Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation DLC Now Available

Posted on October 30 2012, 11:26am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Available now across Xbox LIVE and later today on PlayStation Network and PC, the Hostage Negotiation Map Pack DLC for Max Payne 3 features four new multiplayer maps specially designed for online action - along with a range of new Items and weapons plus a new avatar faction and more...
Battle it out in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer across these four new maps - two with all-new highly detailed favela territories and two more featuring areas reminiscent of the intense nightclub and stadium shootouts early on in Max Payne 3's epic single player story.
The IA2 Assault Rifle and M24 Sniper Rifle bring two more powerful weapons to the multiplayer arena plus the new Bomb Suit, Heavy Helmet and Intimidation Mask Items provide even more flexibility for your arsenal.
One of the São Paulo’s favelas more distinctive looking gangs, the Filhos De Ogum feature unique accessories and ragged mismatching footwear.
The devastating new Explosive Burst, plus a range of new Achievements and Trophies, Multiplayer Grinds and more...
The Hostage Negotiation Pack is available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE or $9.99 on PlayStation Network and PC. Rockstar Pass owners of course receive it, along with all other Max Payne 3 downloadable content, free of charge.


  • magicaldogon December 6 2012, 5:55amReplyFlag
    The "Hostage Negotiation DLC" just disappeared from my ingame PS3 Store MENU

    What is happening with Rockstar Games

    I do not recognize their usual professionalism ?
    • topsidecreatureon November 21 2012, 1:18amReplyFlag
      Filhos de Ogum no Gorilla Masks??? even the SPP havin the pig masks were cool
      do like a baboon or rat or something dope!!!
      and do another avatar group in the new dlcs there super fun to customize
      thanks R* Y
      • Gui20011on November 20 2012, 9:58pmReplyFlag
        Will there be any complete edition for Max Payne 3? With all DLC's? Thank you.
        • Breumson November 15 2012, 6:41amReplyFlag
          Can someone please explain to me how you unlock the "60 seconds of intimidation" achievement?! Does it need to be done in one single match or is it cumulative? Looking on the web nobody seems to really know. Any help would be highly appreciated, cheers!
          • BranLP84on November 16 2012, 6:52amReplyFlag
            @Breums The task accumulates over time. Anybody reloading in your presence 'line of sight' counts towards your 60 Seconds. It does not have to be done in one match. And no, there's no way to track your time. I found it quicker to play Deathmatch instead of Team Deathmatch because in Deathmatch, EVERYONE is an enemy. It may take some time to get done, but just 'GRIND' it out. You'll get it eventually.
          • BranLP84on November 16 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
            @Breums ALSO, you have to equip the Intimidation Mask to whatever LOADOUT you're using. Almost forgot the MOST important information. (LOL) And if you need to know what the Intimidation Mask does, it slows down how fast enemy reload while in your near presence. I think it only works mid to close range.
          • R* Yon November 19 2012, 7:29pmReplyFlag
            @BranLP84 Thanks for helping out
        • G-R-A-N-Don November 15 2012, 4:27amReplyFlag
          Sigh.... How I wish I could play this DLC and the disorganized crime dlc...

          I've been playing TBOGT recenty. Great game. I'm too bumed to play MP3 because I don't think my issue with the DLC not saving the install will be resolved. I submitted a trouble ticket on 7 Nov, and haven't even received an acknowledgment. :(

          Won't be buying season pass for GTA V. I'll spend more money, but won't have to worry about sh... like this.

          • jcgamerlegendon November 14 2012, 1:38pmReplyFlag
            when is the co op dlc coming out ? i cant wait for it !
            • Dominik1411on November 13 2012, 12:13amReplyFlag
              @R* Is it true that you have to reach legend 5 rang 50 to get the "training complete" trophy? I just reached rang 50 for first time and it was already a long way to get there.
            • cufberton November 12 2012, 3:38pmReplyFlag
              I went into game station about 2 months ago and come across a max payne figure for around £40, needless to say i wanted it. i came back a week later and it was gone =(. I've looked on the warehouse and i cannot seem to find it. I do not really want one off of amazon, i would rather a new one. Will you be getting any more of these or were they a special item to go with the release of max payne 3? I will get one off of amazon if needed but i thought i should ask first......thanks!
              • cufberton November 12 2012, 3:59pmReplyFlag
                @cufbert Sorry to be abit off topic, it's just been annoying me for ages lol
              • R* Yon November 12 2012, 6:31pmReplyFlag
                @cufbert We recommend contacting to ask our Warehouse team, as they'll have a better idea of future availability.
              • cufberton November 13 2012, 2:20amReplyFlag
                @ cheers!
            • videopaton November 11 2012, 9:04amReplyFlag
              Why do I get kicked out of EVERY multiplayer game I start due to "connection problems"? Hurricane Sandy? Should I just sell this game back and cut my losses? These are questions that need answering.

              - disgruntled faithful customer
              • R* Yon November 12 2012, 3:34pmReplyFlag
                @videopat Sorry to hear that's happening when you try to play. We have a brand new title update coming soon that will fix several issues, so look for our announcement when it releases.
            • smpfilmson November 10 2012, 11:14pmReplyFlag
              Rockstar* you guys should make a manhunt 1 & 2 collection for ps3 on PSN store for download for the ps2 classics that would be cool and also we as fans would like to see GTA v limited edition that comes with GTA SA or for download on PSN now that would be nice.
              • R* Yon November 12 2012, 3:33pmReplyFlag
                @smpfilms Thanks for the suggestions, but remember to stay on topic.
            • FatedDestinyon November 10 2012, 3:05pmReplyFlag
              That's odd. I still don't see the new content in the store and I've been checking all week. What gives? I'll go check again, but seriously...
            • Sinister_Beast72on November 8 2012, 5:03pmReplyFlag
              @Wis3d0c Cool. We were glad to hear that PlayStation was able to resolve the issue.

              Was this the issue really R* ? Because according to one of your representatives at the Customer support hotline told me because of hurricane Sandy you had to rebuild some servers due to damage. So IF that was all it was why didnt you post that fact here ? Why are you pointing the blame at Sony? Will we ever know the truth? Probably not.

              Just like politicians always blaming the other guy. Pathetic.
              • R* Yon November 12 2012, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                @Sinister_Beast72 Our Support staff were operating at reduced levels in the aftermath of the hurricane. As for the DLC not being available immediately to Rockstar Pass users, Sony was able to fix that since it was something on their side causing the problem. Hope everyone is enjoying the DLC!
              • Sinister_Beast72on November 12 2012, 5:44pmReplyFlag
                @ well i will never get the whole story your reps say one thing on the phone and you say another. The best part about waiting a week and a half for the DLC is the favela heights map. Hands down the best map yet , except for the campers all the way in the back of the map sitting at the top of any given stairway ... waiting .
            • BIG_EDZOon November 8 2012, 1:04amReplyFlag
              Last week when the dlc came out there was over 1,400 people on there. I went on last night with a friend and there was like 130 people. I was a bit sad about it because I just love this game, absolutely love it. So we made the best of it, went into large deathmatch (free aim) and ranked up our sniper rifles, and I'm garbage as a sniper, lol. It was actually some of the most fun we had on there in a while, just the 2 of us. The new sniper rifle is nice too. I'll never give up on this game, you can always work something out. I just really hope this game doesn't go down the toilet. R*, you guys rock, can't wait for future dlc.
              • LordDeathDemonon November 7 2012, 10:16pmReplyFlag
                Thanks R* for fixing the DLC. I do have a couple questions? will there be a patch released in the near future to fix the getting kicked from games, invisible player and the being stuck behind cover cuz i got killed as the target because of that. Also will u be adding some of the DLC maps to gang wars cuz i played them finally today and there good maps...and is there a way to get those halloween masks cuz i missed that social club event. O and im having problems with my payne threshold score not going up.
                • R* Yon November 12 2012, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                  @LordDeathDemon Yep, there's a new title update coming this month that will fix several issues. We'll post a new article when it's out.
              • jgmcnairon November 7 2012, 10:14pmReplyFlag
                Finally and thx but still weary on future passes for games because of this...
                • Marks..on November 7 2012, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                  Thank You Rock Star I can use all the extra XP I can get. I jest tried to play three games in downloadable maps and got 2 kill's total for three games.
                  • BaronSamedi911on November 7 2012, 4:40pmReplyFlag
                    Its now working I wanna thank everyone that complained here and on the psn board we made things move and forced them to take a look at it and with patience and a lot of arguing we finally got what we paid for......

                    Now let's hope this won't happen with the last two dlc's or we might go crazy again :) good game yalll I think we deserve 3xp for the wait what you guys think ;)???
                    • Marks..on November 7 2012, 5:13pmReplyFlag
                      @BaronSamedi911 3xp I say for us that do not cheat how about 4xp for at least 4 days to catch up to these who do cheat and to make up for the wait of the new DLC.
                    • R* Yon November 7 2012, 5:46pmReplyFlag
                      @BaronSamedi911 Good to hear

                      @Agent_Death We'll certainly have more bonus XP this month, and will announce it ahead of time to give everyone a heads up
                    • D.T.A.666on November 7 2012, 6:00pmReplyFlag
                      @ lol now u can get sum peace rockstar from the tones of abuse you was getting. anyways my problem is i cannot sign into rockstar social club via max payne on my ps3 i haven't been able to for weeks now?? any idea?? i missed them skulls cause i could not sign in. PEACE!
                  • squillyon November 7 2012, 4:27pmReplyFlag
                    Yep, it's finally out. 430MB worth of new MP3 content. Now, how's about some free "patience" masks or something? Whaddya think, R*?
                    • Sinister_Beast72on November 7 2012, 3:46pmReplyFlag
                      The DLC Is now available to R* Pass holders in the In game PS3 store.
                      • Wis3d0con November 7 2012, 3:32pmReplyFlag
                        Thank you R*!
                        • R* Yon November 7 2012, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                          @Wis3d0c Cool. We were glad to hear that PlayStation was able to resolve the issue.
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