GTAV Gets the LEGO Treatment (Found via YouTube)

Posted on December 7 2012, 11:34am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Games

Props to LEGO enthusiasts and machinima producers thefourmonkeys for their quite amusing shot-for-shot remake of the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer currently a contender in the Action/Drama category in the Machinima's Interactive Film Festival. Magic!

  • KiLler36023on March 30 2013, 1:57pmReplyFlag
    I would love it if the new GTA V could update radio stations with new music every year !!
    • psysurfeuron January 9 2013, 2:35pmReplyFlag
      top-notch :)
      • MetalBoxFanon January 3 2013, 3:28pmReplyFlag
        I'd play it
        • 50Centmusicon January 2 2013, 10:08amReplyFlag
 NEW GTA 5 Pics :D
          • Irualf1997on December 23 2012, 10:47pmReplyFlag
            gta v releases on 26th of march 2013 amazon confirm

            • V4everon December 18 2012, 12:55pmReplyFlag
              Not sure if this is off-topic, but this is the closest I can get I think.
              But did any of you notice the Fruit-logo looks like a d*ck with a pair of b*lls in a bowl?
              • HashishHitsHardon December 16 2012, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                GTA 'V' logo found in bridge of Varkaus, Finland!

              • RamzHBKon December 16 2012, 10:08amReplyFlag

                check this out
                • ThaMonkehon December 13 2012, 12:56pmReplyFlag
                  Well, we know so much, but so little. That's a good thing though. :P
                  Got my copy already for Spring, can't wait to get it. Thanks so much for all the info, R* :D
                  • RussianTheftAutoon December 13 2012, 11:35amReplyFlag
                    Fans not sleeping. xD

                    First missions GTA 5 for GTA SA - Out Now. :D
                  • jawarlord5091on December 12 2012, 5:09pmReplyFlag
                    two reasons why this article is dead are
                    1:either all the kids star getting homework now
                    2:or ppl got better things to do nowadays
                    • Issa2200on December 12 2012, 11:42amReplyFlag
                      Hahahahahaha, pretty awsome :D
                      • elcolosoenllamason December 12 2012, 8:41amReplyFlag
                        Rockstar, why don't you do a official page or chat for talk about GTA V, please? Thanks!
                        • R* Kon December 12 2012, 9:28amReplyFlag
                          @elcolosoenllamas Not sure what you mean. We've published several Newswire articles on GTAV and the community is welcome to discuss the game in the comments sections of them
                        • Andreas17flyon December 12 2012, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                          @ I think he wants something like this
                        • DoubleD82hhon December 12 2012, 4:54pmReplyFlag
                          @ I think i know what he mean.
                          I´m not sure where can i go to discuss generally with fans about Gta. There is no central point of contact to each place immediately. actually appropriate comments should be submitted to article. Here, you just take only the latest, whether it fits the theme. Sometimes I look at older articles if there are new comments. I do always change between.
                          Why don´t you set up a community like this for maybe 5 topics.
                          Gameplay, Map, Features & Details, Platforms and Multiplayer
                        • elcolosoenllamason December 12 2012, 5:42pmReplyFlag
                          @DoubleD82hh Exactly
                        • PS3Guy-Indiaon December 16 2012, 8:50amReplyFlag
                          @ R* he does mean a chat pagge where there is no restriction of posting comment in 2 mins.
                      • CHICAGOxWEEDon December 11 2012, 7:23pmReplyFlag

                        this is for those who love san andreas and gta v
                        so why not join grove st
                        • Henu-86on December 11 2012, 3:59pmReplyFlag
                          WHEN EXACT RELEASE?
                          NO PRE-ORDER BEFORE!
                        • Sprunk1995on December 11 2012, 6:36amReplyFlag
                          Found a new screenshot :

                          • mtchiliadmythson December 11 2012, 10:37amReplyFlag
                            @Sprunk1995 It's fake because game informer showed the exactly screenshot but in this one there is more brightness than the one of game informer
                          • Sprunk1995on December 11 2012, 10:46amReplyFlag
                            @mtchiliadmyths In the Game Informer one Trevor was climbing the D sign in this one he's climbing the V, and this is official one from a PC magazine.
                          • mtchiliadmythson December 11 2012, 10:51amReplyFlag
                            @Sprunk1995 But why R* would release almost the same screenshot than the one of game informer?
                          • Sprunk1995on December 11 2012, 10:57amReplyFlag
                            @mtchiliadmyths Well ask them that not me i just found it so i shared it, no idea why they did that ;)

                            I guess it's a mission where you have to disable the radars at the top of each letter of the sign or something...
                          • conquerorlynnon December 11 2012, 11:22amReplyFlag
                            @Sprunk1995 thats not actual gameplay that is just concept art most likely for the mission
                          • Sprunk1995on December 11 2012, 11:42amReplyFlag
                            @conquerorlynn No that is not a concept art, it is a screenshot taken from actual gameplay as sais the magazine, concept arts don't look like that.
                          • lwdpat65on December 16 2012, 4:10pmReplyFlag
                            @Sprunk1995 epic why they take so much climbing trevor on Vinewood sign pictures
                        • mtchiliadmythson December 10 2012, 8:40pmReplyFlag
                          Oh god,this article is so dead that the article of san andreas on psn tomorow has more coments than this one
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