Behind the Scenes in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s “The Lab” (Part 3: City Design)

Posted on December 26 2012, 12:04pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Sun-kissed beaches, glamorous night spots, sprawling mansions, squalid ghettos and the various vehicles you use to traverse them...
Creating the world of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City called for tireless and meticulous City Design in making its ambitious level of architecture, locations and modes of transport possible. Today's concluding Part 3 of "The Lab" - a rare behind the scenes look at the design of Vice City through interactive displays originally produced nearly a decade ago for an exhibit at London's Design Museum - has some very special glimpses of the modeling, interior design, and 3D rendering that brought Vice City to life. 

  • “Buildings”- Rare rendering videos that show the Cherry Poppers ice cream factory, the Malibu Club, and the Diaz Mansion from wireframes through to 3D models and fully rendered locations in the game world.
  • “Interiors” - 360-degree video tours of the inside of the Ocean Apartments lobby and dining room, the Malibu Club's dance floor, and Ken Rosenberg's stately office.
  • "City Wireframe”- Focused around the city's Downtown area with its hi-rises and landmark Hyman Stadium, see the city come alive from wireframes to final city render with a view to the south.
  • "City Renders" - Render images of various parts about the city both interior and exterior - living spaces, work spaces, playtime and outside vistas.
  • "Vehicle Design" - 3D models, wireframes, final renders and damage models for a variety of vehicle types in the game - the Box Ville truck, the Faggio scooter, Squalo speedboat, Sandking rover, Hermes vintage sedan, and the Maverick chopper.

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Part One: AnimationPart Two: Sound

  • lionskateron November 8 2015, 4:33amReplyFlag
    any way can you create vice city 2 with all things that are deleted from the game but with continue to story line and weapons and for sure cars
    • Dudekson January 8 2013, 5:44pmReplyFlag
      When are you going to update textures for Samsung devices? It is shame that you haven't done it yet, while I'm sure it is not so hard for You. We payed full price for half product with worse textures than any other version of Vice City.
    • GM-Shenmueon January 4 2013, 5:13amReplyFlag
      This is awesome, i'm loving this stuff. Thank you R*
      • RabbidDude1on January 1 2013, 4:00pmReplyFlag
        Sweet mother of god those interiors look amazing!
        • lol232on December 30 2012, 7:17amReplyFlag

          Anyway, R*, will you make a Q&A like you did for GTA III?
          • srdaroon December 29 2012, 11:35amReplyFlag
            Dear R* i was always wondering if in a few years there will be San Andreas 10th annyversary so you can make San Andreas,maybe the best GTA i played for now,for the iOS and Android phones,I HAVE BOUGHT EVERY R* GAMES ARTICLE,ROCKSTAR YOU ARE DOING THE BEST JOB I CAN EVER IMAGINE,KEEP IT UP! MUCH LOVE FROM CROATIA! :)
            • YuhaoAo1216on December 28 2012, 10:45amReplyFlag
              That sunder good!
              • Fronkonschteenon December 28 2012, 3:04amReplyFlag
                I love these "behind the scenes". They give a whole new perspective to the effort it took to make the game. Are there more to come?

                Love From Sweden
                • Walnuttyon December 28 2012, 1:02amReplyFlag
                  @ALPHA R Dont lose your pants coolio
                  • ALPHA_Ron December 27 2012, 11:53pmReplyFlag
                    ok... ITS TIME FOR THE LANCE VANCE DANCE!
                  • Walnuttyon December 27 2012, 5:13pmReplyFlag
                    Ah Vice the city of dreams but everything in vice city ain't always what it seems Hee, Huh, Hee, Huh, Hee, Huh, Hee, Huh
                    • R* Aon January 3 2013, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                      @Walnutty Ha, nice - another Grandmaster Flash classic

                      It's too much! Too many people!
                  • MuXu96on December 27 2012, 4:44pmReplyFlag
                    This one is the best one :D If I could work with R* as Game that would be cool, sadly I am not a Game Designer and don't really know how to become one :D

                    But awesome work R*! I would like to see more behind the scenes from other games! :)
                    • choteronon December 27 2012, 12:31pmReplyFlag
                      So cool :)
                      • Sebianotion December 27 2012, 12:11pmReplyFlag
                        what's the point in this Rockstar? it shows final finished stuff, i was hoping for some concept renders and never before seen stuff?
                        • R* Aon December 28 2012, 1:30pmReplyFlag
                          @Sebianoti These show architectural wireframes and other rare behind the scenes assets - make sure to check out Parts 1 & 2 linked above which include concept sketches of the characters and more. Cheers.
                      • jflassshon December 27 2012, 11:24amReplyFlag
                        a grand theft auto classics collection with all the behind the scenes there is should be done
                        • VinewoodTitson December 27 2012, 10:01amReplyFlag
                          I treated myself to an iPhone 5 and bought both GTA III and Vice City 10th Anniversary games. Thanks and looking foward to 2013...
                        • GTAMythbusteron December 27 2012, 7:18amReplyFlag
                          Really nice to see these images :D The wireframes are so neat and well optimised compared to some mods :/

                          I wonder what music you were listening to while making these models(since there's a windows media player in the taskbars), possibly some 80's rock?

                          Also, Rockstar, is there any possibility you guys could release your exporting scripts for the previous games once a new game of a series comes out. Ie when GTA V comes out you should put your San Andreas(or even IV) exporting scripts online for modders. Seeing as many modders use 3D Studio Max as well, it would help people create really nice cars for your games, which in turn could sell you more copies of older games :)
                          • iLewisGTAon December 27 2012, 6:30amReplyFlag
                            R*, Any chance of seeing some 10th Anniversary Posters in the Warehouse?

                            • R* Qon December 27 2012, 10:18amReplyFlag
                              @iLewisGTA Stay tuned - we have some more Vice City themed stuff we think you'll like at the Warehouse early in the New Year.
                            • iLewisGTAon December 27 2012, 11:21amReplyFlag
                              @ :O You've got me on the edge of my seat! - I can't wait! :). - Also, I'm looking forward to getting Vice City on PSN soon :)

                              Hope you had a great Holiday!

                            • Tifosi_Loriaon January 9 2013, 2:02pmReplyFlag
                              @iLewisGTA I'm still waiting to see GTA vice city on the PSN. Any updates R*???
                            • lionskateron July 18 2015, 4:12amReplyFlag
                              @ cool man
                            • lionskateron July 18 2015, 4:15amReplyFlag
                              @ rockstar what the program you use to create car models
                          • DARKxSUNLIGHTon December 27 2012, 4:37amReplyFlag
                            Hey... Main Screen > Buildings > 3rd slide "Diaz Mansion"

                            At the end of the animation of the Diaz Mansio being built it is looking out toward Ocean Beach and The Docks right? If so, I see an island with houses that were not there in the final game. Was this a beta island that was removed?
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