The Maps of the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Pack

Posted on December 3 2012, 10:51am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Games

In addition to the new avatars, weapons and items in the Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC launching December 4th - this pack features four new multiplayer maps that hark back to Max's blood-stained past. For the nostalgic heads out there, you'll enjoy revisiting NYC's Roscoe Street Subway from the original Max Payne. If dive bars are your thing then the Marty's Bar map is for you. And for the sun-and-fun folks, you can choose between close-quarters firefights on the Shoot First map or battle it out in Gang Wars at Canal De Panamá.

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The Painful Memories Pack brings this landmark level from the original Max Payne into the world of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer - made even more dangerous than you remember it. The Roscoe Street station’s platforms can get you killed faster than a third rail with overpasses and stairwells designed for run and gun action and accessible bathrooms that may prove a vile final resting place. Take the fight from the tops of the subway cars down to the tracks and use columns and other available cover to prevail against your fellow straphangers.

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The area surrounding this grimy Hoboken watering hole has enough back doors, underground access points and convenient fire escapes to keep would-be campers on their toes. Known for attracting troublemakers, Marty’s bar scene offers bloody barroom shootouts, an expansive outdoor parking lot and a neighboring church that provides little sanctuary but key strategic vantage points. Equip that trusted Projectile, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or single-handed Loadout as you rack up the kills and out flank your enemies.

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The nautical deathtrap known as the Branco yacht is the scene of this map, where you'll have three sprawling floors to inflict some major damage on your opponents. Be sure to pack loads of ammo in your weekend bag - you'll need it.

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Despite the tropical surroundings, you will not want to be doing much sightseeing in the Canal de Panamá map. With sprawling territories that call of a Sniper Rifle and plenty of kill spots, you'll be doing plenty of running and gunning.

The Painful Memories pack also includes the IMG 5.56 and UAR-21 assault rifles, two new avatar factions, the new Hangover Burst and more. Be on the lookout for more details on this stuff before the pack releases on Tuesday, December 4th (800 MS Points / $9.99 on PSN and PC).


New Avatars of the Painful Memories DLC Pack Including Lucky Social Club Member Fan Faces
Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Coming December 4th

  • cascas12on September 6 2013, 5:37pmReplyFlag
    R* PLEASE fix the glitch on Canal De Panama.
    Every time I play it I spawn in the water when I die and commit suicide then spawn on the other side of the tanker.
    I'd love to finish a match on it without leaving, especially as I've paid for the level!
    • abetterway2dieon April 21 2013, 4:52pmReplyFlag
      • abetterway2dieon March 21 2013, 3:27pmReplyFlag
        When is Rockstar coming out with this so called CO-OP New York Minute????
        • abetterway2dieon March 17 2013, 12:06pmReplyFlag
          Just last week out of nowhere my game kept freezing it has to be one of the DLC because i tested it without the DLC and it works fine is anyone experiencing this? i deleted my saved data and game data I want to know which DLC is causing this i have all of them
          • MackMansteron December 9 2012, 3:24amReplyFlag
            So I wrote to R* support to fix the problems with the IMG 5.56 rifle. First of all, you should be able to switch firing modes, from semi-auto to auto and vice versa for example. Secondly the spread after the 3 bursts stays the same yet when pull the trigger again right after to continue firing in succession it spreads in order to stop this you have to shoot a burst then wait for the reticle to get smaller and then fire, so its even slower to shoot than previously thought when you could just keep pulling the trigger like mad in hopes to shoot a lot more which in turn just means your shooting is very sloppy. This makes you incredibly vulnerable to pretty much anyone with any other weapon, or it takes you twice as long to finish someone off with the IMG. The fact that it can fit 45 rounds or whatever into each mag which is R*'s selling point with this gun doesn't mean a thing when the firing rate is terrible in general. There are a few people who said they learned how to use the gun and its amazing. Its not, not for 360 anyways, it just isnt. Its a different gun that shoots differently than the others, yes, but its still s**tty, long range, medium range, especially close range...the IMG is terrible in Max Payne 3...not surprisingly.
            • thembones928on December 7 2012, 6:22pmReplyFlag
              I love the new DLC but I'm really starting to get stressed out. I really want to play the new gang wars map but I never get to because almost everybody that's playing gang wars don't have the new DLC. Can you just make the gang wars map free for everyone and if not can you invite me into a game playing on that map please? I just want to play it once. I paid for it so I think I should get to use it. PLEASE?????????
              • VelocityAlexon December 7 2012, 4:17pmReplyFlag
                Roscoe Street=Deja Vu
                • SpBloodRedon December 6 2012, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                  Thanks rockstar Love the new maps especially the gangwars maps hope the last dlc would focus more on gangwars maps we have enough death match and team death match maps already. also the guns are great have the UAR-21 gold already and the IMG5.56 at rank 9 so far only me and my crew mate are the only ones I seen use it and pretty sure we will be the first ones with them gold aswell it takes alot of practice to get the hang of it but once you do it does damage next dlc try and add some new side arms or grenades thanks rockstar!!
                  • R* Yon December 7 2012, 2:42pmReplyFlag
                  • Hellfighter98-3on December 8 2012, 10:21amReplyFlag
                    @ Hello,
                    I hate the hangover burst!! sry guys,but your ruin the game :(
                    at may all was cool,but now:
                    -All play with Pistols
                    -The hangover burst piss me off!!
                    -Img fire rate suck! i press this button 8 times (PS3) and it shot 1 burst.KIDDING ME???
                    -on pc the img is awesome
                • AlexPFebUson December 5 2012, 6:34pmReplyFlag
                  Senx for dlc, really like it, most of all ROSCOE STREET SUBWAY so nostalgic :'-) But with newest update i have crash to the desktop every 30-40 minutes playing and still haven't shows on The Kill screen what weapon and burst the enemy used to kill me (
                • BIG_EDZOon December 5 2012, 2:31pmReplyFlag
                  Whats up with the IMG? I understand that it's a 3 bullet burst for each shot, and I like that, but it takes way to long to fire the next shot, like 2-3 seconds. I been pulling the trigger like crazy and I'm left just standing there aiming my gun getting killed. I tried everything, I tried practicing with it in a private match and it's just useless. I love everything else in this dlc, the UAR-21 is bad ass. I really hope the IMG can be fixed or updated or something because theres no way in hell it's really suppose to be that slow. Please look into it R*.
                  • R* Mon December 5 2012, 2:48pmReplyFlag
                    @BIG_EDZO The IMG is a unique weapon that requires practice. It's a long range weapon so it's best used on the larger maps to pick off enemies from afar. Use it in combination with a sidearm pistol for close quarters firefights.

                    With that said, we're always glad to hear feedback. We'll be monitoring its performance and will make adjustments if we see it as being needed.
                  • BIG_EDZOon December 5 2012, 3:02pmReplyFlag
                    @ I'll try it out a few more times, it seems like it has some potential. Maybe you should post a video of someone using it or something, that might help some of us out, not a bad idea.
                  • R* Mon December 5 2012, 3:06pmReplyFlag
                    @BIG_EDZO Our Devs will be playing on some of the DLC maps this Saturday at 2pm ET against the Death Bringers Crew. Come join us at to check out the stream and maybe see how we use the new weapons.
                  • BIG_EDZOon December 5 2012, 3:26pmReplyFlag
                    @ Ah, not bad. I'll check it out. Thanks for responding.
                  • VictoryIIIon December 6 2012, 9:42amReplyFlag
                    @ Hello R* M.

                    I have the Steam (PC) version of MP3 and I think the IMG is a fantastic gun.
                    EDZO82 is obviously doing something wrong that it takes "2 to 3 sec" to shoot the next burst.

                    I personally hope R* don't make any changes to the IMG. It is perfect.
                • OG_Murkon December 5 2012, 10:34amReplyFlag
                  R*.........big ups for gettin this out on time to us U.S. passholders! The new maps are great, a little disappointed there is only 1 new gang war map. I love the new guns! At first when i played with the Img i thought something was wrong with the timing of the trigger pull,but as i got used to it and tried a few things out i got it spittin almost like a fully auto! I love the avatars! I wish you could choose which one you played with through all game modes. Not to mention the calculator, great idea majority of games me and my crew end up battling for kills,great addition.

                  i have 2 questions
                  1. the hangover burst. i know what it does but dont understand how its applied. Say my burst all 3 levels full and i hit my meter drops,whoever respawns in THAT time frame is effected or when i trigger the burst i have to stay alive for that time frame for it to kick in?
                  2. the flask........ofcourse its in my loadout, but uppon respawn im still effected......?

                  Im sure im not the only one wondering about these. Again thanks for the dlc. R* outside your tech. problems YOU DA SHYTE!
                  • R* Mon December 5 2012, 2:59pmReplyFlag
                    @OG_Murk Glad you're enjoying the DLC. As for your questions:

                    1. When you trigger the Hangover burst in a Team based game mode the next 6 enemies who respawn will be affected (In a sing player game mode it is 3 respawns). The severity of the burst's effects will increase with each level.

                    2. When you have the Hip Flask in your loadout, each time you respawn you'll be protected from one single round from an enemy's sniper rifle. This item also protects you from the effects of the Hangover burst.

                    Check out this page for more information:

                • Bizerker21on December 5 2012, 8:15amReplyFlag
                  and before you say R*, YES I have emailed support this past week and have NEVER received a reply. Hard to fix any problem when you point everyone to tech support, but they do nothing to help you.
                  • R* Kon December 5 2012, 8:51amReplyFlag
                    @Bizerker21 We'll look up the status of your support enquiry.
                  • Bizerker21on December 5 2012, 9:20amReplyFlag
                    @ Thanks! I almost literally was disconnect every other game and me and friends could not join up together again as it said "join failed" due to connection.
                • Bizerker21on December 5 2012, 7:57amReplyFlag
                  I was getting disconnected almost every other match last night with the new DLC, anyone else or was it just me???
                • kibblzon December 5 2012, 4:25amReplyFlag
                  Lucas on the new characters De Marcos abroad looks exactly like Bruce Willis. Crazy s**t!
                  • Yamborghinion December 5 2012, 3:20amReplyFlag
                    FIX THE LAG ON THE NEW MAPS
                    • meanunclebuggon December 5 2012, 2:30amReplyFlag
                      Come" On" rockstar," don't do us like that. I was really looking forward to the Isreali Machine Gun. You should know better." Your version of the Galil is a soft air replica. I pay $ 9.99 for it, and can't even use it in story mode ( not that it would be anymore effective.) Wow" man, thats too bad.
                      • R* Kon December 5 2012, 8:53amReplyFlag
                        @meanunclebugg Hey there, we've been quite clear throughout that this DLC is for the multiplayer and we hope you will enjoy checking out the new weapons, maps and items in that part of the game.
                    • GLoCkA_PABSon December 4 2012, 11:33pmReplyFlag
                      lol yea i think they tryed to make it like a M16 3 Burst lol its weak as hell to when i first tryed it i filled a kid up with a clip and it didnt even drop him lol
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