Doubleheader Social Club Multiplayer Event with Triple XP in Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 (November 16, 11am-5pm ET)

Posted on November 15 2012, 12:41pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 multiplayer events have ended, but Triple XP is live all weekend. Keep in mind that the top 100 players per platform in the Max Payne 3 event will each receive the new skull mask, and it will become available 24 hours from the time the event ended Friday. More opportunities to get the skull masks are coming in the future!

All day Friday, we're serving up a double helping bounty of Social Club multiplayer events, including a Max Payne 3 finale added on to our originally scheduled Red Dead session as a make up for the event we postponed due to Hurricane Sandy a couple weeks back. It all begins Friday November 16th when we activate Triple XP for both Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. We'll be kicking off with Red Dead on PS3 and Xbox 360 from 11am-2pm EST / 4-7pm GMT, and then continue on with Max Payne 3 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 from 2-5pm EST / 7-10pm GMT.

Land Grab, Stronghold, Gang Matches, Undead Overrun and other matches can be expected in Red Dead, and for Max Payne 3 we'll be throwing down in the new maps from the recently released Hostage Negotiation Pack as well as other DLC and of course maps and modes from the original game release as well.

Following the recent Max Payne 3 Halloween themed multiplayer event when we featured special skull avatar unlocks, Friday we'll be unveiling another one, this time with the Arcane skull mask (pictured above). The top 100 players per platform during Friday's Max Payne 3 multiplayer event will each receive the new skull mask, as determined by the leaderboards on the Social Club Multiplayer Events Page. If you wind up one of those top 100 players, the skull will become available to you as an unlock 24 hours after the multiplayer event finishes. And if you aren't successful - don't worry, there'll be more opportunities to unlock this and other skull masks coming soon.

Join in the community chat on the Social Club Multiplayer Events Page while watching two live streams showing all the action, plus you can enter to win a one of ten total Rockstar prize packs during the event. Each includes a Rockstar t-shirt, Red Dead playing cards or Max Payne 3 bullet keychain and a package of Rockstar logo stickers.

A third video stream will be live on our Twitch page, including a second chatroom in which you can discuss all the event happenings.

Participating official in-game Rockstar IDs will be:

  • RedDeadDev3 (Xbox 360)
  • RedDeadDev4 (PS3)
  • RedDeadDev5 (Xbox 360)
  • RedDeadDev6 (PS3)

Participating official in-game Rockstar IDs will be:

  • MaxPayneDev1 (Xbox 360)
  • MaxPayneDev2 (Xbox 360)
  • MaxPayneDev1 (PS3)
  • MaxPayneDev1 (PC)

If you're unsure of when the events will begin in your time zone, have a look at the countdown on the Social Club multiplayer events page.

When the first event starts up Friday, enter Normal difficulty multiplayer. This places you into a public Free Roam lobby. You should be able to run into a Rockstar player this way, but if you want you can send a friend request to one of the above IDs. Their lists might be full as most services only allow a max of 100 friend requests. We recommend partying up and playing with other Social Club members until the point when you're able to join us.

Enter multiplayer and select the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist. We'll play a mix of Soft Lock and Free Aim so look for the names listed above.

If you want more time to play our games with us, your best bet is to follow us at our official Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam pages so you can get the word when we're going online for some impromptu multiplayer...

  • R* Mon November 16 2012, 7:45pmFlag
    The leaderboards for Friday's Max Payne 3 event are now LIVE on the multiplayer events page. The top 100 players should now have access to their masks.

    If you are in the top 100 players, and you are not seeing your mask, make sure you exit multiplayer to the main menu. Then re-enter and check the head items section of your loadouts. If you are still not seeing them, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to assist. Cheers.
  • PlainNSimpleManon September 7 2013, 6:00pmReplyFlag
    I am not looking to join a crew, I am recruiting. I am the Godfather of the Grown Man Clan Crew. I am looking for new recruits to bring in. We are all about having fun while we complete some objectives. How about we get some nice cars, make a few extra bucks and have some fun with rival crews. We all have real lives so I don’t expect everyone to be on all of the time but if you’re in my crew and you happen to be on playing than that is an opportunity to roll with us. By the way, if you plan on being part of this....speak properly. In other words, I'm not your homie or nig-- Get my drift, understand? If you don't speak properly because of a language barrier that's ok but if you speak English but can't put a sentence together don't bother joining my crew.
    • BaronSamedi911on November 26 2012, 4:37amReplyFlag
      A cool new mask would be a dead unicorn skull mask would be really original
      • Trick_shot39on November 22 2012, 1:43amReplyFlag
        @MONSTRO1988 Why not?
        • WISPYJOon November 21 2012, 12:46pmReplyFlag
          makavly from xshx got mad during this event and start kicking all his crew members out of the crew coz they did not play well,.and then he kicked him self too , he keep sending messages to ppl telling them that they r on his YouTube video,and they need to go there and subscribe but the fact is he lies to them, what a loser
          • KingKoshanon November 20 2012, 1:51pmReplyFlag
            Hey everyone im looking to recruit members to my new crew called BOSS (BAllin On Sum Sychos). Let me know, seriously good players whose determined to win fueds. XP don't matter its all about fueds.. Let me know :)
            • Nejc_Fiseron November 20 2012, 11:44amReplyFlag
              played for 30 minutes and got that hat (on PC)! so f**kiin easy!

              you know why? because Max Payne 3 Multiplayer on PC is dying. Already? Yeah people just do not like lag I guess.
              • outlaw_Jameson November 20 2012, 3:10amReplyFlag
                looks like triple xp is still going for xbox live?
                it is 3:15am Tuesday here on the east coast...
                maybe it will run thru Thanksgiving?? Pls keep it going..
                That would be awesome!!
                • Trick_shot39on November 19 2012, 8:50pmReplyFlag
                  I think they should release a new DLC pack called, Lawbringers and Vagabonds. The pack should include new characters such as, Norman Deek, Agent Archer Fordham, and other mexican army soliders for the players to play as. Plus some new features such as the lasso and stores, plus wild horses for you to tame. Making the stores should be a sinch. Just make it so the players can't lasso or kill the shop keepers. If that doesnt work set the clerks with a semi auto shotgun to kill the players. I hope R* takes my suggetions.
                • LarsDKon November 19 2012, 7:37pmReplyFlag
                  Same match from the Event.
                  + 1 more match
                  • R* Yon November 19 2012, 7:51pmReplyFlag
                    @LarsDK Cool, we'll also consider throwing yours in for the upcoming recap
                • ahetFINon November 19 2012, 6:22pmReplyFlag
                  I finished uploading my RDR clips and here they are:
                  Grand Prix:
                  Gang shootout in Chuparosa:
                  Stronghold in Blackwater:
                  thanks for the great event!
                  • R* Yon November 19 2012, 7:21pmReplyFlag
                    @ahetFIN Cheers, we'll consider them for the recap
                • bigboss2050tmon November 19 2012, 2:12pmReplyFlag
                  @ rockstar. support rockstar send me this for cause social club error in maxpayne 3.
                  the social club I know it's a free service. I think that is why you do not try to solve the problem. it's been 20 days and many users are not classified in event and their stats as mine are all wrong. I do not participate in the next event if the problem is resolved. I wasted 3 hours for nothing. greetings MAX
                  • R* Mon November 19 2012, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                    @bigboss2050tm We are aware of this bug and working to have it fixed in an upcoming Title Update. We are investigating a possible workaround solution for you, and will email you directly when we have it confirmed. Cheers.
                  • bigboss2050tmon November 19 2012, 4:08pmReplyFlag
                    @ ok, hopefully good! thanks
                • VinewoodTitson November 19 2012, 10:34amReplyFlag
                  I can finally say that I'm now the owner of a Zebra Donkey in Red Dead Redemption! I've had the game for about 8 Months but its all thanks to that Double/Triple XP at times. Thanks a bunch!

                  Also, I know its impossible now but I really wish RDR had an extra 5 more Legends to make it '10'.
                  • BaronSamedi911on November 19 2012, 8:24amReplyFlag
                    Diamonds plated guns please !!! We have chrome we have gold now diamonds on our guns would be great to :)
                    • jaafbadzon November 19 2012, 5:40amReplyFlag
                      so much fun with everyone on Max Payne 3 ! thanks u all
                    • KingKoshanon November 19 2012, 5:31amReplyFlag
                      Bro I can agree with that! Was shotting the crap out of someone and there health bar stayed full, worst of all I was dual wielding 2 auto 9's!!!
                      • Cartoon_Badmanon November 19 2012, 5:15amReplyFlag
                        Yo R* got some funky stuff happening with my Day Of The Dead Mask! It wasn't unlocked for the longest time then it finally did at the MP event, went on yesterday and it had gone again, replaced by the Arcane one :/

                        Think the Arcane one is the best but would be nice to flick between them!

                        Thanking you

                        • Cartoon_Badmanon November 19 2012, 6:01amReplyFlag
                          @Cartoon_Badman Also, 2 questions about feuds....

                          1. How do you actually start one? Sometimes they start straight away and sometimes they take forever, despite the kills!

                          2. What happens if the a crew has a feud in house? (RSG* Vs RSG* )

                          Thanks again
                        • PIMPAXon November 19 2012, 6:23amReplyFlag
                          @Cartoon_Badman Hi man, I think it starts when at least 2 person from the same crew put a vendetta on the same team. And the other question, when u got a fued u vs u i think the stats don't move.
                        • Cartoon_Badmanon November 19 2012, 6:40amReplyFlag
                          @PIMPAX Thanks chap, thought that was the case for the in house feuds!

                          Good to know about the feuds, I thought it was something about all members of one crew killing the other crew, be good to get an official word!
                        • PIMPAXon November 19 2012, 7:08amReplyFlag
                          @Cartoon_Badman Hey rico, don't take my words for 100% sure, i unfortunately ain't working for R*. But if I says something wrong, please correct me.
                        • R* Kon November 19 2012, 7:09amReplyFlag
                          @Cartoon_Badman Hey there, that issue with the masks sounds unusual. Please contact our support team so they can help you get to the bottom of it:

                          As for Feuds, check out this description of how they are activated:
                          "You can be playing any team-based game with a completely new set of players, but if you spot two or more members of a crew you’re feuding with on the opposite team, any kills you get against them will count to the overall feud so rivalries will spring up automatically - and when they do, you’ll be notified and the grudge will come to the forefront of the game."
                      • ErnestoRockon November 19 2012, 4:08amReplyFlag
                        i didn't get this mask but it doesn't matter because the Day of the Dead Skull mask for the veteran crews is really cool.
                        • MONSTRO1988on November 19 2012, 12:16amReplyFlag
                          ever since the last Patch my Filhos De Ogum will not store the the 8ustomizations I make. Everytime I start multiplayer it's randomized again and other folks have told me the same about whichever faction they keep as a Deathmatch character - can you fix?
                          • R* Kon November 19 2012, 9:52amReplyFlag
                            @MONSTRO1988 Please report this to our support team so they can help you out

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