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To commemorate the release of Vice City for mobile devices, we're unveiling a new set of custom gear and collectibles created specifically for the 10th anniversary of the game. This new collection includes an assortment of distinctively 80s gear like the color morphing tees from Body Faders®, a nickel-plated Money Clip, a custom Vice City themed Rubik’s Cube® and more...

All these items are expected to ship within the next two weeks, but are available to order now from the Rockstar Warehouse. If you have specific questions about individual products and availability please contact our store customer support team at who are standing by to answer your questions.
Vice City 10th Anniversary Logo Tee
This 100% cotton tee features the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary logo on the front and a small Rockstar Games logo right below the neckline on the back. Available in pink and black variations for both men's and women's sizes.
Vice City 10th Anniversary Body Faders® Tee
These 100% cotton tees are constructed from a temperature sensitive pigment that changes between two colors. The blue tee features the sleek and low profile Infernus on the front and changes from blue when cold to sky blue when warm. The grey tee features the iconic Vice City girl on the front and changes from grey when cold to white when warm. Both tees include a small Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary logo just below the neck line on the back.
Vice City 10th Anniversary Collectibles
Our absorbent, soft black cotton Head Band includes an embroidered neon pink Vice City logo on its front and the Rockstar Games logo on the back.
The classic 6-sided cube featuring 80s era pastels and artwork from the original Vice City.
Constructed from heavy duty PVC vinyl, the Vice City 10th Anniversary beach ball inflates to a diameter of 10.5” and features the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary logo on its alternating pink and black panels and a Rockstar Games logo on the bottom.
This set of twenty traditional two-piece round buttons features the original Rockstar Games artwork from Vice City.
This custom design two-sided money clip is constructed from a nickel-plated brass alloy and features the Vice City 10th Anniversary logo on one side and the Rockstar Games logo on the other.
Rubik's Cube® is a registered trademark of Seven Towns, Ltd.

  • KILLER24MILLERon February 23 2016, 9:42amReplyFlag
    believe it or not I picked up a prototype from a storage auction here in New York. They definitely made a prototype. I didn't know where else to post but I got proof of the contract plus figure still in box. Anyone Interested I wouldn't mind showing it off.
    • ADAMFRIDAY11on September 24 2015, 4:43pmReplyFlag
      Dear Rockstar Games

      When it comes up for the 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto Vice City
      I think i speak for everyone when saying

      Can you please make a Tommy Vercetti action figure and hawaian shirt
      I think that it would please alot of fans like myself

      Since Tommy is one of my favourite characters
      Please take this into account and reply back to me if you guys think its a good idea
    • truthfulrobert91on February 11 2015, 3:48pmReplyFlag

      Just wondering if you will be getting anymore Tommy Vercetti Hawaiian shirts or Merryweather Security t-shirts
      in please?
      • LSDariusson September 7 2013, 4:56amReplyFlag
        No Sideshow C. 1:6 Figure of Tommy Vercetti T.T!!!
        • ViceCityPDon January 28 2013, 1:23pmReplyFlag
          Are you guys planning to restock the money clips or are they gone for good?
          • simsdanielon December 29 2012, 1:47amReplyFlag
            Just received my Money clip, beach ball, Rubik's cube, and pin set. All great high quality items, thank you! I made the mistake of scrambling the Rubik's Cube thinking I would be able to complete it and and put it back in my R* Games collectables... I was wrong.
            • ZCRAZEon December 26 2012, 10:57pmReplyFlag
              Pretty cool! But we definitely need a Tommy Vercetti collectible figure.
              • PEST__CONTROL_on December 24 2012, 9:08amReplyFlag
                Rockstar do you plan on selling any more vc money clips? i dont dont mind waiting a few weeks but i at least let me know its a simple question
                • PhilRockstaron December 21 2012, 8:47amReplyFlag
                  Just received my Black Vice City 10th Anniversary Shirt. It's awesome! And thanks Rockstar because it was fast, only 2 days after ordered it.
                  • PEST__CONTROL_on December 20 2012, 3:45pmReplyFlag
                    When will the money clip be back?
                    • mac10kon December 19 2012, 3:45pmReplyFlag
                      When will be the Money Clip back in Stock at the Euro-Warehouse??
                      Me wants to order the complete VC 10th Anni Collection in one Order, to save Shipping Fees
                    • PTM.Al_Pacinoon December 18 2012, 11:07pmReplyFlag
                      Come on R* please release a tommy vercetti hawaiian shirt. Even if it's 100€ im buying it lol.

                      This one
                      • Vercetti-THBon December 18 2012, 11:16amReplyFlag
                        Just received my 10th anniversary shirt and Vice City money clip.
                        Very high quality and overall just Beastin.

                        R* all day!
                        • simsdanielon December 18 2012, 11:42pmReplyFlag
                          @Vercetti-THB Your very lucky! Mine hasn't even shipped yet and I ordered a hour after it was available. When did you order yours?
                      • simsdanielon December 17 2012, 10:47pmReplyFlag
                        Has anyone had their items ship yet? It now say's, "Order Now, ships within 1 day" but mine still hasn't and I ordered a hour after they were available.
                        • Sonny_Red_84on December 17 2012, 2:21pmReplyFlag
                          dear R*. please make a Tommy hawaiian shirt. that would be so cool!!!
                          • simsdanielon December 16 2012, 11:06pmReplyFlag
                            Love these Rockstar Warehouse items. Bought the Rubik's Cube, Beach Ball, Money Clip, and Pin set for the Vice City Collection and also got the GTA IV Special Edition, Max Payne 3 Special Edition, Max Payne Bullet & Ashes Pack, and the Red Dead Redemption collectors pack all this week. Thanks R*.
                          • DjChronnerson December 16 2012, 2:34amReplyFlag
                            The tommy Hawaiian shirt is way more iconic than max Payne's Hawaiian shirt or anything cole phelps wore. Therefore I'm kinda disappointed! But I'll still get a thirst at least lol
                            • mac10kon December 15 2012, 9:22amReplyFlag

                              Will you release a Action Figure for Vice City's 10th Anni ? and will there be, free 10th Anni Vice City Sticker Sets, for orders at the R* Warehouse?
                              and like Jur1zz asked for, please release a V_C 10th Anni Mug
                              • NSTLGCPLSRSon December 15 2012, 8:59amReplyFlag
                                WE WANT TOMMY VERCETTI ACTION FIGURE!!!
                                • PTM.Al_Pacinoon December 13 2012, 1:16pmReplyFlag
                                  I was just waiting for this anniversary as I was looking forward to be able to get a Tommy Vercetti shirt ( I even created a support ticket like a year ago asking if it was planned for this anniversary a R* member said they didn't know.

                                  You guys know we all loved Vercetti and his shirt is a reference, not only of Tommy but of the 80s. Please R* release a tommy hawaian shirt, theres more ppl asking for it :-\ do you have anything in your mind about that?
                                  A Ricardo Diaz shirt wouldnt be a bad idea as well because all those shirts look nice and represent the 80s and summer just perfectly. If I go on and try to find shirts like those I won't find anything similar or good enough and I'd really like to buy those 2 and Im sure a lot more people were interested.
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