First Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Preview Impressions from IGN, GameSpot and More

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The first impressions of Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes are live across the web alongside our latest gameplay video, Multiplayer Free Roam.  Here's a sample:

"Red Dead Redemption's lobby system is much more than a simple place to hang out.  It's massive and dynamic and puts almost any other open world game to shame.  This online meeting space takes the lobby system in GTA IV to the next level.  The world feels alive and interactive -- it's a true virtual sandbox.  Random homesteaders will travel by.  Birds fly overhead.  Storms roll in and fill crevasses with water.  The posse leader can place waypoints for the group, but I rarely followed them.  The Red Dead lobby offered some of the most random fun I've had in a game in a long time." - IGN

"In non-team free-for-all modes, everyone then stands around in a circle, weapons drawn.  You can see exactly who's aiming at you, and when the game says shoot, you fire until no one's left standing.  It lends a sense of palpable anticipation to the start of each match, and is a simple, but effective way to decide who starts out with the upper hand -- an effect that's almost as exciting as the match itself." - 1UP

"On one end, there are those fixed game modes for players who enjoy engaging in traditional multiplayer matches and working toward earning a tangible reward like experience points.  But there's also the potential for free-roaming creativity with little in the way of restrictions.  Whether you're in the mood for a standard deathmatch or prefer coming up with new games like "The First Annual Nuevo Paraiso Man Versus Mountain Lion Contest" it looks like flexibility and options are the two big themes in Redemption multiplayer." - Gamespot

“Multiplayer modes are not the best place to express your individuality, as the choices for avatars are usually limited to either a) brown camouflage dude with helmet, or b) grey camouflage dude with sunglasses. You might be the best player on the field, but the only way others will recognize you is by memorizing your tag.  In Red Dead Redemption, however, you can look as normal or as abnormal as you wish. The character customization menus are unusually complex, with the camera circling around a 3D campground full of gangs and posses, helping you decide which grizzled veteran of the frontier you'd like to portray.  The elderly lawman with the magnificent mustache? The cocky train robber with the handkerchief pulled across his face? Or my favorite, the chubby bandito, who seem as if he's struggling just to climb onto his horse, and whose enormous sombrero often obstructed my aim during crucial duels. Plus side? My opponents were more likely to hit my beloved hat than my even more beloved head!” – GamesRadar

Read the previews in full at the links above, and stay tuned for more information on multiplayer in the weeks ahead.

  • Preacher85on May 29 2010, 8:53amReplyFlag
    Any word on increasing the player limit for free roam?
    • 123IRISHOUTLAWon April 16 2010, 2:11pmReplyFlag
      cant wait to rob stagecoaches and heist banks with my posse- the Irish outlaws
      • bonodyon April 14 2010, 8:56pmReplyFlag
        will there be a demo for RDR R*
        • Descarado29on April 14 2010, 1:33pmReplyFlag
          I read on a site that had some hands on with the multiplayer that when you take bandit hideouts they are NPC's and you get xp for them, is this true? I think this is a good idea to give some other 'co-op' options besides hunting. I like killing players as much as the next guy, but it's good to get some co-op slaying in as well. Can anyone at R* verify?
          • barticus19on April 14 2010, 12:51pmReplyFlag
            for those wondering if you can have a female character in multiplayer, check out 0:57 in the multi-player video
            • Alliedwaron April 14 2010, 9:20amReplyFlag
              Will there be a dual wield option to have guns in both hands?
              • DarylChardon April 14 2010, 6:59amReplyFlag
                How does the ranking work?

                Would story mode to go your online rank?
                • Italian_Cowboyon April 13 2010, 8:23pmReplyFlag
                  Dear Rockstar, I know you don't much care if I am a fan or not, so can you tell me if you will release some info about how one outfits John Marston? Or shall we have to wait the 35!! days?
                  • R* Yon April 13 2010, 8:12pmReplyFlag
                    @El_Bandido_RDR Each free roam session holds a maximum of 16 players, and you can create posses of up to 8 players per posse

                    @SC__719187 Outside of towns, Marston can pitch up anywhere in the world using his campsite, but there will also rooms available in towns if you need to rest awhile
                    • El_Bandido_RDRon April 13 2010, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                      Sure this has already been discussed but can only 16 players be in a "free roam" lobby world? I was hoping that there could be lots of real players in a single "free roam" world but either way it will be awesome.
                      • SC__719187on April 13 2010, 1:11pmReplyFlag
                        does john marston has his own safe house or we can just sit around a camp fire ?
                        • redboyJohnon April 13 2010, 9:07amReplyFlag


                          PLEASE ANSWER ME !!!
                          • Ratsalad1on April 13 2010, 3:59amReplyFlag
                            Does anyone know we're able to lasso random people?
                            • mlsk8eron April 12 2010, 6:54pmReplyFlag

                              Hey Outlaw of the West i would like to join the group my PSN. mlsk8
                              • FamousBluedragonon April 12 2010, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                                join outlaws of west we all ready have 9 teams we need a final team which is the best so comment and give me ur psn id were i can add u ............ 8 ppl needed a free prize or gift card we be rewarded...thank u
                                • FamousBluedragonon April 12 2010, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                                  welcome everybody join the outlaws of west just comment back and give me ur psn id so i can add u thank u
                                  • FLEX-LUTHORon April 12 2010, 10:33amReplyFlag
                                    Yea boi! Red Dead Redemption Roleplay UK now on Facebook! Discussion boards are up, become a fan and help the community grow.. Feedback over XBL has been great guys & gals, lets keep it up and push Rockstars Masterpiece beyond it's limits.. Reap The Whirlwind.. Reap it!
                                    • Jakniphoneon April 12 2010, 9:02amReplyFlag
                                      i noticed you had a 'nag' do you get to nurse them back into health or is it just a really bad horse that you can't do anything with? i saw this in the intro video too, it was tied up, i hope you can get them into better health and like train them so you get the fastest, strongest etc horse :D
                                      • addictedfarmeron April 12 2010, 6:21amReplyFlag
                                        Multiplayer seems like alot of fun, but I'm a bit worried about the controls. In some previews they say that it's a bit clunky, like taking cover. And i'm particularly worried about auto aim (lock on). I really hope there is a possibility to turn this off online. This is possible in GTA IV, but you don't have the option to select if you want if on or off before you join a game. Same thing with all the other options. You just join a game and if you are not satisfied with the options the host has taken you have to join another one. Instead why not let us select our preferations before we join a game? Would save alot of frustrating to keep joining games untill you find one that suits your playstyle.
                                        • ShadyHunteron April 12 2010, 1:22amReplyFlag
                                          yo guys i got a clan that plays COD and Halo and im extending our clan to RDR. We're called the SLYS which stands for Sophisticated League of Yankee Soldiers....In RDR we're gonna hunt, find an awesome base, help eachother as best we can, and fight anyone who challenges the SLYS! WHO'S WITH ME?!

                                          if ya wanna join send a friend request to BitterSweetRush (leader) and in the requesnt say you wanna join. (you dont have to be an american or yankee fan to join, the baseball team has no relevance)
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