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Posted on January 14 2013, 12:18pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

In honor of the recent release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for select iOS and Android devices we're giving away 10 Prize Packs of Vice City Anniversary Collection gear and collectibles over at the Rockstar Facebook page.

Each Prize Pack's got 4 tees (both the Blue and Grey Body Fader Tees plus the Pink and Black Vice City Logo Tees) as well as the Head Band, Rubik's Cube, Beach Ball, Money Clip, and Pin Set. You've only got until Monday, January 28th, 2013 to enter. Winners will be chosen at random and announced in early February. Of course for those that don't want to rely on the luck of the draw, you can purchase any and all of the Vice City collection gear at the Rockstar Warehouse now.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void in certain countries and where prohibited. Must be 18 years or older. See Official Rules and Privacy Policy for eligibility details. Ends Monday, January 28th, 2013.

  • SWAN86on January 7 2014, 9:20pmReplyFlag
    i would like a back collection of all previous gta games to be released on xbox live arcade as love them all and want to play them again
    • killerninja955on October 24 2013, 2:38amReplyFlag
      I only want the Rubik's Cube someone can have everything else
      • sun-karyon March 29 2013, 1:33amReplyFlag
        谢谢罪恶都市陪伴我的时光!! Thanks
        • MistahX99on January 24 2013, 4:47amReplyFlag
          Why can all provinces and territories in Canada can participate except Quebec???? What is wrong with Quebec?
          • R* Yon March 25 2013, 11:23amReplyFlag
            @MistahX99 Apologies for the late response. Please contact us with your question so we can help:
        • DjChronnerson January 23 2013, 11:03pmReplyFlag
          I really really really want to win. Argh wish me luck!
          • LegionYT1994on January 21 2013, 9:15pmReplyFlag
            Oh wow, totally missed this article. At least I still got some time to enter! Are people from Holland allowed to enter?

            By the way, are those 3 Radio Espantoso tracks still being released (The Bull is Wrong, Yo Te Miré & La Vida Es Una Lenteja - Rockstar's own music)? Can't wait to have my Vice City OST collection complete! Still rocking the Love Fist tracks that you released every day.

            • fastjake123on January 21 2013, 4:58pmReplyFlag
              Yes, this is awesome! @R* Y Any chance Vice City hits the Playstation Store? I'm wondering because GTA3 and San Andreas are already on it!
              • R* Aon January 21 2013, 6:34pmReplyFlag
                @fastjake123 It's coming to the PS2 Classics downloads at PSN soon - stay tuned and we should be able to confirm the release date shortly
            • YoungKruseon January 20 2013, 1:42amReplyFlag
              Just finally got 100% completion in Vice City!!! Thanks for the T-Shirt guys! (frankie shirt) Those firefighter missions are NO JOKE!
            • WolfRogerson January 19 2013, 3:31pmReplyFlag
              Rockstar, we haven't had an Advertising Council update for a while.
              • R* Yon January 20 2013, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                @WolfRogers True, we'll let you guys know when we do some more of those in the future
            • GTABaseon January 17 2013, 1:59pmReplyFlag
              When I go to click the Rockstar FB it just takes me to my homepage?
              • R* Yon January 17 2013, 4:14pmReplyFlag
                @GTABase This might be because of an age issue. Contact us if that's not the case:
              • Heres_the_Crueon January 17 2013, 7:10pmReplyFlag
                @ Why didn't you call it the Flash Fantasy giveaway ?

                ...where you and a stranger will fly to see a concert in Idaho or Nebraska or.. Indiana.. oh who pays attention to the mid-west anyway.
              • YMe369on January 18 2013, 8:49pmReplyFlag
                @ Nope, doesn't work for me either.
                the FB app link just shows the Rockstar facebook homepage:(
              • MetalMofo-Billon January 19 2013, 3:45amReplyFlag
                @Heres_the_Crue Hey you, The Midwest IS a cool place to be, especially Minnesota, mind you! Lived all my life here in the land of 10,000 lakes. Great for getting away from the City in plenty of out-door places. It's also rumored Rockstar will revisit Carcer City as a Detroit style GTA, one can hope, and I do!!
              • MetalMofo-Billon January 19 2013, 3:48amReplyFlag
                @Heres_the_Crue I do, for one, I live here, in Minnesota, and Minneapolis got a call-out in GTA IV, gotta love it! (says the lonely pervert)
              • Heres_the_Crueon January 19 2013, 7:37amReplyFlag
                @MetalMofo-Bill You don't get it that's what the radio host toni from Flash FM says on the radio, that's a quote.
              • MetalMofo-Billon January 21 2013, 1:11amReplyFlag
                @Heres_the_Crue I remember most of the game though I play it rather rarely, I'm about to jump back into playing since I've been off, out and about, in the real World, starting a new job and messing about with tech projects. I know the quote, but the point is it's only a joke, they pronounce the prominence of both Coasts in the game (as well as Florida for VC)
            • Heres_the_Crueon January 16 2013, 8:06pmReplyFlag
              Why didn't you call it the Flash Fantasy giveaway ?

              • dandrixson January 16 2013, 2:02pmReplyFlag
                Vice City immortal classic
                • kevcent83on January 16 2013, 10:17amReplyFlag
                  when a new updated
                  • R* Yon January 16 2013, 10:57amReplyFlag
                    @kevcent83 If another title update releases for Vice City, we'll let everyone know here on the website.
                  • MetalMofo-Billon January 18 2013, 10:58amReplyFlag
                    @ Maybe a Vice City redux on PS Vita, perhaps!?? Rockstar, you should put out some 8-tracks and LP records, like the picture vinyl and colored vinyl that me and others likes so much, and hey, I still have my record collection, you?! haha
                • The-Dark-Nighton January 16 2013, 8:34amReplyFlag
                  whoever wins, be carefull were you leave that Rubik's Cube, nothing worse than stepping on one of those barefoot in the morning.
                • AdamsNicknameon January 16 2013, 1:34amReplyFlag
                  Not really the place to say it, and my comment will probably be deleted -- but I just got my license!!! WOOH

                  Now just to relate this to the article:

                  If I WIN this, I can now legally DRIVE to the post office and pick it up from my post box. :D
                • NickNack20on January 15 2013, 10:12pmReplyFlag
                  Your Facebook page doesn't seem to exist anymore and it hasn't for a few weeks. When I click the link you put up there it takes me to my own Newsfeed.
                • Dexatiouson January 15 2013, 8:55pmReplyFlag
                  Hey R*! I just uploaded this video I made on GTA IV. I've been playing GTA since about 2nd Grade and I don't think I've pulled anything off this amazing before. The fact that I survived was because I had god mode on but everything else is legit. I'm posting a link to the video in this comment and I hope you get the time to watch it and be just as shocked as I was and reply! Thanks R* !

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