Vice City Crime Tree Desktop + Unreleased Classic Character Art

Posted on December 28 2012, 2:33pm | Author: R* A | Filed Under: Games

Rounding out our collection of Vice City digital wallpapers, backgrounds, Facebook covers, buddy icons and avatars - we've created a desktop-ready version of the classic Vice City Bureau of Investigations crime tree from the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City website. So pin that one to your monitor, fill the loafers of VCBI Agents Bruce and Bob, and eagle-eye the relationships between the dodgy characters of VC's criminal ecosystem - from powerful kingpins like Sonny Forelli and Colonel Cortez on down to dregs like 'expert' safecracker Cam Jones and chef Leo Teal.

Additionally, we've dug into the crates a bit and created nice hi-res desktops of all the other character art that was never officially released in the Vice City collection. That's Avery Carrington, Cam Jones, Candy Suxx, Colonel Cortez, Gonzales, Hilary King, Old Man Earnest Kelly, Kent Paul, Steve Scott, Tommy Vercetti, Umberto Robina - AND, all of the radio DJ character art: Adam First, Pepe, Fernando Martinez, Oliver 'Ladykiller' Biscuit, Mr. Magic, Toni, and Lazlow.

Grab these and more over at the Vice City collection of Wallpapers, Icons, and Avatars.

New Vice City Anniversary Artwork Added to Rockstar Downloads

  • POET.9on February 1 2014, 9:22pmReplyFlag
    Thank you sooooo much for this Rockstar, im a HUGE Vice City fan.
    • mikedo2007on January 8 2013, 2:12pmReplyFlag
      Thanks for posting these unreleased art. These are very interesting.
    • thatkush77on December 30 2012, 10:16pmReplyFlag
      SO he's an unreleased character?
      • R* Yon January 7 2013, 12:05pmReplyFlag
        @thatkush77 Some of the artworks haven't been released before, so we decided to complete the Vice City artwork section.
    • padzsion December 30 2012, 3:55pmReplyFlag
      Oh God. Vice City was my first GTA experience which pushed me gaming back. Truly i could t save the game first. That was days i found it in the menu. Since i just play whith R* products. Nagy köszönet azért a fantasztikus, bizsergető élményért.
      Do it again in 70s.
      • TwinFireon December 30 2012, 8:06amReplyFlag
        Sonny Sonny Sonny :x

        thanks, R*
        • Hinduboyzephyron December 29 2012, 12:27pmReplyFlag
          यह कमाल है.
          • Yan2295on December 29 2012, 8:45pmReplyFlag
            It's in Indie, and means "It's awesome" :)
          • Yan2295on December 29 2012, 8:47pmReplyFlag
            @Hinduboyzephyr हिंदी बोल रहा है या आप बस अनुवाद का उपयोग कर रहे हैं
          • HARDROCK007on December 30 2012, 12:49amReplyFlag
            @Yan2295 Aapko Hindi font kaise mila?
          • Hinduboyzephyron December 30 2012, 9:54amReplyFlag
            @Hinduboyzephyr मैंने गूगल अनुवाद का इस्तेमाल किया था क्योंकि मेरे पास देवनागरी( स्क्रिप्ट जो हिंदी में लिखने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है) लिपि कीबोर्ड नहीं है, मैं एक देशी वक्ता हूँ हिन्दी का न की इंडी का.
          • Caio_MaggoT-BRon December 31 2012, 1:12pmReplyFlag
            @Hinduboyzephyr Vou falar em português também. Mancada isso aí!
          • Hinduboyzephyron January 1 2013, 2:28amReplyFlag
            @Caio_MaggoT-BR Eu não falam Português.
          • R* Aon January 3 2013, 4:21pmReplyFlag
            @Hinduboyzephyr Ha - quite an international convo you guys are having
          • Hinduboyzephyron January 4 2013, 2:25amReplyFlag
            @ Yeah,right!
          • Hinduboyzephyron January 4 2013, 2:27amReplyFlag
            @ It is to increase brotherhood.
        • xXaerooff2Xxon December 29 2012, 11:24amReplyFlag
          Hell yeah! I love tose never released arts! They're awesome!
          • LegionYT1994on December 29 2012, 11:10amReplyFlag
            I wish Rockstar would remaster the Love Fist and Radio Espantoso songs from the game and put them up somewhere for digital download. Just like the Head Radio & Lips 106 music, that was an epic treat! Please think about it Rockstar, would be so awesome to have high quality versions of these tracks.

            Have a nice day & happy new years,
            • lol232on December 29 2012, 10:53amReplyFlag
              Rockstar Games, this is exactly what i was hyped about in GTA VC 10 Year Anniversary Comments!
              I wanted to see this since you said about it, thank you!!!
              Avery's artwork is badass!
            • WolfRogerson December 29 2012, 8:57amReplyFlag
              Appreciate this, good to see Radio Artwork and Radio Logos! Too bad we'll never see the VCS ones!
              • Ghose100on December 29 2012, 6:33amReplyFlag
                Rockstar, you are best! A few days ago i was looking for these pictures in big resolutions and you like a Santa make me a present. Thanks for the pink beauty in bikini.
              • BlushingHuskyon December 28 2012, 9:59pmReplyFlag
                RIP Avery Carrington. he was the best..... stupid toni
                • DneroJohnsonon December 28 2012, 9:46pmReplyFlag
                  Aww yeah, this is just what I need. Thanks R*!

                  Love this kinda stuff, hope you'll do this to other titles.
                  • VinewoodTitson December 28 2012, 9:10pmReplyFlag
                    Fun fact: The inside Police Station is a bit similar looking to the one in the 80's iconic TV Show Miami Vice.
                  • TrevorPhillips93on December 28 2012, 5:34pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar, you did very good thing with these Vice City artworks, but what about Grand Theft Auto III? Its anniversary was last year, and there are so many GTA III artworks that you still haven't released... Can you, please, dig into the crates again and find for us some more artworks than there are for this moment in Rockstar Downloads?
                    • southparkmayoron December 28 2012, 5:27pmReplyFlag
                      Something tells me that Dan Houser is R*A.
                    • GTAEGOTISTICon December 28 2012, 5:23pmReplyFlag
                      Rockstar was wondering,if you were going to have a Mini Poker Game in GTA5 like you did with Red Dead
                    • Yan2295on December 28 2012, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                      The Crime tree is awesome, just like those new Artworks. Thanks Rockstar :)
                      • sabestaron December 28 2012, 4:59pmReplyFlag
                        "Have you met my lovely wife, Laura? No? Well, unfortunately, she's in Alabama. This is Candy."
                        • Fireboyd78on December 28 2012, 4:50pmReplyFlag
                          Candy Suxx looks like John Travolta...brb gotta puke!
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