The Brands of Red Dead Redemption

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The early 20th century marked the dawn of the consumer and commercial age in America.  Red Dead Redemption stays true to this bit of history with a wide range of in-game fictional brands and products you may see advertised, posted and painted on the sides of walls in burgeoning towns throughout the frontier.  Here’s a quick taste of a few, which you can get as downloadable desktops from the Downloads section or the Red Dead Redemption official site.  Look for more to be posted in the coming weeks.

Wagstaff and Mounts Vim & Vigor Electric Belt

Sexing Livestock Quarterly

White's Big Game Caller Animal Scents

  • Lothar36on June 20 2010, 1:34amReplyFlag
    I am begging you, BEGGING you Rockstar folks to add the "Taint Toilet Paper" as one of the wallpapers on the RDR site. First time I saw that wall I had to back my horse up and take a closer look to make sure I did see what I thought I had seen. Stood there and stared and laughed my butt off. Got shot in the process but worth it. SO damn funny.
    • yer_huckleberryon June 7 2010, 2:38amReplyFlag
      one thing I heard that I really did agree with was what K Perera(AOTS G4) said, "ride a horse for hours, play 3 minutes of mission" or something along those lines.....some of the missions were really fun but ended too soon, I remember the only "mission" that had a decent play time was the mission to finish off Mexico, that mission had a few waves of action, I think about 4, before the end cut scene. Most of the conflicts and confrontation only lasted a few minutes with at most 15 enemies(not including the ride out at the starts). I understand that they wanted the game to flow, and cater to gamers that can't play for hours at a time, but there is so much to do outside of the story missions that I think they could have got away with prolonging the fun of some of the missions. I still feel that the game was very fun, with lots to do, and lots of check points. Although I don't really feel that there was not much of a challenge during missions, I really didn't was about the progression of the story. The few times I did have to re start from check points was due to killing a hostage by accident, not by enemy death. I am kind of glad that this game was more geared toward story and progress than super challenging engagements since it gives it more of a role-playing type flavor, you really have to live in this "world" to accomplish what the game wants from us.
      • TorchYAdaGodson June 6 2010, 11:20pmReplyFlag
        How do you all feel about ign's recent criticism of the game. Saying it was mechanically shallow and all.
        • yer_huckleberryon June 6 2010, 9:59pmReplyFlag
          yeah, I spent $50 on RDR merchandise from "the finery"....I don't know why...don't know what I will do with the bar of soap.....dynamite......dice....ect., all I know is that I felt really compelled to own the stuff.....might all those sexy ad's have subliminal properties? No, probably not, but the stuff is cool as hell to look at, and I am glad to have them!!! Great job on making something so great that I want to collect everything connected to this title. Now if you could just sell some action figures....maybe Todd McFarlen Spawn styled detailed 6 piece collectors set....with Kung Fu grip!!!! :)
          • greenweezeron June 5 2010, 6:53pmReplyFlag
            Hey I got the lame chick poster when I bought the game, any body wanna trade. How many diff posters came with the game anyhoo?
            • R* Yon June 5 2010, 6:32pmReplyFlag
              @MAJORTOM0711 Thanks, we actually recently addressed this and other questions in the latest edition of Asked & Answered:
              • MellyDon June 5 2010, 6:07pmReplyFlag
                Marine111--- u get buffalo rifle from completing 5 master hunter challenges on singleplayer.
                • MAJORTOM0711on June 5 2010, 5:25pmReplyFlag
                  what kind of hat does marsten where?
                  • Cowlick035on June 5 2010, 5:20amReplyFlag
                    Is the RDR short film going to be airing in Australia. If it is then when. THX
                    • SSM3EVOon June 4 2010, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                      there is also an artical in the blackwater news paper about the ''new bicycle'',.. and a real john marston, in real life, around the same period, was building/rRevolutionizing bikes???? there some mythology about this RockStar'?? or is it coincidence :-P
                      • Marine111on June 4 2010, 5:42pmReplyFlag
                        how do u get tha bafaluo rifle
                        • franzeboyon June 4 2010, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                          Awesome artwork. You guys will always kick ass...hard. Thanks for this amazing game.
                          • G1ng3rSc0tsm4non June 4 2010, 3:07pmReplyFlag
                            THANK U ROCKSTAR for the 2nd time.
                            • R* Yon June 4 2010, 2:54pmReplyFlag
                              • G1ng3rSc0tsm4non June 4 2010, 1:33pmReplyFlag
                                ROCK * im sorry that this is going off the talk of this page but when is the RDR short film on in the UK plz reply, there might be other brits out there wanting to know
                                • lambo.italia.95on June 4 2010, 1:02pmReplyFlag
                                  By far the greatest game ive ever played. But ive gotta say that a variety of DLC is going to be essential for extending the games playability. Do you guys think that maybe you could add some new character categories and weapons, like townsfolk or agents. After all theres already a category for lawmen in New Austin/America and federales from Mexico, so the Agency in Blackwater definately deserves its own set of multiplayer characters, plus theres some really cool ones in the campaign.
                                  • chrislovespillson June 4 2010, 12:46pmReplyFlag
                                    the second one its funny but a bit f**ked up whick makes it even more funny..... @R* i have a question i love the manhunt games i still have manhunt 2 for the pc and had manhunt 1 for my ps2 but i dont have my ps2 anymore nor manhunt 1, i have a xbox 360 now and i cant find manhunt 1 for the xbox anywere, but my question is can u tell me if manhunt 1 for the xbox will run on the 360 coz i thinking of getting it out the R* warehouse but i need to find out if it runs on the 360 coz i dont want to buy it and then it dosent work. plz answer rockstar i need my manhunt 1 fix again.....
                                    • Stackclusteron June 4 2010, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                                      That's just awesome, you guys keep those great quality games coming!

                                      I can see myself still playing rdr in 5 years from now....
                                      • Sensicalon June 4 2010, 11:59amReplyFlag
                                        I'd rode past it a hundred times, but just last ---ht I finally took a good look at the Tain't Toilet Paper in Armadillo (top picture above). Nicely done.
                                        • kannuckleson June 4 2010, 11:44amReplyFlag
                                          hahahaha sexing live stock thats gold baby haha!
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