Original GTAV Artwork: Trevor

Posted on November 30 2012, 1:50pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Meet Trevor Philips, the unhinged, unpredictable, psychopathic career criminal and drug addict that you will play as one of the three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V this spring. 

You can now grab this original illustration as a digital desktop, social media background, avatar or icon from Rockstar Downloads.

We will of course be releasing more of the GTAV artwork soon.


  • bluedragon95on August 5 2013, 6:20pmReplyFlag
    Does anyone notice or think that is snow on the mountain in the background?
    • RapiT7on January 11 2013, 8:37pmReplyFlag
      yep all is ok x]
      • Irualf1997on December 23 2012, 10:50pmReplyFlag
        gta v releases on 26th of march 2013 amazon confirm

      • killerpro507on December 23 2012, 7:24pmReplyFlag
        • KUSH_BABYon December 23 2012, 2:29amReplyFlag
          i wonder what would happen if you see one of the characters you play and kill them
          • GTAFANSAVC34dlcon December 22 2012, 11:27pmReplyFlag
            Doomsday has passed and there is no new stuff for GTA V tho, the newswire is still the same. but again i will wait for this info and i will be back if theres a new info
            • oOflyboyOoon December 22 2012, 8:16pmReplyFlag
              @R* If you make individual trailers for every character, the Rolling Stones' "Gloom and Doom" should definitely be the song for Trevor's trailer!
            • DemonInATuxon December 22 2012, 8:39amReplyFlag
              Of course by "Soon" they mean in a month or two, Good old rockstargames, lets hope by spring they don't mean September.
              • GTAFANSAVC34dlcon December 19 2012, 12:50pmReplyFlag
                yup the hype on this page is dead but i will wait for new stuff for GTA V but now i gonna play GTA IV, just surprise us :-)
                • crooser95on December 18 2012, 1:43pmReplyFlag
                  when more news ??
                • The_Seamanon December 18 2012, 8:32amReplyFlag
                  GTA V hype is official over lol
                  Insert new screenshot to start the hype again.
                  • GTAFANSAVC34dlcon December 18 2012, 2:01amReplyFlag
                    R* this page is almost dead because there isn't new news bout GTA V, what happened to the news and stuff?
                    • CarefulProcedureon December 18 2012, 1:12amReplyFlag
                      Are you able to make decisions during missions that will change how the story will pan out ?
                      • HashishHitsHardon December 16 2012, 4:45pmReplyFlag
                        GTA 'V' logo found in bridge of Varkaus, Finland!

                        • fennapon December 16 2012, 7:57pmReplyFlag
                          @HashishHitsHard it has totaly nothing to do with R*'s GTA V. it's just the letter V wich is the roman number for 5. the GTA V logo is green with 'FIVE' written. the V also is too symetric and the bridge, viaduct wtv is probably older than V's announcement but it's a slightly funny small coincidence tho.
                      • eightynine4on December 16 2012, 4:31amReplyFlag
                        "This comment has been removed for being inane" I thought that said insane lol. what's inane mean? btw GTA5
                      • WhoisDreon December 15 2012, 1:22amReplyFlag
                        His eyes are windows to emptiness. His technique flawless and unpredictable. Stories, degraded into hushed whispers about his reputation echoing across blane county. On gaurd, ill let you try my poon tang style. But that may not be enough. Fear him, for he is not the inbred cornholing livestock type hillbilly, but he is the spray a dozen rounds from his HK MP5 at the slightest glimpse of grotesque faces, and remarks about his putrid smell. Type hillbilly. He who can never be named aka trevor phillips aka his name was just said so the reality of impending doom can.fall upon you. He'll leave trademarks around ya motherf**kin eyes!
                      • Cheeseymanginason December 14 2012, 2:59pmReplyFlag
                        i cant believe we've still got wait at least another 5 months for this game, what makes it worse is were back in the drought season they could at least release 2 or 3 new screenshots a week just to keep our hype up. i cant wait for this game i know that all the silence and lack of info will be worth it in the end when the game finally touches down in stores. i wonder what the opening scene will be hmmm.?
                        • GTAFANSAVC34dlcon December 14 2012, 3:17amReplyFlag
                          hey guys is the jetpack returning on GTA V? what do you think?
                          • simsdanielon December 14 2012, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                            @GTAFANSAVC34dlc As far as we have seen it looks like their continuing the realistic play of the game and moving away from all that "fake" stuff so I doubt it but it's still possible.
                        • simsdanielon December 12 2012, 3:23pmReplyFlag
                          No comments in almost 24 hours. Hype is gone, we need a new screen, artwork, or anything to bring back some hype.
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