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Posted on November 8 2012, 12:06pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Look for the full 18-page story to debut this afternoon via their digital app.
The print edition will begin landing in subscribers’ mailboxes this week and at newsstands next week Friday November 16th.

  • R* Yon November 8 2012, 2:54pmFlag
    While we are really excited for you to discuss the article here, please don’t post links to scans, ask for scans, share illegal files or paste transcriptions of the article here. As always, we want no part in illegal distribution of copyrighted material. Thanks for understanding.
  • coffi45on April 23 2013, 12:29pmReplyFlag
    PC :D
    • XxSkarllexiusxXon April 19 2013, 5:09pmReplyFlag
      Rockstar PLZ Add gasoline consumption PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ Millions of GTA fans are asking for it. It would add so much realism to the game! Is not that the game has to be the most realistic game ever but gasoline consumption would be a hell of fun!
      • SATANGODSon March 17 2013, 6:17pmReplyFlag
        did you say split ramm
        • edicu2000on January 21 2013, 8:30amReplyFlag
          Remember what you did in GTA3 with el burro?You said that el burro is a cross universe character.Why not put a gtaiii era character in gta5 in the way you put el burro back then
          • jimmygangster14on January 11 2013, 4:52pmReplyFlag
            are you ---ed? playstation 3 has the highest quality graphics card built in of the current age in gaming, it supports HDMI, has an 8 core CPU and also runs blueray disks which hold alot more than HD-DVDs dont even go on saying ps3 is s**t cuz skyrim lags on it, it isnt because it cant run it, its that bethesda makes their games with xbox in mind and the memory chip set up in the xbox and ps3 are different and thats why it lags the specs for a ps3 are far more better than that of an xbox why dont you go do some research before you get your shriveled little balls in a bunch kid
          • NPMN94on January 11 2013, 12:47pmReplyFlag
            dude the blue ray disk can store more in it than the regular xbox disk so stfu.
            • joseph-angelon December 3 2012, 12:16pmReplyFlag
              1 – Children
              2 modified cars
              3 – the diversity of shops and plentiful
              4 – gasoline consumption and the ability to mobilize
              5 – Diversity aircraft
              6 – huge buildings
              7 – the ability to buy cars
              8 – the ability to communicate in the process of social play
              9 – large ships and boats jet Cesky
              10 – Restaurants
              10 – sports links
              12 – can buy buildings such as apartment houses for rent shops and agencies
              And earn profits
              13 – Add Nissan and Toyota agency and add many cars
              14 – we must be able to enter a lot of buildings
              15 – If there is an accident we should call the police
              16 – sudden incidents
              17 – sudden fires in buildings
              18 – a friend accompany you whenever you want
              19 – furniture shop
              20 – Goods are famous throughout the world
              21 – The presence of football stadiums
              22 – selling drugs
              23 – The presence of animals
              24 – player that can hold a guard dog
              25 – The possibility of sitting in all seats
              26 – add Billiards + Bowling
              27 – The possibility of establishing a gang and site selection
              28 – buy land
              29 – increase the size of the player when training in sports halls
              30 – bandits and dangerous neighborhoods
              31 – the ability to enter houses and malls
              32 – Animal Husbandry
              33 – Universities and Schools
              34 – Add the seasons
              35 - riding waves
              36 - Fish in the Sea
              37 - Big waves
              38 - Buy mansions
              39 - Build homes
              40 - Steal cars and sell them
              41 - A zoo
              42 - We wish add requirements in the game
              43 - Put gasoline counter and speedometer

              We want Graphics fact, smashing homes and modify the cars and all the capabilities of the body, including the muscles and the possibility to make it fat or skinny and hair growth and the development of a large number of cars and the pilots, ships and the possibility of this game when imprisoned
            • SickZatuEduardon November 30 2012, 10:26pmReplyFlag
              was well that when you buy a property you stay with the owner to see in a restaurant or somewhere.
              • matheus_br1000on November 29 2012, 3:21pmReplyFlag
                Why don't you put songs like Pink Floyd, guns n roses, led zeppelin, acdc, slipknot, stone sour, and ozzy osbourn in the radios of the cars? And some Brazilian songs too, like Raul Seixas, ze ramalho, zeca baleiro, blindagem, etc... thank you, and sorry 4 my english!
                • free--syriaon November 29 2012, 7:42amReplyFlag
                  Hi how are you i love every gta parts and i love rocksatr company i have 12 gta sa for ps2 only
                  And i'm waiting for gtav it's so amazing game .
                  How much it ??
                  • CHICAGOxWEEDon November 28 2012, 5:34pmReplyFlag

                    this is for those who love san andreas and gta v
                    so why not join grove st
                    • jdimebagon November 28 2012, 12:38amReplyFlag
                      I hope they prevent moding in the multiplayer. Or as i like to call it cheating. I cannot even explain how frustrating it is to play with these cheaters. Is anyone else with me on that? Is this even something they can prevent? If anyone else has input on this, it would be much appreciated.
                      • RahimKasimon November 27 2012, 11:19amReplyFlag
                        Can't Wait For Grand Theft Auto V....
                        • Mo-X-786on November 24 2012, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                          Dear Rockstar,

                          When I play Grand Theft Auto IV I always love to play friendly matches because you can't die. I love to drive the Banshe or the Sultan RS cruze around the airport an blow up other gamers cars then drive away while throwing grenades out the car window. Please make there be the friendly option...

                          Thank You!
                          • JimmyHopkins120on November 22 2012, 5:00pmReplyFlag
                            Man,i pre-ordered GTA V
                            • illegalGTADRIVERon November 22 2012, 2:21pmReplyFlag
                              hey rockstar games I have some cool ideas and drawings that would be cool in gta 5, but if just if you guys got some time for me I would really appreciate it.

                              GVRyderNL (ps3)
                              • kulavenon November 21 2012, 12:42pmReplyFlag
                                This game will be the game of all games for sure. Just one thing about the multiplayer though. I think you should look at DayZ/WarZ for how not putting a mini map or name tags in a free roam can make things a little more tense. No zombies though as they have been played to death. Having to work with your friends seems pretty cool and everyone knows how crap a session can be when a kid in a buzzard can find everyone as soon as they spawn. I heard you guys took the no blips option out of IV because people didnt like it but those people can have there own casual aim, spawn up your a## session cant they? Also bullet drop for the sharp shooters as a 1000+ metre head shot in battlefield or sniper v2 feels like you actually did something. Anyway when or how can the GI story be looked at in full online?
                                • Andrew1320on November 21 2012, 6:35amReplyFlag
                                  So after doing some more searching I may have found a legit map and I have found a release date! Neither are confirmed but for the map it supports many of the descriptions and for the release date I found 5/7/2013. The date is not confirmed but supports the Spring 2013 release date!
                                  • Andrew1320on November 21 2012, 5:21amReplyFlag
                                    Well what can I say besides....well for the lack of better words, WOW! This game is gonna set the stage for future open world gameplay in my opinion. I am siked for this game. I can't wait to know every detail! While reading many, many, many articles on the game I am gonna go through a couple of the basics here.

                                    Character: No ways to customize your character seems to be the verdict. Nothing beyond clothing anyway.
                                    Weapon: Besides maybe a few attachments such as a scope and a suppressor, No other options to customize.
                                    Vehicle: I have not seen or heard anything on vehicle customiztion. But I personally am keeping my fingers crossed.

                                    Spending Money:
                                    Money. It seems to me, to be the driving force of this game. Michael being well off with a nice house seems to be doing fine. But with his familys selfish spending of his money, it seems he needs the cash. Trevor, living in a trailer in the middle of no where seems to be trying to be the Drug King in Los Santos. Which could make him millions if he succeded. And last but not least there is Franklin. He is a young guy looking to make a life using crime to get his money and possessions. So for all three chracters money seems to be very important. And according all the info already released and talked about you need money for everything from buying guns to cars to needing money to even start some missions. Unfortunately from what I have gathered, you will not be able to buy properties like in San Andreas. Since you are playing three different protagonists you will already have three 'Safehouses'. And finally you will not aquire one large pool of money from what I have heard. SInce you can and will be swapping between the three characters all the money earned by each protagonist stays with him. So say you did something to earn $500,000 with Trevor and you swap to Michael, That $500,000 will stay with Trevor and only be able to be spent when you are playing with him (At least this is what seems to be the speculation so far). So from what I gather so far, money will be an essential 'Tool' rather than an obsolete 'thing' as in GTA IV.
                                    All the information gathered was from all available articles and videos published.
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