Behind the Scenes in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’s “The Lab” (Part 2: Sound)

Posted on December 20 2012, 4:24pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Part two in of our special three-part series in honor of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's 10th anniversary, "The Lab" - a set of interactive tours through the game's design elements that originally appeared nearly a decade ago as part of an installation recognizing Vice City at London's Design Museum - focuses on the painstaking work poured into the game's sound design.

From the attention paid to the Vice City radio dial which hosted an unprecedented soundtrack of licensed music from the 80s plus original 'talk radio' stations, to the intensive sound design that helped make the game's open world come alive, today's edition of The Lab has some glimpses behind the scenes that have never been published online til today:

  • “Radio Stations”- Tune in to audio from all 9 original radio stations from the Vice City radio dial: Fever 105 (soul hosted by Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit), Radio Espantoso (latin hosted by Pepe), Emotion 98.3 (ballads hosted by Fernando Martinez), Wave 103 (new wave hosted by Adam First), Wildstyle Pirate Radio (rap hosted by Super Rockin' Mr. Magic), V-Rock (rock hosted by Lazlow), Flash FM (pop hosted by Toni) and talk stations K-Chat and VCPR. For the 7 music stations, you can hear snippet mixes of selected excerpts whilst for the 2 talk radio stations, "The Lab" contains the station audio in its entirety for a full streaming listen.
  • “SoundFX” - A special breakdown of just one small element of Vice City's sound design - helicopter sound effects. As the section explains, the total amount of space available at the time for sound effects would hold less than 12 seconds of music from a CD, therefore all of the sounds created for the city needed to be very short. Each sound has to be produced in isolation so that it can be controlled independently depending on how the player interacts with the game. Listen to the various individual sounds used and then check out a video demo of the final product in action as Tommy Vercetti lifts off in the chopper.
  • "Pedestrians”- Wherever you go in the streets of Vice City - from the beach to the shopping mall to the airport - you're sure to overhear tons of colorful dialogue from the city's resident peds. Strutting playboys, lecherous pervs, blue collar slobs, glamorous fly girls, and more - have a look and listen to a sampling of the vast audio recorded in populating Vice City's ambient world.
Please enjoy above and we also have embed code below for anyone who would like to re-post "The Lab: Sound". We'll have Part 3 soon which will be a very rare look at the modeling and architecture work that went into the game's original City Design.

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The Lab Part 1: Animation

  • lionskateron July 15 2015, 11:48amReplyFlag
    the pedestrian voices is pefect excluding this the patrol police
    • POET.9on February 1 2014, 8:51pmReplyFlag
      Vice City all the way. My favorite GTA game yet. : )
      • flipmoodeon January 2 2013, 4:40pmReplyFlag
        R* you kick arse! I always wanted to see some behind the scenes of you guys, Nice work :). I'm saving for some vice city t-shirts :P. long time fan. keep up the amazing work. gta 5 looks insane!
        • GM-Shenmueon December 24 2012, 1:22pmReplyFlag
          I love Vice City, Flash FM and EMOTION are my Favorites Stations i love them so much that i listen to them in my phone or ipod :)
          • Invaderrjlon December 24 2012, 3:48amReplyFlag
            • aymen51on December 23 2012, 5:39pmReplyFlag
              Please i have a question who's the persons who R* don't reply to his comments ?. R* never reply to my comment
              • R* Aon December 23 2012, 7:00pmReplyFlag
                @aymen51 Hey mate - please see Rule #5 above the Comments Box. Comments are intended for Social Club members to comment on the article itself and talk amongst each other - not as a place to direct questions to Rockstar. If you have something you'd like our attention on, please make sure to hit us up at and we'll have a look in a few days. Cheers.
              • aymen51on December 24 2012, 2:14pmReplyFlag
                @ thanks
            • aymen51on December 23 2012, 5:33pmReplyFlag
              I see you soon AMIGO i think :p
              • Pierpix89on December 23 2012, 10:18amReplyFlag
                Flash FM is my only station!!!
                • abrahamRRon December 23 2012, 2:34amReplyFlag
                  I love emotion!!!!!
                  • DropDeadOmixon December 23 2012, 1:44amReplyFlag
                    I wish I could play this Vice City on the Vita instead of Vice City Stories; would be amazing if it was possible.
                    • Pe0lsonon December 22 2012, 7:48pmReplyFlag
                      Man, really, I can listen Emotion for several hours and don't get tired... for me, the best radio on all GTA's. Vice City has a really remarkable soundtrack.
                      • deepdarkbasementon December 22 2012, 6:49pmReplyFlag
                        I always wanted to know what was going on behind the scenes on games like this, all the hard work, choices, and even controversy. I agree with you man, but I want a Behind the Scenes on the whole franchise!
                        • rebwar_marson December 22 2012, 2:27pmReplyFlag
                          I want Behind the Scenes in GTA V
                          • ALPHA_Ron December 22 2012, 11:34amReplyFlag
                            NICE !!!!! thanks rockstar !
                            • WolfRogerson December 22 2012, 4:03amReplyFlag
                              I'm actually surprised, the VCPR and K-Chat offered here are actually HIGHER quality than the game versions, that include the PC and Xbox Versions! So thanks Rockstar, I threw these into the game and now the Talk Stations sound just as good as the music stations!

                              Any possible chance we can get Chatterbox from GTA3? :P
                              • ruygracaon December 21 2012, 7:43pmReplyFlag
                                Rockstar Games want to report a problem that happened to me.
                                In the music tab when I click the forward arrow to hear delay.
                                • R* Aon December 23 2012, 7:01pmReplyFlag
                                  @ruygraca Please let us know at with details - however please keep in mind, these are original Flash files produced almost 10 years ago, so bear with any slowness in them. Cheers.
                              • carlosss501on December 21 2012, 7:26pmReplyFlag
                                • iLewisGTAon December 21 2012, 4:44pmReplyFlag
                                  R*, Hope I'm not Off-Topic here, but is there any chance of you making some GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Posters? I would love to buy one. - Please take this idea into consideration (if you haven't already).

                                • Sprunk1995on December 21 2012, 4:42pmReplyFlag
                                  Have a good weekend everyone, i guess most of you guys must be busy with Vice City, San Andreas, RDRevolver, Bully and Midnight Club 3, but if you manage to make yourself go outside, take it easy and have a slow ride :)

                                  • thegreg54098on December 21 2012, 4:08pmReplyFlag
                                    where everyone have been?
                                    before i made this account there was a new coment every 30 secs
                                    now it's every hour 1 coment :T
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