Rockstar Fan Poll: File Your Report with the Vice City "Better" Business Bureau

Posted on January 2 2013, 10:56am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Over the years, Vice City's Better Business Bureau has received complaints of a wide range of violations from embezzlement and rioting to bribery and intimidation. Oh, and murder and arson as well. Let's just say that there are quite a few members of the local VC business community with less than stellar reputations for ethical practices. 

With Vice City tourism in high season, we need you to be a good whistle blower and file a report to the VCBBB on which of these allegedly crooked operations stands out to you as the worst offender.


InterGlobal Films
While this local movie studio run by director Steve Scott has consistently run afoul of obscenity laws and been a bane of our upstanding family values congressmen, ever since they came under new management, matters may have gotten worse  as their business interests have reportedly branched out into blackmail and felony littering...

Shady Acres and Avery Construction
Originally from Texas, Avery Carrington is a successful Vice City based businessman with interests in real estate development and construction. Going big at all costs, word on the street is that his fortune was built less on hard work and elbow grease, and more on juking property values, bribery, intimidation - and perhaps worse...

BJ's Used Autos / BJ's Fit for Football
Heavily in debt to loan sharks, former Vice City Mambas tight end BJ Smith opened BJ's Used Autos with a promise to customers that he would deliver them the car of their dreams - even if it's not on the lot. Following his own inspiring story of weight loss all the way down to 300 pounds, BJ expanded his empire to include the BJ's Fit for Football fitness video series on Beta and VHS.

Pastor Richards Salvation Statue Organization
Pastor Richards is a respected man of the cloth who has led his faithful Vice City congregation for years, uplifting and inspiring them with his fiery sermons whilst shining a light on all degenerates, philanderers, liberals and other evil-doers. Most recently, Pastor Richards has started the Pastor Richards Salvation Statue Organization, a tax-exempt fund to help followers rid themselves of corrupting material wealth and instead invest in building a structure in his likeness to inspire and save generations to come. We've received complaints alleging misappropriation of funds but this one seems on the up and up?

The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company
There are accusations that Maude Hanson's Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company with its landmark whipped-cream-and-cherry-topped factory in the heart of Little Havana is heavier on the ice than the cream. We have reports of people lining up around the block for a snow cone or some extra sprinkles at Cherry Popper Ice Cream trucks across Vice City...

Print Works
An elder statesman in the Vice City business community with a checkered past, old man Earnest Kelly is said to have the experience, knowledge and printing skills to handle any job large or small at his Print Works shop. Flyers, leaflets, or even novelty play-money replicated to look exactly like the real thing...

K. Rosenberg & Co.
This long-standing law firm founded by attorney Ken Rosenberg is located right on the Washington Beach beachfront strip. With a client list that reads like a who's who of shady characters - from Liberty City's reputed don Sonny Forelli to magnate Avery Carrington and others - we've received tips that he's also been spotted of late in the company of Liberty City transplant and ex-con Tommy Vercetti...

Café Robina
Cuban immigrants Umberto Robina and his father Alberto founded the Café Robina back in the 60s and are known far and wide for their tasty red beans and rice and boisterous hospitality. Recently however their reputation has been pockmarked by a nasty ongoing feud with neighboring Haitian gangs and reports of escalating violence...

  • R4TH4LOSon January 10 2015, 10:52pmReplyFlag
    Bull shark* my bad
    • R4TH4LOSon January 10 2015, 10:50pmReplyFlag
      Dear @Rockstar I bought one of you're shark card's which was the bullshack one and lost it by the lizard squad I know that they attack last year but I was wonder if you can give me my money back please and my e-mail is please help me get it back!!!
      • Rockstargreenon January 13 2013, 5:30pmReplyFlag
        Lazlow has to be on grand theft auto V
        • Iverson231on January 7 2013, 3:23pmReplyFlag
          Steve Scott is a pervert and a sex maniac in vice city , lol :)
          • LegionYT1994on January 5 2013, 12:26pmReplyFlag
            I really hope Rockstar has plans to release the Love Fist & Radio Espantoso songs that were created for the game. Why don't you just put them on iTunes? There's plenty of your own tracks available exclusively on iTunes, so why not put those up there as well? I'm really curious to find out if the Love Fist songs Fist Till Morning & Down Down Down are actual full songs, since you can only hear them in the game for a few seconds.
            • Sameedgangon January 5 2013, 6:00amReplyFlag
              Please realese gta vice city on psn and it would be awesome if it had rage graphics similar to gta iv and red dead redemption
            • Gamingawesomeon January 4 2013, 9:07pmReplyFlag
              LOL! Ken Rosenberg & co. is the highest, not surprise though.
              • PaceBoy_on January 4 2013, 12:35pmReplyFlag
                I also really want to play, I expect since I saw the first trailer.
                • CptEkson January 4 2013, 12:32pmReplyFlag
                  Why am I not surprised by the result ;) Of course Vice City's biggest crook gotta be Rosenberg & co !
                  • S.M.G.on January 4 2013, 10:59amReplyFlag
                    I thought you were no longer making reference to Cubans/Haitians?
                    • DutchStoneron January 4 2013, 7:34amReplyFlag
                      Hope to go back to the 80s in vice city on ps3 after GTA V.
                    • buffarion January 4 2013, 7:29amReplyFlag
                      Even though i bought Vice City on my iPad and i'm enjoying it, i still feel that R* is trying to squeeze the last drop of money out of this. I don't mean these ole classics should'nt have been converted for ps3, and all the smart devices, but they should be free. For instance San Andreas was the top selling franchise for ps2, so i don't think it's right to ask 10$ for it years later. But that's how the business is.
                      Sorry for my whining about this but i feel kind of ripped off.
                      • gegebelon January 5 2013, 4:03pmReplyFlag
                        @buffari you don't have to buy it on the PS3, it's just an option for those who want it. I actually bought San Andreas for PS2, Xbox, X360, PC retail, PC Steam. Why? Good games deserve my money, and SA definitely was best game ever.
                        I actually own every GTA game at least once for console and at least twice for PC. But, you don't have to, no one holds a gun to your head saying you have to buy. But some people like me are glad to give R* some money, and honestly, $10 for such a great game, why not? most people sold their PS2 or just ain't working anymore.
                      • buffarion January 7 2013, 1:25pmReplyFlag
                        @gegebel I've bought SA when it was first released and i don't want to pay for it again now when it's on ps3. So i'm not buying it. Sorry
                      • yelloww931on January 20 2013, 12:43amReplyFlag
                        @gegebel They dont understand what its like being an actual GTA fan. You love Rockstar so much for everything they've given us and you give them money and more money because you love Grand theft auto andsyou upport to make this game even better. I speak for all true GTA lovers. Its not about the money in the end its about all the amazing memories i had as a kid playing them. Ill love Rockstar forever
                    • Dingle_Berry1on January 4 2013, 1:05amReplyFlag
                      it has to be interglobalfilms, they make movies and Pornagraphy, and Porn gets you a whole f**king heap of cash, for 1 tape
                    • Brian-Johnsonon January 3 2013, 6:54pmReplyFlag
                      Hey Rockstar look what Rap Genius did for San Andreas.
                    • MattJSensationon January 3 2013, 6:35pmReplyFlag
                      I hope Barry Stark is still hanging around on the radio in GTA V.
                      • kotsios-Von January 3 2013, 5:52pmReplyFlag
                        OK :)
                        • kotsios-Von January 3 2013, 4:56pmReplyFlag
                          R* why do not you tell us the release date of gta V?????we know only the release is in SPRING tell us more information I WANT TO GET THIS GAME SO BAD .......please tell us more information thanks :)
                          • R* Aon January 3 2013, 5:06pmReplyFlag
                            @kotsios-V Please be patient and stay on topic. Thank you.
                          • kotsios-Von January 3 2013, 5:17pmReplyFlag
                            @ OK I can wait... Your the best game company in the world and your games is AWESOME i love your games and i want the GTA V so much.....THANKS:)
                          • R* Aon January 3 2013, 5:48pmReplyFlag
                            @kotsios-V Glad to hear it - thank you and stay tuned!
                          • kotsios-Von January 3 2013, 5:59pmReplyFlag
                            @ OK R*A THANKS:)
                          • PaceBoy_on January 4 2013, 6:42amReplyFlag
                            @kotsios-V Do not worry Kotsios-V, the best game in the world will not Saints row the third or Call Of Duty or Bf2 but it's GTA V will no doubt but that must wait.
                            PS: R * You do excellent work, BRAVO!
                            Sorry, i use a translate. :/
                          • kotsios-Von January 4 2013, 7:42amReplyFlag
                            @PaceBoy_ i know that the best games is the GTA V but i want to play it so much...i can wait but ihope R*release it soon.
                          • PaceBoy_on January 4 2013, 12:38pmReplyFlag
                            @kotsios-V I also really want to play, I expect since I saw the first trailer.
                        • Chrisevil1106on January 3 2013, 4:11pmReplyFlag
                          All I wanna say is thank you so much for all of the older gta games :D they are amazing and fun.I love the pedestrians..In my eyes the old gta games top saints row by miles.
                          • TrevorPhillips93on January 3 2013, 4:02pmReplyFlag
                            Hello, R* A. May I know, what department involved in making all promo stuff for the games, being published by Rockstar Games, e.g. screens and trailers - the company-developer or the company-publisher?
                            • The-Dark-Nighton January 3 2013, 4:37pmReplyFlag
                              @TrevorPhillips93 i like yout avatar Trevor, is that what the views are like down in Blaine County?
                            • TrevorPhillips93on January 3 2013, 4:50pmReplyFlag
                              @The-Dark-Night Yeah, I like it too. No, recently I've been to Vice City, and there I took a picture of its landscape. Here's a full version of the photo:
                            • TrevorPhillips93on January 3 2013, 5:25pmReplyFlag
                              @TrevorPhillips93 R* A, why can't you reply to my message?
                            • Rockstar_Viennaon January 3 2013, 5:31pmReplyFlag
                              @TrevorPhillips93 Everything website related (news, commercials, trailer uploads) comes from Rockstar's HQ in New York.
                            • TrevorPhillips93on January 3 2013, 5:45pmReplyFlag
                              @Rockstar_Vienna Okay, thanks. Now I got more. I realized that while Rockstar North is making the game, Rockstar Games can give us different stuff related to GTA V, and do it quite often. But instead of it, they don't do it for some reason. If it was Rockstar North, they could be busy with creating GTA V and they couldn't have enough time to make screens and trailers. But if it's responsibility of Rockstar Games, why they can't please us with promo stuff even now? Advertising campaign should be started already.
                            • R* Aon January 7 2013, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                              @TrevorPhillips93 Please be patient and abide by Rule #5 right above the Comment Box. Thank you.
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