Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation Pack DLC Coming to All Platforms on October 30th

Posted on October 17 2012, 12:56pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Today we're pleased to confirm that the Hostage Negotiation Pack, the next piece of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer DLC, will be available across all platforms on Tuesday, October 30th.
Available free of charge to Rockstar Pass holders and for either 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE or $9.99 on PlayStation Network and PC, the Hostage Negotiation Pack includes four new multiplayer maps specifically designed for intense online action plus new items and weapons as well an entirely new avatar faction.
Look for more details on the pack next week, including detailed previews of all four new maps.

Arm bandages and face tattoos are just a few of the accessories that you can equip on your Filhos De Ogum avatar.

Each faction's customized Heavy Helmet will reduce all damage taken to the head by 75%.

Gear up if you plan to take control of the O Palácio Strip Club located in the center of the favela.



  • A1Y-NABon January 6 2013, 7:05pmReplyFlag
    hello. i got a problem with the game the i submitted a ticket for it 9 days ago and there is still no solution. so i ll try to get help from anyone screw rockstar support, i purchased maxpayne 3 3 or 2 weeks go installed it played it for a while then i needed to download the DLC's and i found that the ingame store is grayed out i cant access the store i dont know why it tells me "your social club account does not meet the age requirements" dont know what is this i already set the date of birth to aug 6 1984 and thats prove that im 28 years old any way the problem now is with someone in the support for about 8 days until now and he never reply's no one from the support reply at all all they do is merging the tickets with each other if i reopened a new one REALLY ROCK STAR SUPPORT SUCKS.
    • BatmanOnRobinon December 18 2012, 4:36pmReplyFlag
      how come people only use the 9mm and m10
      • crusty_punkon October 30 2012, 3:48pmReplyFlag
        @r* why cant ps3 people download the new maps????????????
        • R* Yon November 12 2012, 3:52pmReplyFlag
          @crusty_punk Sony was able to fix that issue last week. Let us know if you have any further problems.
      • almerefreakon October 23 2012, 10:00amReplyFlag
        More screenshots please? :)
      • R* Mon October 22 2012, 5:12pmReplyFlag
        We're about to go toe-to-toe in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer against the BrokenWhiskyBottles Crew in our sixth Rockstar Devs vs Crews Private Throwdown. Head over to to check out the action.
      • realwoodz1980on October 22 2012, 4:53pmReplyFlag
        i went into the softlock playlist an noticed that there are thousands of ppl playin online unlike free aim where theres only a few playin (ps3) why do rockstar seperate the online community like that, they should of kept them together an gave us an option on which 1 to select in gameplay
      • Tom543on October 22 2012, 12:23pmReplyFlag
        For all the people demanding a refund for the Rockstar pass: what if they let us use it for a couple of DLC's for GTAV when they come out? Sounds fair to me.
        • The420SouLJahon October 22 2012, 2:34pmReplyFlag
          @Tom543 I agree completely , with numerous delays and issues we should see something in return. I really like Rockstar Games, but it's super frustrating how the DLC and Rockstar Pass has been handled . It sucks how all the content is coming out when all these other blockbuster games are releasing . Make a 3x XP event for DLC only or something... get some numbers in the DLC playlist .
        • Wadoospadooon October 22 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
          @Tom543 I agree as well I want my pass to be transferred into gta V or just get a set of DLC for free.
      • R35URR3C73Don October 22 2012, 4:18amReplyFlag
        R* u seriously need to patch this game. Especially weapons and lag issues. Handguns are way overpowered and it takes one-two hits to get a kill, while rifle or shotgun takes almost a full magazine. This needs to be fixed immediately or you will loose players like you have been losing so far. I have all DLCs and I very rarely ever get to play on new maps. Max online players I see is about 150 on weekends and about 60 on regular days on PC platform. Please fix this game before multiplayer dies off. I hope you will take this into consideration. I love this game but I'm afraid I will stop loving it once multiplayer community completely disappears.
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 22 2012, 7:44amReplyFlag
          @R35URR3C73D Yes, the whole point of Max Payne is dual wielding and all out guns blazing action, but some weapons really need a boost up, like the MDL and the AK47, and I sold my copy about two months ago because of the technical issues, now ordered one 1/3rd of the normal asking price. If it still has the same issues I may have to sell it again. Yikes. Rockstar needs to step it up with this game, more free DLC or incentive for people to get back in Max Payne servers again. Discount on the Rockstar pass and the game itself, releasing more patches and more frequently, adding a co-op horde mode(hope this happens in future dlc).

          This game needs an overall boost from the developers, immediately.
        • noclue_42on October 22 2012, 9:47amReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake you can stop asking for a PASS discount...not gonna happen.

          @ R35URR3C73D stop whining about small player numbers. you can't play more than 20 people at a time anyway. there is is a core comunity that's "always" around. most of the time they don't whine (unless they can't play) and they stay on board with the innnovation. you don't like it, g-g-g-et out....srsly, all that bullsh*it doomsday talk about how the multiplayer dies and/or is supposedly dead since 2 months or whatever is plain annoying. "shallow, and pedantic."

          no need to bring people back. those who quit are quitters, and we don't need those around rly. we're good playing as the "small" community we are. so srsly get over yourselves. you got offered innovation, to the MAX i might say, but you didn't feel comfortable with the fact that innovation takes time to be established. so, go play your deja-vu games then and/or shut your pieholes...and stop talking that "multiplayer dies" bulls**t, cause that's totally not the case. thanks
        • R* Aon October 22 2012, 9:57amReplyFlag
          @R35URR3C73D We've got lots of awesome DLC content still to come starting with the Hostage Negotiation Pack next week and more in the fall. We'll have a preview of the new maps in that pack sometime this week for you.
          There's also a title update that should be happening this week to address some outstanding technical issues but you should also make sure you've reported what's happening to you to our Support Team, as it could be something fixable by troubleshooting.
          Lastly, if you have feedback about weapons balancing, the only place to have that heard directly by our developers who can fine tune weapons variables is via Please shoot them a note with your input. Cheers.
        • WISPYJOon October 22 2012, 11:31amReplyFlag
          @noclue_42 you need to stop ur BS !we all like MP3 but it has so many issues...i dont have a pc i got it in my xbox and i have so many problem with the game and i will say 70 % of ppl who plays MP3 are not happy with R* due to all theses problems ....and who ever said r * need to fix the game before its too late is right coz i play the game every day and i know so many ppl who stopped playing the game ppl are disappearing day by day
        • Dino_jaramon October 22 2012, 11:42amReplyFlag
          @ leave the guns alone,dont tuch em
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 22 2012, 11:55amReplyFlag
          @noclue_42 Happened with LA Noire. The developer has to make a profit on those DLC packs, a discount would mean more buyers.

          That "small community" crap doesn't fly, unfortunately. Same thing happened with K&L2. It'll become smaller once the big sharks hit the market this November. It's about a couple of months post launch and everyone I know has sold their games for ridiculous prices. The game is literally forgotten, and none of the shops here are accepting MP3 to trade in, simply because there aren't that many people who're interested. I bought my new copy at a ridiculous price as well. When a game's lifespan is this short, pretty soon you'll have trouble finding anyone to play with. Why do you think the Disorganized Crime DLC pack was made free? Do you think it would've been free if Rockstar was doing good with Max Payne 3? Now judging by your previous answer to the "whiner", who actually pointed out very critical issues in a positive manner, I'll expect some flaming to follow, but you gotta understand, when we come here and point out these facts in a polite manner, it's not because we hate the game, it's because we like it and would want it to be improved.
        • noclue_42on October 22 2012, 3:28pmReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake dude, i hear ya and believe me i'm not saying everything about max payne 3 is dandy and that the sun shining all day (...even though it is but that's not the issue, that's just me doing abstract thinking)... but, "BIG SHARKS" ? really, NO:

          compared to the gameplay you're offered in MAX PAYNE 3's multiplayer, everything, out right now and in the near future, looks and will look like very VERY SMALL FISH, to stick with your metaphor. and i think you know it.

          NOTHING comes close to the experience max payne 3 offers online. yes there are some issues with the mechanics, but considering how far R* reached out, what R* made possible (even if it's not yet working 100 % all the time, even then) - it is more than any online shooter has ever delivered and it's incredibly adrenaline pushing gameplay that i haven't seen in my 10+ years of gaming. it's unique, ahead of its time. walking away from it? "it aint even a question"

          one post on the wire said something about the coding for the pyhsics of the whole movement mechanics, especially in bullet-time in multiplayer, must be so damn through the roof complicated that even stephen hawkings would get a headache looking at it. and while that's exaggerated, it makes a point. this is groundbreaking stuff. so i "don't mind" that there are issues yet to be solved. this is history in the making.

          and yes i'm having my fair share of problems with connections too. at least once a day i spend like 30 minutes in lobbies, trying to connect and stuff, but the wait is worth it everytime. i don't give up just because of thse issues. there are quitters, those who give up easy, those who are impatient, those can't see the whole picture, those who don't want to look at it from a wider perspective and so on...but those giving the game a pass because it has some flaws are truly "throwing away" something they will never be able to experience in the near future, if ever again

          that's like being offered the chance to spend a night with eva mendez [or some other one of a kind woman (pretty much unreachable) one is attracted to] . the only condition: you have to run a marathon. on your way doing the marathon you realize you also gotta leap "unexpected" hurdles. now because of those unexpected hurdles,do you a) give up and let that fine woman and the once in a lifetime opportunity to spend a night with her slide? or do you b) show some morale and stamina, and leap the hurdles on your way to finishing the marathon?

          i am that option b) guy.... i don't throw in the towel that easy. guess i'm not exactly in the majority here, unfortunately, but that's okay. sorry for the wall of post after reading a few lines only, but "BIG SHARKS" sir, none in sight, none at all. there is no competition to this game. this game is in a league of its own.

          yeah, say the "bugged" league and ignore the point, or try to undestand me aswell. or do whatever you want.
          PS: a 100 player community for an epic game is worth more than a dejavu game with millions of players as a community. to me, that is.
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 22 2012, 4:46pmReplyFlag
          @noclue_42 That's not what makes them big, it's how many units it will sell and how many players it will steal from the MP3 community. That's what I meant.
        • noclue_42on October 22 2012, 6:24pmReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake well, if "players" think that there's an alternative to MP3, or that it's worth letting go, their loss. i know ther's a core of players who see the potential in it and who know that there's nothing like it out there. i just need those guys around. so excuse me saying this, but wholeheartedly f*ck the rest.
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 22 2012, 6:48pmReplyFlag
          @noclue_42 Yeah, that's obviously what we think here as well but it's not good for business at Rockstar when they lose customers. That was my whole point, it's about the developers reaching and keeping a certain quota while the game is still in it's prime. That's the last response I'll give out here, I don't think I can make my point any more clearer, and it seems that a lot of people here who understand how these companies keep afloat think the same.
        • noclue_42on October 22 2012, 7:57pmReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake dude i got your point. i'm just sayin show some faith, be patient. if people drop out they willl. R* can't do aynthing about it. either the players "get it" or they don't. seeing those who "get it" are in the minority, doesn't surprise me. the broad mass doesn't cope too well with innovation.

          and you don't need to tell R* how to handle their business i think.
        • Mack_The_Donon October 22 2012, 8:38pmReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake The AK47 and MDL are already pretty powerful and are especially good when you level them up. The weight of the MDL is ridiculous though and I think it should be reduced.

          As regards to people dual wielding I agree with R35URR3C73D though dual wielded weapons are well too powerful especially two single handed smgs which can't be beaten at medium range by any weapon it's pretty silly. I think dual wielding in MP should be a lot more realistic in that dual weilding makes both weapon's accuracy drop to half. This way people would have to fire them in short bursts to get a kill, slowing them down a bit and evening the playing field considerably.
        • R* Aon October 23 2012, 1:15pmReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake To clarify - we always planned on a free pack for Max Payne 3 - that's why the Disorganized Crime pack was provided free. We also gave out a free fan appreciation pack for Red Dead Redemption. Cheers.
        • AmadeusXLOon October 29 2012, 6:59pmReplyFlag
          @noclue_42 Was that irrelevant fecal matter you vomited on screen s'pose to pass for English?
      • Burchmore5000132on October 21 2012, 10:06pmReplyFlag
        is there going to be any more weapon balancing updates, because right now everybody runs around pistols. people are killing me in two hits from a pistol to the chest and yet two hits from an assualt rifle dont even take away half of your health. i dont know if this is a glitch or something but its ruining the game for me.
      • buffarion October 21 2012, 4:53amReplyFlag
        R* please give us the artwork made for this dlc. Im an artist myself and always glad to see these illustrations :) keep up the good work ;)
        • R* Aon October 23 2012, 1:16pmReplyFlag
          @buffari Thanks! And yes, we'll likely give out this artwork as a download soon. Please stay tuned.
      • crazycat690on October 21 2012, 2:50amReplyFlag
        Will this DLC give us any new weapons? And we can assume that there will be new trophies/achievements will be included, right?
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 21 2012, 7:44amReplyFlag
          @crazycat690 Quoted from the link on this page;

          "The Hostage Negotiation Pack will also include two new weapons: the M24 Sniper Rifle and the IA2 Assault Rifle, the new Explosive Burst for explosive booby traps, the Bomb Suit item to protect against explosive damage and the Intimidation Mask item to cause slower reload times for your enemies."
        • crazycat690on October 21 2012, 9:05amReplyFlag
          @TheScarletSnake Haha thanks :) I didn't remember hearing about any new weapons but the more the merrier, all this new stuff actually sounds really nice 0_0
        • R* Kon October 21 2012, 11:18amReplyFlag
          @crazycat690 Thanks, @TheScarletSnake we'll have more info on those weapons as we get closer to release.
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 21 2012, 1:29pmReplyFlag
          @ Great! Can't wait for the map layout images as well!
      • Frenzy88on October 21 2012, 1:53amReplyFlag
        Please release it at time this time. :)
        • TheScarletSnakeon October 20 2012, 9:01pmReplyFlag
          Please provide us poor gamers with a discount for the Rockstar Pass for Max Payne 3.
          I cant afford to give 20 pounds right now :(
          • SadOldFatManon October 20 2012, 3:27pmReplyFlag
            this is really dumb 75% reduction to the head am i the only one who even goes for headshots.
            • R* Mon October 20 2012, 2:59pmReplyFlag
              Tune in now to see us go head to head with Murders Death Kill Crew in the 5th Max Payne 3 Crew battle on our official TwitchTV page:
            • Meyus-007on October 20 2012, 10:40amReplyFlag
              Ragna Rock's music in Club Moderno would be cool nostalgia.
            • MrSlaughter263on October 20 2012, 4:34amReplyFlag
              i don't see how can RockStar Release this DLC on the Day that AC3 is coming out nobody's going to be paying attention to this because they'll be too busy playing AC3 RockStar you guys are my most favorite Game Company......but sometimes you guys be F**king up....seriously
            • MrSlaughter263on October 20 2012, 4:29amReplyFlag
              to me i don't think it'll be good so i'll pass on this
              • R* Aon October 20 2012, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                @MrSlaughter263 The new pack is chock full of great multi content between all the new maps, new weapons, and more - hopefully we'll change your mind when we unveil tours of the new maps next week
              • MrSlaughter263on October 20 2012, 6:05pmReplyFlag
                @ ok since you said new maps and weapons cause thats what i like in max payne i'll wait for it and check it out
            • BaronSamedi911on October 19 2012, 9:16pmReplyFlag
              R* can you guys add the UFE uniform from chapter 14 black and red the one Becker wears at the end
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