Video: A Behind the Scenes Look at HEALTH's Original Max Payne 3 Soundtrack & Score

Posted on January 10 2013, 11:52am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Music, Rockstar, Games

Lots of new insight into HEALTH's making of the Max Payne 3 original soundtrack and score can be found in this short film just released by The Creators Project, as seen below. Via interviews with the band as well as with Rockstar, you'll get the backstory on how the game's original music came together and the technical approach to its unique dynamic scoring...

Watch HEALTH's Official Music Video for "TEARS"
Max Payne 3: The Official Soundtrack - Now Available on iTunes

  • MarstonsStruton March 15 2013, 2:20pmReplyFlag
    • marcos456on January 18 2013, 7:56pmReplyFlag
      Behind the scenes of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories or San Andreas!!
      • bad_fur_dayon January 17 2013, 2:52amReplyFlag
        This is surely the coolest soundtrack I've ever heard.
        It's like collateral, drive and cannibal holocaust all rolled into one, amazing work.
        • CHAINSAW305on January 17 2013, 2:10amReplyFlag
          @R*K thanks!!!!
          • CHAINSAW305on January 17 2013, 2:08amReplyFlag
            @R*k I'm just glad to have a release date finally...I hope u guys come through for us on this one..hope new guns and that the coop is really good...I've been looking forward for this for sometime!
            • CHAINSAW305on January 15 2013, 7:33pmReplyFlag
              Can anybody let me know when the deathmatch made in heaven dlc is gonna come out???....paying for the season pass is something I wish I never and a friend want to play coop so bad...its sooo bad that u guys have taken this long to come out with it...I cant believe gta frikn five is about to come out and u guys still haven't released the time it comes out...I'll probably will have found something wayy better to play with friends or a good game period...IDK if u guys a r* kno this but its almost flipn feb 2013 and a sht ton of games are about to drop...its frakn ridiculous.
              • R* Kon January 16 2013, 5:58amReplyFlag
                @CHAINSAW305 We will have news on the DLC very soon and we think Max Payne 3 fans are going to be excited when they hear what's coming. Stay tuned to the Newswire.
            • bad_fur_dayon January 15 2013, 4:41pmReplyFlag
              I couldn't bear to play this on a feeble console controller, bought the PC version, f**k this looks great on PC Rockstar, like the f**kin 8th wonder of the world to behold this game, holy f**k the trailers are so great, %$^@#^**%$!. I just need a new computer to play it on...
              Going to be super rare PC game soon I predict, in a year you won't be able to find it in any shops at all in my area. Makes GTA look like a tranquil walk in the park with grandma. :) BLAM BLAM, AHHH F**K OWW! BLAM POW B*TCH! CQC WOO!
              • gamyBigboy123on January 14 2013, 4:57amReplyFlag
                Hey R* sorry to say this. I didn't like max Payne 3 I. Liked the story the story was good but I don't like multiplayer the way u have to shoot and everything and can't get barly any kills but I liked rdr and gta
              • younggroceryon January 13 2013, 4:04pmReplyFlag
                Yee thanks for sharing this. I hope to get to a point with musical production that'll get people understanding my sound pallet to the point they let me turn their game into something like max payne 3. Much respect for ya'll for picking a perfectly capable group to do so. As well, much respect to HEALTH for knocking this out.
              • Rat.Raceon January 13 2013, 8:09amReplyFlag
                'Max Payne 3', along with 'Hotline Miami', provided some of the best music I've had the pleasure of listening to all year!
                • Genesicityon January 12 2013, 11:33pmReplyFlag
                  One of the best soundtracks I have ever had the pleasure of hearing in a game, after months of extensive playing I still haven't gotten tired of it, and I still get goosebumps whenever Tears kicks in before going hi-octane in the Airport Terminal...

                  Nice video R* thanks, I love any behind the scenes stuff you guys share with us:D
                • Redemption_670on January 12 2013, 5:19pmReplyFlag
                  Rockstar, any plans on making Max Payne 4? :)
                  • Redemption_670on January 12 2013, 5:23pmReplyFlag
                    @Redemption_670 or planning to release Max Payne 2 on psn and on the ios. just like how you guys release Max Payne 1 on the psn and on the ios? i'm just asking.
                • JohnDoe_86on January 12 2013, 10:40amReplyFlag
                  Every soundtrack to a R* Game is something special and i'm glad that you never jump/ed into that Hans Zimmer river full of "epic" retort music. No, your soundtracks are what a soundtrack should be: the very soul of the whole thing and unique. I just have to listen to "Dead"(my favorite track -also reminded me of manhunt) in this soundtrack and i'm right on that cemetery on the grave of the Payne family and i feeling the tension that the mobsters are after me and the bitter mix of loneliness and fury.

                  Thanks for sharing this documentary!
                • shibbidgeon January 11 2013, 9:03pmReplyFlag
                  This is definitely one of my favourite scores in my favourite game of this generation.
                  Too bad MP3 is criminally underated :|
                  • DigenesDeityon January 11 2013, 4:00pmReplyFlag
                    I cannot express how happy I was when I heard that Max Payne was going to be getting a third installment. The series as a whole is a big part of my video game experience and why I fell in love with the medium in general. The music and the amount of polish in Max Payne 3 makes it my game of the year. Great job Rockstar, I look forward to seeing Max Payne in another ten years taking out foes from a wheelchair. Although if this was Max's final moment in gaming it was a fitting end to such a great character.
                    • Falconeye1988on January 11 2013, 9:00pmReplyFlag
                      @DigenesDeity Who's to say this was his final instalment? The ending was almost like it was leading on to another chapter, I would love to see another MAX PAYNE game. Knowing his luck Im sure he'll run into another pile of sh*t somewhere down the road.
                    • Shooting-Spreeon January 12 2013, 6:58amReplyFlag
                      @REDX16385 I think Max is gonna blow his own head off!
                    • REDX16385on January 12 2013, 8:08amReplyFlag
                      @Shooting-Spree Or probably sleeping during a gun fight because of Alcohol!
                    • R* Yon January 12 2013, 10:52amReplyFlag
                      @REDX16385 @Falconeye1988 Careful guys, please don't get too much into spoilers.
                    • DigenesDeityon January 12 2013, 3:46pmReplyFlag
                      @Falconeye1988 I said "if" this was the final chapter. Trust me I never want this series to end. But with the age of Max in general coupled with the cult following the game has; I believe it might be quite some time if we see another sequel. I feel like this game could be Max's Redemption Song after his previous "Fall". The series could end with Max Payne 3 and I would be satisfied, that's all I'm saying. Great game and it stays very true to the series as a whole, definitely made for the fans. Thank you Rockstar!
                    • REDX16385on January 12 2013, 5:36pmReplyFlag
                      @ Sorry R*! You're the boss here :) No Spoilers anymore.
                  • Falconeye1988on January 11 2013, 1:48pmReplyFlag
                    Does anybody know who's scoring GTAV?
                    • kristopherm3on January 11 2013, 12:09pmReplyFlag
                      @R* Rockstar you said there would be news on the deathmatch made in heaven pack this week, where is it?
                      • R* Qon January 12 2013, 8:55amReplyFlag
                        @kristopherm3 Sorry for the slight delay - we should have news for you on the Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack very early in the week.
                    • maciej595revanon January 11 2013, 12:03pmReplyFlag
                      Hey there R* long time no see what's up? I want to ask you R why didn't you release the other max payne 3 artworks that been shown in a lot of magazines
                      • The-Dark-Nighton January 11 2013, 10:52amReplyFlag
                        hey R* i can dream right? -
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