Rockstar Throwback: DEGENATRON! (Vice City)

Posted on November 28 2012, 1:55pm | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Games

Remember back in the day, rocking out to power ballads on Emotion 98.3 while busting your thumbs trying to beat your top score on Defender of the Faith on the Degenatron?

Man, those were the days...

Now, thanks to the good people at The Degenatron WebRing (now over 10 years strong!) and their new embeddable version emulator above, you can relive these 3 classics from video gaming's golden age.

Defender of the Faith - "Save the green dots with your fantastic red square!"

Monkey's Paradise - "Swing from green dot to green dot with your red square monkey!"

Penetrator - "Smash the green dots deep inside the mysterious red square!"

See if you've still got what it takes. Shout in comments to let us know your top score. You can also trip down memory lane with the original 1986 Degenatron radio commercial below or over at The Advertising Council's Vice City local archives.

  • GeorgeStobbart89on December 6 2012, 10:02amReplyFlag
    2420 on Monkey paradise
    • GeorgeStobbart89on December 6 2012, 9:52amReplyFlag
      7670 on penatrator ....WOOO!!!
      • GeorgeStobbart89on December 6 2012, 9:29amReplyFlag
        2040 on penetrator ...very addictive
        • Gamingawesomeon December 3 2012, 1:53amReplyFlag
          Only good at Monkey's Paradise, though I am even bad at that too.
          • asskicker9881on December 2 2012, 7:17amReplyFlag
            This is what R* wants you to play until GTA 5 comes out to keep you entertained LOL!
            • Twelve-Bar-Blueson November 30 2012, 9:01pmReplyFlag
              950 on monkey's paradise today. i think i found that rhythm you mentioned the other day R*K. i don't think i cant do any better than that today...
            • stumpy4770on November 29 2012, 9:26pmReplyFlag
              still no update patch.
              My red square keeps sticking against the green dots and I cant move,
              My red square sometimes falls through the brown oblong and just keeps falling,
              My red square is being killed by invisible blue squares,
              I'm shooting and shooting at the green dots and they are just not dying,
              when my red square dies e game pauses for ages before re-spawning, and sometimes when it eventually re-spawns me, Im under the brown oblong and just fall to my death.

              Get it sorted R*, and yes I sent a letter to support over 30 years ago, and still had no reply.

              Good games though ;)
            • Hurricaneon November 29 2012, 3:15pmReplyFlag
              Will there be any more ads on the Ad Council website in honor of the 10th anniversary?
              • R* Kon November 30 2012, 7:07amReplyFlag
                @Hurricane Not going to spoilt things by revealing them here but we will have some fun blasts from the pasts on the Newswire over the next couple of weeks
            • Agent-Won November 29 2012, 2:34pmReplyFlag
              I remember the song of that game in vice city when i went into the pizzaria in little haiti lol but that emulator in gta vc is not playable unfortunately.
              Well Thank you R* you remind me this great game! now it's playble it was my hope when i played vice city . :D
              • Dark_Sorrowon November 29 2012, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                there should be also that funny comercial like in gta 3 with petsovernightdotcom :D directly to your door muhh (a cow on game fm radio, and miauu (a cat on flash fm i think :D )

                like i mean a fake side or game to order your pet as you choosen :D
                • XXBro0klynJAYXXon November 29 2012, 2:03pmReplyFlag
                  I freaking suck at this game to the point it made me rage quit! -___-
                  • Shooting-Spreeon November 29 2012, 12:17pmReplyFlag
                  • herons2on November 29 2012, 12:13pmReplyFlag
                    R* Where this trailer vice city mobile?
                    • dinocujkoon November 29 2012, 12:10pmReplyFlag
                      1160 on Monkeys Paradise
                      • V4everon November 29 2012, 9:37amReplyFlag
                        hahaha Nice work R*. I never played VC, but I know I'll love it, just like this.
                        • SlimySunOfABeachon November 29 2012, 8:54amReplyFlag
                          150 on monkey's paradise......can i get the cheat codes for this game? and what about multiplayer? :P
                          • herons2on November 29 2012, 8:46amReplyFlag
                            GAME OVER D:
                            • luckyshot666on November 29 2012, 7:53amReplyFlag
                              First games i have programmed looks like this.
                              • serydembeleon November 29 2012, 6:10amReplyFlag
                                Que des souvenirs, surtout la musique de Defender of the faith, que l'on peut entendre chez taxis kaufman.
                              • Sprunk1995on November 29 2012, 5:57amReplyFlag
                                Rockstar i sent you a Mouthoff hope you like it :)
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