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Posted on November 22 2012, 5:59am | Author: R* W | Filed Under: Rockstar

This coming Black Friday through Cyber Monday, November 23rd through 26th, the Rockstar Warehouse will be offering a huge sale for fans worldwide to pick up all apparel, gear and collectibles for 30% off. To boot, we’re also offering reduced international shipping with orders over $50. So this is a chance to score that coveted GTAIII Knuckleduster Mug, Max Payne 3 Gun Bag, Rockstar wardrobe or Soundtrack CD collection at a pretty sick discount whether for yourself or as a holiday gift. And considering most Black Friday sales involve depriving oneself of sleep to stand outside waiting for stores to open at 4am and getting elbowed in the aisles by violent and desperate competitive shoppers, this is a pretty enticing deal.

Browse all Apparel & Collectibles at the Rockstar Warehouse. The Black Friday Sale begins on Friday morning at 12:01am Eastern and ends at 11:59pm Eastern on Monday, November 26th. Click here for full details.

  • VacationSuiton December 14 2013, 3:56pmReplyFlag
    On my packing list it has a "collaterals" column, which reads: Inc stickers: RS-GV keychain. What is this? I got nothing along with my 2 shirts, which I thought odd since I've ordered through the warehouse 3 or 4 times before and always gotten stickers as well.
    • Mythologyvisionon November 25 2012, 7:18amReplyFlag
      Rock* I've been waiting for the Red Dead Redemption Barking Irons Flannel Shirt
      In a size medium for a long time now :(

      Will yu ever be getting more !?
      • R* Kon November 25 2012, 7:54amReplyFlag
        @Mythologyvision Hi mate, drop us an email at and we'll find that out for you.
      • SamRosevelton November 27 2012, 7:29amReplyFlag
        @Mythologyvision I've emailed them twice in the past year about this and basically, nobody can source one it seems. :( They were a limited production run item.
    • KidFromBrokeron November 25 2012, 5:36amReplyFlag
      I guess R* needs to free up some space in the warehouse for all the new Vice City swag. I'm dying to see what they come up with. I'm crossing my fingers for a 12" Tommy figure!
      • Galeonartillado2on November 25 2012, 5:01amReplyFlag
        Rockstar so you have in your stocks the Tommy vercetti's hawaiian shirt? i always loved it.
        • Kon_E3on November 24 2012, 6:44pmReplyFlag
          I'm not getting free shipping on orders over $50
          • R* Yon November 27 2012, 11:46amReplyFlag
            @Kon_E3 Sorry if you were confused, but the shipping wasn't free for international orders. It was, however, reduced. We'll have more deals in the months to come.
        • Dj4567on November 24 2012, 5:34pmReplyFlag
          I went ahead with the order & hopefully you can refund the shipping charges. Going to send a mail with order details
          • Dj4567on November 24 2012, 12:22pmReplyFlag
            I am not getting free shipping within US. My total is more than $50 even after discounts.
            Cheapest shipping to OH shows up as $10.49
            Do I need to enter a code? Please help so I can place my order
            • Juliusz1997on November 24 2012, 8:09amReplyFlag
              The OUTLAWS TO THE END RedDead T-shirt is "DEAD LINK" :(((
              • R* Kon November 24 2012, 12:11pmReplyFlag
                @Juliusz1997 If the link it dead then it usually means that the item is not available in your country.
              • Juliusz1997on November 24 2012, 12:54pmReplyFlag
                @ Oh god, why? ...or maybe, oh rockstar, why?
            • ALPHA_Ron November 24 2012, 6:30amReplyFlag
              hey Rockstar Games: that would be AWESOME if you could make Tommy's hawaiian shirt, the blue one with palm trees... i would buy it FOR SURE, whos with me. ?

              take care yall :D
              • AmirTakroon November 23 2012, 8:54pmReplyFlag
                freemasonry shirt ??!! OH MY GOD
                Rockstar games works for freemasons or illuminati "??

                please answer
              • Nhb55840on November 23 2012, 8:46pmReplyFlag
                Hey Rockstar!
                Are the Kubrick sets going to be re-stocked as the 10-year anniversary of each game comes out? What I mean is, when Vice City and San Andreas pass their 10-year anniversary, are their Kubrick sets going to be re-sold?
                • R* Kon November 24 2012, 4:49amReplyFlag
                  @Nhb55840 We are going to have new Vice City gear but we don't have details right now - look out for an article on the Newswire in the coming weeks.
                • Nhb55840on November 24 2012, 12:11pmReplyFlag
                  @ Thanks!
              • Matheus_Souza983on November 23 2012, 7:23pmReplyFlag
                Hey there Rockstar, i'm probrably going to buy an San Andreas tee and i would like to know something...i live in Brazil, and i would like to know if is comes by ship. Thanks
                • pandawitson November 23 2012, 6:31pmReplyFlag
                  Hey R*, life long fan here! Do you by any chance ship to Libya?
                • lol232on November 23 2012, 6:04pmReplyFlag
                  I tried ordering and everything, no success,
                  does it have anything to do with my country, is buying this US Exclusive?
                  • Sprunk1995on November 23 2012, 6:09pmReplyFlag
                    @lol232 Normally it's worldwide, maybe you should contact the Warehouse team and describe your problem to them ?


                  • lol232on November 24 2012, 7:23amReplyFlag
                    @Sprunk1995 Okay then... Thanks, I guess...
                • kumploon November 23 2012, 12:26pmReplyFlag
                  Hello there :)
                  I'd really like to order the GTA 3 10 Annyversery Tee but i get the report "Dead Link" Help ?
                  I'm happy the shipment to Germany got cheaper
                  Just put out a message PC version of GTA V is comming in the same time as Consol and i'ma s*it my pants :P (not litterely :D )
                  • Rod266on November 23 2012, 12:00pmReplyFlag
                    Just ordered my GTA III knuckleduster mug!!

                    Rockstar could it be possible to buy the Bullet Pen and Magazine Flask on their own in the future? Thanks
                    • R* Kon November 23 2012, 12:22pmReplyFlag
                      @Rod266 Enjoy the mug! Unfortunately, the pen and flask are currently only available in their respective packs.
                  • DneroJohnsonon November 23 2012, 11:48amReplyFlag
                    Just bought them knuckleduster mug and some shirts. Thanks for the sale Rockstar!
                    • JohnDoe_86on November 23 2012, 11:40amReplyFlag
                      to see the max payne 3 soundtrack on cd in this beautiful package is a hit in the face for every owner of the max payne 3 special edition with its lousy download code. not even the figurine with its shapeless detail was worth the 110 bucks. sad to say.

                      i hope you guys realise that you don't do us and yourself justice with a "special edition" like this was. make sure that the next editions will be valuable with real items and not just digital air. thanks!

                      AND STILL NO PAYPL!! i can't believe that it seems unmakeable to do a paypl account. your guy at the warehouse (justin was his name, i think) says that he would love to see paypl as payment option, too. so where is the problem?? this is 2012 not 1999.

                      anyway, nice weekend.
                      • Dreax182on November 23 2012, 9:05amReplyFlag
                        Hey Rockstar, are you planning any reduction on Grand Theft Auto TBOGT during the Black Friday ?
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