Send me message before joining.

                                      *Beware: THIS IS A ORGANIZED FAMILY & LOYAL TO ITS BROTHERS*
                                      • Paven369ACDCon August 30 2013, 8:54pmReplyFlag
                                        come on out and join our crew the FUKER UPPERS! for ps3 members that will be playing GTA5. Thise is an open crew so even if your new, you still have a chance to ride with the big boys.
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