Beating Addiction and Traveling to the Past: Real World Connections through L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3

Posted on October 18 2012, 11:04am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

A few weeks back, we shared an interesting interview in which a NASA scientist advanced the possibility that real world environments could in fact be complex computer simulations - likened to open world game universes like GTAIV's Liberty City. Today, we've discovered a pair of incredible and inspiring pieces discussing the way that the virtual world can impact the real, showing how people make sometimes profound real-life connections through interactive entertainment.
In 'Night and the City', Eurogamer's Christian Donlan documented his recent experience playing L.A. Noire with his father - who grew up in 1940s Los Angeles - along for the ride. In addition to sharing his father's impressions of experiencing L.A. Noire's virtual recreation of 1947 Los Angeles, he also tells a fascinating story about his grandfather, who was an actual L.A. beat cop during the era. An excerpt of his father's words:

"Viewing L.A. Noire was an exciting and thoughtful experience. For a few hours I was able to re-explore the L.A. I knew in the late forties and early fifties with my son. The city was dark, but even with the period's dim street lighting and within the slightly truncated map of the city, we were able to find our way around. The prizes for me were the Richfield Building, Angels Flight (located where it belonged next to the 3rd Street tunnel - it has since been relocated one block south) and the wonderful cars of the era. I was able to remember exactly how to get around from both the towering City Hall and the slightly uncomfortable space of Pershing Square. This seemed a refreshingly thoughtful-almost intellectual-scenario that I would not have expected in something called a game...

To be able to experience it again with my son who was born 20 years after I first left the city was, I think, wonderful for us both."

You can read the full piece here:
Meanwhile, this inspiring story that caught our eye at the Destructoid community blogs is something we thought quite worth sharing. In it, one of their community members (also a member of the Destructoid Crew here at Rockstar Social Club) vApathyv documents a very personal experience of conquering his own addiction to alcohol while concurrently witnessing Max's similar struggle playing through Max Payne 3's story:
"As I progressed through the story I was both amazed and terrified at how much I could relate to this man. Now, as I was playing this game, back in the real world I had also begun making strides towards correcting my problem. I was regaining a grip on my life, and regaining a grip on my self-control. I was slowly becoming better again, to the point where I actually stopped drinking for a while. And around that time a pivotal moment happened in the story where Max decided enough was enough, and that he was gonna drop the bottle and take his life back. When this happened, I was floored. This character that I've been so connected to this whole time...he was taking the same steps I did. I had no words. I still have no words to describe the feeling I had during that scene. But the one thing I can say about that scene is, it inspired me. I could probably say Max rejecting his demons and vices is what led to me doing the same. I think I can honestly admit that Max Payne is who saved me from my addiction."
vApathyv: We are honored that our game could help you in such a profound way - and wish you all the best in your continued health and happiness.

Read his entire story at:

  • RabbidDude1on October 23 2012, 1:00amReplyFlag
    I have a mental list of the most phenomenal games ever made. L.A. Noire is pretty much the only one there at the moment...
    • BoRn-GTALegendzon October 21 2012, 7:24amReplyFlag
      Very nice indeed R* and keep it up the good work on your future games. I was find L.A Noire a very unique experience to be playing a setting in the 1940s to be honest and its amazing actually. For Max Payne 3, its such a tremendous video game i've seen and its the story i'm talking about and the setting aswell.
    • louis1993on October 20 2012, 12:41pmReplyFlag
      it's bad how some people are addicted to alcohol.
      alcohol helps me to be more fun and social.
      as marilyn manson ones sad "don't do drugs or alcohol when your in a bad mood"
      Max Payne was always in a bad mood and got drunk all day
      • TRANEMingon October 19 2012, 11:27pmReplyFlag
        L.A.Noire is great and keeps me playing again and again...The game took me to the world that I have seen only on TV. In the world of the game, I'm not a viewer but a participant experiencing the noire side of L.A.....
        I really enjoy stories about people doing strange things (like those in the stranger missions of RDR,random people missions of GTA4 and of course the whole story of L.A.Noire)....Those people all have reasons to do so and I'd like to dig them up...
        Keep up the good work......I hope I can see some more in the coming up games presented by R*
        • jonhyosbourneon October 19 2012, 3:03pmReplyFlag
          L.A noire and MP3 its amazing i love it :)
          • Blackwater_Caton October 19 2012, 9:17amReplyFlag
            • Pothatuuon October 18 2012, 8:11pmReplyFlag
              I'm so happy to read a better article about LA Noire than that one by the nerdy guy from the "1947 Project". He spends the whole time whining about ramps that were in photographs that weren't in the game and acting like he was there in 1947 the whole time (even though he's 24 or so). What a jerk.
              • scareface1970on October 18 2012, 7:29pmReplyFlag
                This is really good to read R*.
                Thanks for sharing this i like this.

                ***Rock***You***Rock*** :D:D:D
              • Roofy010on October 18 2012, 4:52pmReplyFlag
                This article makes me feel like playing LA Noire. I gonna start a new game to spend the wait for info of the biggest coming yet
              • Roofy010on October 18 2012, 4:43pmReplyFlag
                I did not beat a addiction or saw some footage frome the past cause im not so old. But I can really understand these guys because I personally always get deep feelings when playing a Rockstar game. I dont know why because of the deep great stories or maybe the problems the protagonist have. But In every game of you guys I always get emotional. When I saw what happened to cole phelps, I really fel bad for the guy u know. And John Marston such a great man who would do anything for his family. So sad how some stories end but then again R* your games always have the best stories that I get really deep in personally and do the best I can
                • EYRIE-FEELon October 18 2012, 4:31pmReplyFlag
                  I think that it is truley amazing how a game can help change your path in life I think that vApathyv: was very couragous for putting his truth and his story out there R* you have to feel very honored by that I know I can say for myself that your games take me to a place i love to be in I guess thats why I have so much love for your games and what the team does to make sure we have the best game experience in the world hands down R* no one compare to really this is a great post.....
                  • VeryHushHushon October 18 2012, 4:37pmReplyFlag
                    @EYRIE-FEEL Amen to that - totally agree.

                    And that's gaming's real strength (I think), that it can re-create a historical period,
                    and let the player experience it. LAN and RDR are the sum of that - now I just
                    need some Cold War action-adventure...ahem :-P

                    But present present time can be cool too - GTA V....that will be grand, to put it mild.
                  • R* Kon October 19 2012, 9:13amReplyFlag
                    @EYRIE-FEEL Thanks for the kind words
                • lokiGTAforlifeon October 18 2012, 4:25pmReplyFlag
                  its sad how little attention quality posts like this get here on the newswire :(
                  anyway great works R* thanks for sharing XD
                  • EYRIE-FEELon October 18 2012, 4:10pmReplyFlag
                    this is crazy i was just watching the missions walkthroughs on youtube cause when I get home I want to start the game over it really does feel like you are apart of the story this was an amazing game to play and site see at the same time I wish there were more cases to do, it took me to a place where it felt I was in the era of the time of my grandparetns and my mother and father I felt like I was aprt of that time period while playing the game it feels like deja vu....
                  • mchoppyon October 18 2012, 4:02pmReplyFlag
                    See Rockstar your games make memories, make a difference and help people. Keep up the Good and Hard Work and bring on some more beautiful and story driven gaming moments. RDR 2 Get to work
                    • vclliston October 18 2012, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                      My father watched a good deal of my playing of LA Noire as well. He could identify all of the cars by sight and told me about a lot of the places. He actually hates LA, but he was a truck driver for 40 years so he remembers the water towers and the LA Truck Stop on Alameda (not in the game of course), so he had a good time trying to remember where things were and telling every detail about every car we found. Plus he liked to make fun of my driving when I would hit something. I got the Ford hot rod hung up on some steps at the Raceway and he mocked me for days. It was some great daddy-daughter bonding time.
                      • R* Aon October 18 2012, 3:08pmReplyFlag
                        Thanks everyone. We're glad to see you appreciated these stories.
                        And yes - much respect and best wishes to @vApathyv
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