Seen on Instagram: #GTA Adorning Man and Machine

Posted on December 21 2012, 4:50pm | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

In our latest look about the world of Instagram, we've seen impressive #GTA homages decorating the flesh and steel of some pretty hardcore fans, as well as race and chase grannies, Vice City mobile highlight reel shots and more. If you stumble upon any other fun user pics whether from GTA or any of our other games, send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at to always see our latest official pics.

VC to SA to MAN. Salford tattoo artist @mrjackart hooked up this sleeve for @jamespanayiotou in a tribute to #ViceCity, #SanAndreas and 'sunny' Madchester.

There's been lots of choice IG photos posted by fans returning to #ViceCity via their iPhones, iPads and Droids. Doing an insane stunt jump in a bus while rocking 2 stars? Impressive, @wupreme666.

Spotted on the streets of Berlin - this guy took Pay 'N' Spray to a whole new level (via @canbaba)...

And in the UK - this one found in a Tesco parking lot by @ryanpanayis.

Through the years. A shout to @chaanbansal for this lovely nostalgic collage of the Vice City,Los Santos and Liberty City skylines from '86 to 2013.


Grandma runs you over with a Sabre Turbo. @scottboas shared this pic of his grandmother catching wreck on the streets of #ViceCity.


  • Socketzon December 24 2012, 12:44pmReplyFlag
    I love it when fans take the gaming world into the real world, Good thing about GTA ones is that they generally always feature hot chicks which can work on anything as proven on the car. I do the same thing with my crew and give out badges and patches with our logos on it when members win our events. It's easy for me as my crew is based from a popular movie making badges and stuff already available. I can't wait for GTA it's going to be amazing. Thanks R*
    • Jasioson December 25 2012, 3:00amReplyFlag
      @Socketz Hey wat cosole is your crew on? Ive been searching forba good crew to roll with.
  • Nikolai_Rybakovon December 23 2012, 11:13pmReplyFlag
    That's a cool stuff!
    • The-Dark-Nighton December 23 2012, 6:55pmReplyFlag
      Granny after playing GTA: Vice City & getting hooked requests R* to add a knitting mini game in GTA:V.
      • The-Dark-Nighton December 23 2012, 8:06amReplyFlag
        Granny playing GTA! HA HA.
        • VinewoodTitson December 22 2012, 5:17pmReplyFlag
          Speaking of pics and screens... @R* Is there a way I can make my 'Avatar' I have next to my Social Club ID be shown as my 'Avatar Gamer Picture' for my Xbox Live profile? Cheers
          • R* Aon December 23 2012, 6:46pmReplyFlag
            @VinewoodTits Don't think so, as it would have to be a Gamerpic on the XBL side - but shoot us a mouthoff about it and we can look into it. Cheers.
        • Pvtomanon December 22 2012, 2:30pmReplyFlag
          Great stuff R*
          • R* Aon December 23 2012, 6:46pmReplyFlag
            @Pvtoman Cheers - we thought so too, glad to see you and others like 'em
        • Rod266on December 22 2012, 1:22pmReplyFlag
          That granny must be like: "hey check out how I run over this old ---!" haha nice ones Rockstar
          • marcos456on December 22 2012, 11:31amReplyFlag
            • DarkMythHunteron December 22 2012, 7:39amReplyFlag
              Hhaahha funny. The last one is really funny.

              I also have one I made 1 year ago. Do yuo like it? I think you know it cuz' @ROCKSTARSUPPORT knows it.

              MADE IN DECEMBER 24TH, 2011.

            • Gonz81on December 22 2012, 5:17amReplyFlag
              Unfortunately the pic with the Volkwagen was taken in Berlin, not in NYC. It has the green pollution badge which is used in Germany, the streetside looks very well known for me an when you klick on the picture you'll see that the user tagged it with #Berlin :-)
              • R* Aon December 23 2012, 6:53pmReplyFlag
                @Gonz81 Right you are - the gentleman who took the original picture ( let us know in Instagram comments too. We've gone ahead and corrected that in the caption above. Cheers.
            • JAR3N13on December 22 2012, 5:05amReplyFlag

              I agree with Glitcher98745 will there ever be a San Andreas Stories? But Im sure San Andreas will later be released on iOS sooner or later.

              Am I right or am I right?

              Feel free to let us loyal Rockstar fans know please.

              Thank You
              • husain_110on December 22 2012, 4:02amReplyFlag
                R* keep up the good work
              • Hinduboyzephyron December 22 2012, 2:07amReplyFlag
                All photographs are amazing but that granny photo is hilarious.
              • RussianTheftAutoon December 22 2012, 12:13amReplyFlag
                "Collage from Vice City 1986 to LS 2013" very NICE.
                • VinewoodTitson December 21 2012, 10:28pmReplyFlag
                  That granny should be playing some Red Dead Redemption. More of her time right? hehe
                • simsdanielon December 21 2012, 9:50pmReplyFlag
                  "From 86' 60 2013" GTA V takes place in 2013. Thats good.
                  • simsdanielon December 21 2012, 9:56pmReplyFlag
                    @simsdaniel My bad, I just read a reply below saying this means nothing about what time GTA V takes place..... But, Vice City took place in '86 not released than.
                  • R* Aon December 23 2012, 6:56pmReplyFlag
                    @simsdaniel It's just a caption for fun, nothing to read too much into
                • ChicagoEnigmaon December 21 2012, 8:41pmReplyFlag
                  Very cool, I like !
                • Alexis110995on December 21 2012, 8:21pmReplyFlag
                  these guys are very fanatics of R*
                  • Walnuttyon December 22 2012, 11:18pmReplyFlag
                    @Alexis110995 Fan or stan whats the difference clearly these people got alot of passion and love for R good stuff.That tattoo came out real nice but those cars look a little tacky to me good for promo but daily use i dunno.That granny better watch out being old is not a valid excuse to not get her wig split in Vice city.
                • jonhyosbourneon December 21 2012, 7:33pmReplyFlag
                  Very Cooll, GTA its a true legend, classic :)
                  • Rayden02on December 21 2012, 7:03pmReplyFlag
                    Good selection Rockstar* ;)
                    The best instagrams for me so far!
                    Thanks for sharing! :)
                    • R* Yon December 21 2012, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                      @Rayden02 Good to know, more coming in the future...
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