Deathmatch Made in Heaven's Four New Modes: Dead Men Walking, Run and Stun, Marked Man & Time Attack

Posted on January 21 2013, 10:44am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Games

Tomorrow's Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer features four electrifying new multiplayer modes, including the much-anticipated Dead Men Walking two-player cooperative mode.

In additional to Dead Men Walking, which puts you and a friend up against an endless onslaught of adversaries, there also the new Run & Stun mode featuring Captain Baseball Bat Boy's mischievous nemesis Saci, Marked Man which adds vendetta fueled multipliers to traditional Deathmatch and a new Time Attack mode which awards bonus points for successful kill streaks in a competitive free-for-all.
Check out the feature below for a preview of all four new modes, complete with screens from each one, and look for details on the new weapons and Items included in the pack later today.


Deathmatch Made in Heaven Max Payne 3 DLC Is Coming January 22nd

  • louis1993on January 30 2013, 8:57pmReplyFlag
    i must say i really like this new DLC!
    Great job R*
    • GTAV_King89on January 29 2013, 9:34pmReplyFlag
      NYM Co-op would have been awesome but where is it? no where. :'(


      • chrisli128on January 29 2013, 8:04pmReplyFlag
        Yes,you can get in the leaderboard of Dead Men Walking in Private Match,you only can't get grind and the achievement there.
        • chrisli128on January 29 2013, 8:11pmReplyFlag
          @chrisli128 Sorry Rockstar,please delete this comment,it is a reply to someone but failed in social club website.
      • R* Aon January 23 2013, 7:03pmReplyFlag
        Hey guys, as you may have seen, this DLC is now available for download worldwide for PC and on Xbox LIVE - and on PSN for North America. It will be available for PSN in Europe next week Jan 30th. More info here:
        • DARR-of_the-Deadon January 24 2013, 3:58pmReplyFlag
          @ ok, so last night Sax_Payne and i(DARR-of_the-Dead) did a 3 hr run in dead men walking putting SAX in 1st on the leader board and i in 14th . we noticed a few things that can make huge difference.
          1. its designed to be a co-op team base mode but yet points are split individually and no assist point either , so even though it is team based you have fight over getting kills when you should be working together to get deep into wave levels and scoring mad point.(the fix is simple, group the points together.)
          2.the leader board doesn't show your co-op partner with you regardless of how the points are structure. We feel that it should. there are a number of different that this can work.
          lb=leader board
          host: name
          lb place: shared scored
          (possibly add in the wave level in here)
          co-op partner: name
          this one is group with separate scores

          lb place: host: name score:
          (possibly add in the wave level in here)
          lb place: co-op partner: name score:

          i hope to get a lot comments from people on this and some rockstar would be nice

        • DARR-of_the-Deadon January 24 2013, 4:05pmReplyFlag
          @DARR-of_the-Dead omg it removed my spaces for the structure
          lb=leader board
          -------------- host: name
          lb place:----------------------------------shared scored
          --------------------------------------------- (possibly add in the wave level in here)
          -------------- co-op partner: name
          this one is group with separate scores

          lb place: host: name---------------- score:
          --------------------------------------------(possibly add in the wave level in here)
          lb place: co-op partner: name-----score:

        • GOOLEY89on January 24 2013, 4:36pmReplyFlag
          @ Ok rockstar, i love ded men walking but why the heck doesnt you and your teammates score add up at the end. Your basically fighting your team mate to get the higher score. Thought it was supposed to be co op?! I COULD NOT have placed where i did without his help. You and ur partner should place in the same rank. Or him under me or vice versa. And only 2 maps!?? There should also be two different leaderbosrds for each map

          SAX_PAYNE RANK #1 & DARR-of_the-dead RANK# 15

          Couldnt have done it with out you dude!
        • livingDark78on January 29 2013, 11:16pmReplyFlag
          @ of course the 30th, jan
          BUT what time does the bloke/bird send the file for uk ?
      • JandeSFon January 23 2013, 7:14amReplyFlag
        Hmm... I really wish this game had split-screen multiplayer. I'd definetly get it for PS3.
        • magdaleno9on January 22 2013, 7:06pmReplyFlag
          I can't believe it isn't out on PS3
          • JohnDoe_86on January 22 2013, 6:59pmReplyFlag
            great preview!
            • ClunkyPigon January 22 2013, 5:47pmReplyFlag
              Hey, anyone on xbox add me gamer tag: ClunkyPig, if you want to get achievements on any of the map packs or get into the high rounds on dead men walking

              • Krew74on January 22 2013, 5:28pmReplyFlag
                when does it come out for PS3?
                • R* Yon January 24 2013, 5:15pmReplyFlag
                  @Krew74 It's out now in North America, and is just six days away from releasing on January 30th for those in Europe and other territories.
              • DeafAtheiston January 22 2013, 4:27pmReplyFlag
                I downloaded the DLC a bit ago. I only see Deathmatch Made in Heaven mode and Dead Man Walking... Why don't I see Marked Man or Run & Stun on my playlist?
              • KDawg50on January 22 2013, 2:33pmReplyFlag
                How do you rescue someone in Dead Men Walking? I just played a match and my partner got captured so I'm running around him seeing if anything popped up on my screen but I ended up dying because I didn't know how to save my partner ha ha.
                • DeafAtheiston January 22 2013, 4:24pmReplyFlag
                  @KDawg50 If you're on Xbox you stand in front of them and hold down the B button. If you're on PS3 I believe it's the O button. Not sure about PC controls.
              • WolfskinKilleron January 22 2013, 12:59pmReplyFlag
                Can't wait to get in on the co op action R*.
                • Nalydyenloon January 22 2013, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                  Where is it? It's the evening of the 22nd already and it's not here yet.
                  • R* Aon January 22 2013, 12:30pmReplyFlag
                    @Nalydyenlo You're talking about the PC release of the DLC? It's coming in the next hour or two. Hang tight and we'll confirm here at the Newswire when it's up.
                  • Nalydyenloon January 22 2013, 12:32pmReplyFlag
                    @ Yeah, the PC version. Thanks for the info.
                • Nalydyenloon January 22 2013, 12:04pmReplyFlag
                  I can't see this DLC in the in-game store yet!
                  • cliffordcooleyon January 22 2013, 11:30amReplyFlag
                    Yaay, last DLC for free. Thanks R*. By the way, I sent a request R* support regarding my Legend icon rank not updating. I'm currently at Legend 3, but i still see the Legend 1 (beach icon) on my MP stats. Please respond.
                    • R* Kon January 22 2013, 9:51amReplyFlag
                      Hey everyone, just a note to confirm that Deathmatch Made in Heaven is now available to download from the in-game Marketplace on Xbox 360 everywhere. The DLC will go live on PC everywhere and PS3 in the US later today, and on PS3 in Europe on January 30th as previously announced.

                      We'll see you all online!
                      • valiantvideoon January 22 2013, 9:08amReplyFlag
                        yes it is on market place, but i cant download it yet because i bought a rockstar pass, silly me, i might just pay for it again, i bet youd like that wouldnt you rockstar? of course youd like me to pay you double. not learnt your lesson after the painful memories dlc? get it together, i only wane a quick go on it before work, why no anounce it comes out on the 23rd which it clearly will!
                        • lllJBlllon January 22 2013, 7:50amReplyFlag
                          The new DLC is now live on the marketplace. Also what is the new update? what does this fix??
                        • scareface1970on January 22 2013, 7:45amReplyFlag
                          Dead Men Walking this is a awesome two men and woman (lol) Co-Op, try to survive al the waves you get.

                          Saci is Loose: Hahaha fun Saci walking around in a match.

                          Marked Man: To climb up the leaderboard in Marked Man. I have a question about this mode.
                          The US can climb up the leaderboard today right, and we in Europe over eight days so is it then for us Europeans much harder to get at the top because the US can begin today? if this is so it's oké we get or change.

                          Time Attack: Running and Killing try to get at much point you want in this mode now it's not camping but fight (lol)

                          Again can't wait and over eight day i'll be ready.

                          ***Rock***Rocks*** :D:D:D
                          • R* Xon January 22 2013, 12:36pmReplyFlag
                            @scareface1970 Glad to hear you're excited man, thanks for the kind words as always
                          • D34DM4ND4Non January 22 2013, 3:42pmReplyFlag
                            @scareface1970 Wait, so Dead Men Walking is playable up to three players?
                          • chrisli128on January 22 2013, 4:07pmReplyFlag
                            @scareface1970 I have so much fun in Dead Men Walking,even I am playing alone in private Match.
                            Still get to wave 25 and earn 116,725 Points lol(Current Rank 4 in Global)

                            After few waves the enemies is harder to kill,they start use grenade,tear gas,LMG.30 and Sniper Rifle...!
                            Some time I have to camp and find the pills(3 pills in a emergency box,have to kill some enemy to get it once again)lol.

                            Anyway,can't wait to co-op with other of this mode!
                          • BaronSamedi911on January 22 2013, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                            @chrisli128 what guns do you start with and can you choose your loadout and burst?
                          • chrisli128on January 22 2013, 5:17pmReplyFlag
                            @BaronSamedi911 A PT92 handgun.You can not use your own loadout,also no burst.
                            You can get weapon from enemy or gain enough Grit to open the box to get more ammo,new weapons or pills box.

                            Level 3 Grit:Powerful weapons with some attachments(LMG.30,Grenade Launcher...)
                            Level 2 Grit:Ammo box,two handed weapon(open in floor)
                            Level 1 Grit:Open Door or pills box(3 pills in each pills box,in wall)
                          • scareface1970on January 22 2013, 7:36pmReplyFlag
                            @D34DM4ND4N No dude i ment with this there are playing men and woman these Co-Ops.
                            But i had to posted this

                            Dead Men Walking this is a awesome two men OR woman (lol) Co-Op, try to survive al the waves you get (LOL)

                            @chrisli128 Good to hear you have fun in this mode.
                            I can't wait to feel the action 7 days to go so that i can play this new DLC ; )

                            Have Fun All :D:D:D
                          • scareface1970on January 22 2013, 7:39pmReplyFlag
                            @ NP you know i'm just a FAN :)
                          • D34DM4ND4Non January 29 2013, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                            @chrisli128 So if you play Private Match, does it still update to the Global Stats?
                          • chrisli128on January 29 2013, 8:07pmReplyFlag
                            @D34DM4ND4N Yes,you can get in the leaderboard of Dead Men Walking in Private Match,you only can't get grind and the achievement/trophy there.
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