Win Custom Crew Controllers, Unlock Skull Masks & Earn Triple XP in the Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Event (January 11th, 4-7pm EST)

Posted on January 8 2013, 3:36pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Click the image above to see prizing in greater detail.

Update: The multiplayer event and Triple XP have ended. Thanks to everyone that participated.

The first Social Club Multiplayer Event of 2013 starts the year off with a literal bang - with three hours of live-streaming Max Payne 3 Multiplayer action and the chance to win two custom controllers or a badass high-performance PC gaming mouse - all emblazoned with the lucky winner's Crew Emblem and Gamertag / PSN ID. We will also be awarding prize packages to five runners-up, each including a Max Payne 3 t-shirt, bullet keychain and stickers.

With Friday's event, we'll also be unlocking the coveted Arcane Skull Mask and Demonic Skull Mask as seen above for all Social Club members. Come n' get 'em. The Arcane and Demonic skull masks are in-game and all you need to do to receive them is make sure you're linked to Social Club. On top of that, after the event finishes we will be awarding the Wedding Skull Mask (debuted at our last Max Payne 3 event) to members of the top 10 user-made Crews on the Event Leaderboards in each platform. Sound the war cry and get your team together to compete for this exclusive head item.

Oh yeah - and Triple XP starting with the event and active all weekend long until early Monday morning the 14th.

It all goes down this Friday January 11th as we jump online to play Max Payne 3 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Two of our devs will be streaming live at the Social Club Multiplayer Events page, with live Rockstar-hosted chat as well as Crew and Player Leaderboards to see who's showing and proving. You can also kick it with us and watch live video via a 3rd dev stream at our page.

Participating official in-game Rockstar IDs will be:

  • MaxPayneDev1 (Xbox 360)
  • MaxPayneDev2 (PS3)
  • MaxPayneDev1 (Streaming PC Live on Twitch)
  • MaxPayneDev3 (PS3)

Need some help figuring out when the event begins in your time zone? Have a look at the countdown on the Social Club Multiplayer Event page.

Enter multiplayer and select the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist. We'll play a mix of Soft Lock and Free Aim, primarily playing in the latest DLC, Painful Memories and Hostage Negotiation.

Follow us at our official Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam pages so you can get the word when we're going online for some impromptu multiplayer action. We don't schedule this gameplay time or announce it way ahead of time, so the only way you'll be able to find out that we're playing is by following.

  • psmobius1on February 1 2013, 12:42pmReplyFlag
    Any news on when we may see another triple XP weekend for MP3?
    • __L.J__on January 30 2013, 4:06pmReplyFlag
      pourquoi il n'y a pas de leaderboards??concernant cette event???
    • KingKoshanon January 20 2013, 3:56pmReplyFlag
      LA I dont mean no disrespect don't get me wrong :)
      • DutchStoneron January 20 2013, 4:40amReplyFlag
        LOL CLASSIC!!!
        • LAgamer4lifeon January 19 2013, 10:22pmReplyFlag
          Good Game by the way and Great Video. First of all we ARE the best RUN n GUN KILL crew..get it right. About your Description: What do mean "SawnOff Campin" we dont camp. We only use SawnOff if only you Camp on us or Use it on Us. Not everyone was talkin shyt in here. I saw your Challenge you did...( out of nowhere, you jump in conversation)...and i wanted to Join it!. WE NEVER BACK DOWN ON A CHALLENGE. Admit your good at Free Aim and you WON your use to that Game Mode already. We Accepted your challenge wit no problem, but Yet you talkin smack? it will be a different story if you played us Soft Lock and we wouldnt talk smack (maybe lol). But watever... all good, it aint over though. Its our first Free Aim battle and wont be the last lol :P .. KILL KILL!! . KILL KILL!!
        • Yamborghinion January 19 2013, 8:52pmReplyFlag
          Anyone 2v2 free aim message EasT New YawK soft lock is for nooooooooooobs (:
          • Veteran680_GHOSTon January 19 2013, 7:32pmReplyFlag
            • KingKoshanon January 19 2013, 7:13pmReplyFlag
              Kill crew who state they are the best at max payne 3.
              • ReaperLXIXon January 19 2013, 6:19pmReplyFlag
                pls sell the controllers in the warehouse? love the design also blue led's on the xbox ones around the R* logo would look bad ass
                • R* Yon January 20 2013, 12:09pmReplyFlag
                  @ReaperLXIX We don't have plans to sell the prizing, but we will have more controller giveaways in the future.
              • Socketzon January 19 2013, 8:04amReplyFlag
                It seems Consumer Products did win this event, that's the second in a row. Thanks for fixing that.
                • lllJBlllon January 18 2013, 8:04amReplyFlag
                  I'm just curious as to why we can't log into the social club via the Max Payne menu? it's been saying error ever since you brought out that patch to fix the invisible glitch.
                • bigwho1313on January 17 2013, 10:00pmReplyFlag
                  Kill kill kill ...
                  • AstralSystemson January 17 2013, 3:35pmReplyFlag
                    Thanx m8 will do.
                    • KingKoshanon January 17 2013, 12:07pmReplyFlag
                      R* WTF! Im in muliplayer screen, I go to crews its saying i must register with social club! Dammit R* I cant change crews I cant feud im playing for nothing this is rediculous man.. What the hell going on?????!
                    • DbOY_242on January 17 2013, 5:32amReplyFlag
                      Just curious to know when the results to this multiplayer event will be posted? Its been a couple days now any week or exact date to look forward to seeing the results?
                      • lllJBlllon January 17 2013, 5:59amReplyFlag
                        @DbOY_242 There isn't going to be any leaderboards for this event.
                      • R* Aon January 17 2013, 5:03pmReplyFlag
                        @DbOY_242 Yes, unfortunately there were technical difficulties with the leaderboards last week - sorry about that - not to worry though, they'll be back for the next Max event
                    • bigwho1313on January 16 2013, 11:59pmReplyFlag
                      Wanna a shot at the killers!!! visit our site and set up a match!!!!
                      Kill Kill Kill

                      • AstralSystemson January 16 2013, 6:45pmReplyFlag
                        Hello R* team i would really appreciate if you could take a look at this video and perhaps explain what is really all about
                      • BaronSamedi911on January 16 2013, 3:52pmReplyFlag
                        Were not getting it this month that's for sure I'm betting on february and its sad for the people that support the game , 5 months late for a DLC with a reason its ok but when silence is R* motto 5 months looks like 5 year
                        • R* Aon January 16 2013, 3:58pmReplyFlag
                          @BaronSamedi911 Stay tuned for an announcement very soon - we're hustling to get the Deathmatch Made in Heaven pack out to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
                        • BaronSamedi911on January 16 2013, 8:04pmReplyFlag
                          @ I know i sound like i have no patience but its just that i love this game and dont want it to die :) Anyways thankk you for the new info at least now we have a date looking foward into it long live MP3 will be playing till you close the servers;)
                      • bigwho1313on January 16 2013, 1:57pmReplyFlag
                        Kill kill kill!!! Seen out the dogs to pick up some dead ducks!!!! They love poping out of nowhere and getting shot down!!!
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