GTAV Artwork: Pest Control

Posted on October 24 2012, 12:16pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Lots of info coming next month. Get ready.

For now, enjoy this first official artwork release from Grand Theft Auto V.

  • skeleton_bunnyon July 4 2013, 9:03amReplyFlag
    this was the first of many gtav artworks
    • FranklinGTA5on June 12 2013, 10:29pmReplyFlag
      Ha I remember this! And now look we have more artwork, screenshots and trailers! And now its coming out Sept 17,2013!! Good ol days!
      • GTAjunkie330on January 17 2013, 11:16pmReplyFlag
        Just noticed that building says "Anna Rex.." somethin else, probly a play on anorexic lol good ol' rockstar humor :)
        • Pacheco56on January 8 2013, 10:06pmReplyFlag
          wow i remember these old days, good times gooooood times
          • DJxMoNsTaaZon November 10 2012, 9:37amReplyFlag
            a good idea would be real life cars and jobs truck driver or police stuff like that would be good
            • smokeysjon November 9 2012, 4:49pmReplyFlag
              I came across a box of my old Playstation discs awhile back and inside I saw my old GTA and GTA 2 games. Took me back and made me think about the newer games by comparison, and all I have to say is take all the time needed for GTA V to make it the perfect game for the era. Each one has accomplished that very thing, but it seems like us GTA fans always expect more no matter what. Disregard everything anybody says about timeframes and running out of patience, if it has to be pushed back to add a few of the things that we want (that can be realistically accomplished), so be it. Keep it up Rockstar your by far a major pioneer in the industry, regardless of setbacks, sometimes progress is more important than profit. Games like these hold the potential for numerous future endeavors that I'm sure will be just as great.

              P.S. I only add this because it hasn't been confirmed, but if one thing could make this game better than I can tell it already will be, it would a broad range of customization.
              • 2gooXDon November 5 2012, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                !!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE GTA SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                I really cant wait for gta V to get released.
                Even if they never make a PC ver i know i will still enjoy watching GTA V gameplays on YT.
                • GeorgeBaboucheon November 5 2012, 1:24pmReplyFlag
                  • DeathMetalGameron November 5 2012, 1:30amReplyFlag
                    AK47 With a Suppressor, Sick!!
                    • Henu-86on November 4 2012, 12:55pmReplyFlag
                      • quentin.59on November 4 2012, 4:19amReplyFlag
                        ok sa marche j'avais pas vu
                        • Penguins_Fan93on November 3 2012, 8:33amReplyFlag
                          [Off topic]
                          Rockstar why am i seeing the trailers for games on my iPad? Its hasnt happened til now and there isnt flash support on the iPad, also on the gta v i have the trailer moved over a bit and swipe to view the screen shots (sorry support isnt working)
                          • jordyhuisstedenon November 3 2012, 8:12amReplyFlag
                            @R* Every one says something else, do you have your power back now or not??? Please replies. (sorry for my english)
                            • GTALAD4EVArebornon November 3 2012, 6:21amReplyFlag
                              I can't wait for GTAV!! Been watching the 1st Trailer over, and over again, never get bored. Thank You Rockstar!! Hope you guys are back on your feet not, of not, very soon =)
                              • jimmyear__02on November 2 2012, 10:25pmReplyFlag
                                Hey rockstar, it would be interesting to see a video on the making of those speed painting of gta! would be great!
                              • tobicollabon November 2 2012, 9:02pmReplyFlag
                                I cannot wait for GTA V trailer 2! Wheres the power?
                                • vickyyoooon November 2 2012, 12:14pmReplyFlag
                                  love u gta vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
                                  • R* Yon November 2 2012, 7:48pmReplyFlag
                                    @vickyyooo Thanks, we can tell all of you are excited about the artwork, and look forward to unveiling more in the future!
                                  • acasaleton November 2 2012, 9:02pmReplyFlag
                                    @ why u dont r on the GTA V coming on spring??
                                  • Bl4ckout-Bashon November 2 2012, 9:02pmReplyFlag
                                    @ R* Everyone loves you guys... LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU ! I love you to bring us such amazing games thats great !
                                  • Gamer-ofYear2000on November 2 2012, 9:06pmReplyFlag
                                    @ Hey R* can we still expect GTA V's 2nd trailer to be released before the 5th of November ?
                                  • tobicollabon November 2 2012, 9:06pmReplyFlag
                                    @ You guys have power? Estimate when trailer two is coming out!
                                  • vickyyoooon November 3 2012, 5:28amReplyFlag
                                    @ dear rockstar! there is a user "the-dark-knight" who used very bad words about my country,he violated the terms and conditions of commenting so please rockstar ban him please otherwise i would b so upset.
                                  • InfamousTony321on November 3 2012, 6:21amReplyFlag
                                    @ Hi R* cant wait for GTA V, its gonna be the best open world game ever! It will defiantly live up to the massive hype
                                  • WEST_SIDE_CRAZEDon April 3 2013, 3:09amReplyFlag
                                    @Gamer-ofYear2000 UPDATE: GTAV comes out September 17, 2013. Just so you know!
                                  • Antonio_RDRon July 4 2013, 9:08amReplyFlag
                                    @ DISCLOSE MORE 'IN THE FUTURE! Rockstar has awakened
                                • AndrewAtchisonon November 1 2012, 10:48pmReplyFlag
                                  Great work!!

                                  Even if you only release a GTA vice city 10 year video today the that will satisfy many true GTA fans like myself!!

                                  Keep up the great work :D
                                  • xkiller99on November 1 2012, 10:43amReplyFlag
                                    I can't wait for Gta V thanks rockstar for makeing this awesome game from gta vc to V :)
                                    • quentin.59on November 1 2012, 3:04amReplyFlag
                                      thanks you rockstar for this infos and for the game gta5 ^_^
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