Exclusive New Red Dead Redemption Screens: Nuevo Paraiso (Northern Mexico)

Posted on April 21 2010, 12:37pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

In the world of Red Dead Redemption, south of the border across the San Luis River from New Austin, lies the Mexican province of Nuevo Paraiso. 

Check out some brand new screens from this area and be sure to check back later today for an update to the Features section of the Red Dead Redemption official site that showcases the territory of Nuevo Paraiso, along with a map of the region and a bunch more exclusive screens including HD versions of these.

An assault on the rebel base at Torquemada.

The bells of Las Hermanas ring out in times of danger.

The stunning, yet deadly gulches of Sidewinder Creek.

Wagons ferry people and supplies from Casa Madruga to nearby towns.

  • whnunlifeon September 2 2010, 6:38pmReplyFlag
    [b]Assault on Rebel Base[/b] was a fun mission!
    • Bearfarton May 15 2010, 3:42amReplyFlag
      I hope i can run my horse off a cliff. Then jump off just in time.
      • DarkManhattanon May 13 2010, 10:14amReplyFlag

        Is there any points of interest in Red Dead Redemption like the points of interest in GTA 4?
        • REDxSTARon April 26 2010, 5:19pmReplyFlag
          will u have a home in red dead?
          • Drone456on April 26 2010, 11:06amReplyFlag

            They're fantastic, Rockstar is using the Natural Motion Physics engine along with their Rage engine will make deaths utterly amazing and fun to see every time without ever repeating. Did you ever play GTA4? If so, then they're going to be like that but better. If you know what BackBreaker is, that is also close since it's using an updated version of the Euphoria engine.
            • bl4ckmagic34on April 25 2010, 2:54pmReplyFlag
              hey how are the ragdoll/ death animations? thats what im ost excited for
              • PUNJAABITOon April 24 2010, 3:50amReplyFlag
                • KrazyK_89on April 23 2010, 12:46pmReplyFlag
                  @R* Y Is there gonna be a new Manhunt game similar to the first one??? BTW Nice screenshots.
                  • Donkey_Brainson April 22 2010, 5:33pmReplyFlag
                    Anyone know if you can arm wrestle, play cards, horseshoe, etc with your friends online?

                    Also...Great marketing campaign R*, best Ive ever seen, never been more amped for a game since GTA: SA
                    • Rafiosoon April 22 2010, 5:27pmReplyFlag
                      @R* Y
                      Yes thx, but i'm sure, that this pictures wasn't yesterday at the section *g* What ever... Good ---ht :)
                      • XMasterXXGamerXon April 22 2010, 8:11amReplyFlag
                        Cool & Nice Places & Areas ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
                        • Icekleon April 22 2010, 5:07amReplyFlag
                          hi :)
                          If You Cant Wait For RED DEAD REDEMPTION To Come Out.
                          Neither Can I lol When It Does Join My Posse
                          Called Ecko.We Already Have 5 Members In Our Posse
                          and still growing.If You Looking For A Laugh
                          But Also Taken It Seriously.
                          Then Join us.My Gamertag = oOoGFunkoOo
                          Thanks Hopefully See You In The Wild West :D
                          • AsianGirls4Lifeon April 22 2010, 3:59amReplyFlag
                            Fing awesome can't wait
                            • 6206837on April 22 2010, 1:23amReplyFlag
                              @R* Y
                              Shanks R*! what about Max Payne 3 (game detals)
                              • thefunnyMANon April 21 2010, 11:31pmReplyFlag

                                Sry I Guess pride got the better of me
                                • ZombieWatchon April 21 2010, 8:08pmReplyFlag
                                  Will I have the option to System Link Red Dead Redemption with friends or is it multiplayer online only?
                                  • Zack26on April 21 2010, 7:56pmReplyFlag
                                    haha sorry R*

                                    i know u hate having to play mom and dad for us

                                    but compared to other comments..come on
                                    • The.Red.Undeadon April 21 2010, 7:53pmReplyFlag
                                      Well like it has been said by zack earlier if it was an option i would think the would have shown it in one of the videos or screenshots by now....why wouldnt they want to show a cool feature like that off?

                                      and swimming...im pretty sure we will because of the abundance of water in the world and the fact that the last gta had it...i wouldnt think they would go backwards with technical stuff like that if it was a possiblility that i think worked well in gta 4

                                      but just my opinion...anyone have any thoughts?
                                      • mlsk8eron April 21 2010, 7:53pmReplyFlag
                                        Im wondering if the game will look that amazing on PS3 aswell???
                                        • R* Yon April 21 2010, 7:52pmReplyFlag
                                          @Rafioso they’re in the map on the Nuevo Paraiso page – rollover the thumbnails and click for the HD

                                          @Zack26 @thefunnyMAN and anyone else getting into little tiffs, let’s settle down
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